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Custom Safety Vests with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional safety vests with logo. Shop now!

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Safety Vests with Logo for Custom Design Giveaways
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Why choose customized safety vests for advertising your brand?

Safety Vests are an essential gear for many vocations who work outdoors especially at roads and during at night. The reflective material used in making the vest keeps people like police officers or construction workers easily visible even in the darkness and alerts any passing motorists or those needing assistance to their presence. Even civilians like those who like to bike or hunt can make use of safety vests to help them go about their business more safely. Thus, for business and companies involved in the construction business or promote safety, then custom safety vests are a great investment as a promotional product. Having your employees all wearing uniform safety vests with logo shows visitors and customers that you care for the well being of your people and also helps in promoting the name of your company. This will go a long way in promoting a good and responsible image for your company.

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Branders offers a wide variety of promotional safety vests that are customizable to tailor fit your specifications and standards. We have different types of customized safety vests that adhere to the three different rating classes of safety vests set by the American National Standards Institute. Our personalized safety vests come in different styles and forms with varying features and accessories like radio pockets, mic tabs and safety harness slots. They are made from high quality material designed to be durable and comfortable for its users. We also make sure the material we use lend themselves well to imprinting so you can be assured that your logo and company design are clearly seen on your printed safety vests. You can also pick between zipper type safety vests or tear away strap types.

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Safety custom vests are an ideal giveaway item during a road safety conference, construction tradeshow and fire and safety awareness seminars. They are also great gift items to construction firms, policemen and firefighters. You are not only helping employees and ensuring their safety by giving them giveaway safety vests but since these people are visible to the public, your business also gets a lot of exposure. So if you are planning to pick a promo item that will let you stand out and also do the public a service, then custom safety vests are the product for you! Buy this useful and important merchandise now by calling our toll free number at 877-272-6337. Our specially trained sales representatives are ready to answer all of your questions about our safety vests in bulk and provide 100% customer satisfaction.


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