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Custom Rubber Bands with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional rubber bands with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Rubber Bands in Bulk with Printed Logo
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Why choose customized rubber bands for advertising your brand?

Kids will surely appreciate custom rubber bands as a giveaway item. They can prove useful to them for just about any purpose. For fun and games, children can use them to make different shapes or as a catapult for launching paper or coins. Customized rubber bands are also being used as an accessory these days. Oftentimes, you can see little girls creating bracelets out of rubber bands. They find it a great way to spend their free time after school. Likewise, children love the colorful bracelets that they can make out of these brands.

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Throughout history, rubber bands were known by various names such as binders, elastic bands, lackey bands, to name just a few. On March 17, 1845, the English inventor Stephen Perry patented the rubber band. However, the Mayans had long been using the sap from rubber trees for creating elastic strands for binding things together. It took around 80 years before William Spencer first began the mass production of rubber bands in Ohio, USA. Since then, it would be hard to imagine a world without rubber bands. Today, they come in handy for binding documents or other things together. They will not only appeal to kids but also to the adults as well.

Personalized rubber bands will also make a great advertising medium. They come with a wide imprint area which offers a huge space for customizing with your corporate logo. They are available in different varieties so you can choose the right one that meets your advertising needs. They are quite prominent in toy shops and book stores so adding your logo on printed rubber bands increases the popularity of your brand. It will be used by kids, in the offices, in stores, so your logo will surely be seen by a wide range of customers.

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With the cost of advertising on newspapers and television more expensive than ever, rubber bands with logo can give you an affordable option. You can give them out to employees or loyal customers and extend the reach of your brand. Promotional rubber bands can be easily carried around giving you more opportunities to promote your business. The competition in the industry is tougher than ever so you need to raise your advertising game a notch higher. Take your brand to the next level. Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 and place your order for rubber bands in bulk. Our dedicated account managers will be waiting to talk to you.


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