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Custom Shaving Brushes with Personalized Logo

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Shaving Brushes
#144733 - Wooden Shaving Brush
+ more colors available
As low as $3.41
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Shaving Brushes
#144734 - Chrome Elite Badger Brush Shaving Set
+ more colors available
As low as $46.45
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Shaving Brushes
#144735 - Chrome Elite Badger Brush Shaving Set
+ more colors available
As low as $59.72
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Shaving Brushes
#144736 - Chrome Elegance Badger Brush Shaving Set
+ more colors available
As low as $51.36
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Shaving Brushes
#144737 - Chrome Chic Badger Brush Shaving Set
+ more colors available
As low as $46.45
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Shaving Brushes
#144738 - Chrome Alabaster Badger Brush Shaving Set
+ more colors available
As low as $51.36
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Shaving Brushes
#144739 - Chrome Plated & Satin Finished Soap Dish with Pure Badger Brush.
+ more colors available
As low as $44.65
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Why choose customized shaving brushes for advertising your brand?

Shaving is one of the ways men can achieve a clean and neat look. However, using razors and blades may cause redness, irritation, or sometimes blood. Aside from shaving cream, another important tool that a man should consider to get the look he desires is shaving brushes. The idea is to ensure a close, comfortable, and enjoyable shave. They are designed to create a richer and moister lather so that the razor will not miss the bristles. The kind of shaving brushes to buy will depend on the method of shaving that men use.

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Before the coming of shaving brushes, men used sea sponges to lather soap to their faces. The shaving brush with bristle that we know today was invented by the French in the 18th century. The quality they offer varies greatly depending on the material. It was not uncommon to see brushes with ivory, gold, silver, tortoise shell, crystal, or porcelain handles. The more expensive varieties used badger hair while the cheaper ones used boar’s or horse’s hair. During the 1800s when straight razors had folding handles, shaving brushes became a status symbol and using an eccentric brush asserted personality or affluence.

Shaving brushes offers a lot of benefits to the user. Applying them on your face results to the formation of lather that is suitable for a shave. Given these benefits, they can help you create an impression on your intended recipients. Using razor alone can lead to irritation or sometimes bleeding. They come in different styles so you can choose the right one that will address your advertising requirements. Custom shaving brushes provide an option for customization with your logo or contact details. Promotional shaving brushes will be used on a daily basis by men when shaving so your brand will be seen and remembered.

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Using personalized shaving brushes to promote your brand makes sense. With the cost of traditional advertising mediums more expensive than ever, they can provide you with a more affordable alternative. Men will surely use shaving brushes so giving them giveaway shaving brushes will give your brand a huge boost. Wherever the customer goes, your customized shaving brushes will be with them. Shaving brushes with logo only require a minimal investment but in the long run printed shaving brushes can deliver huge savings for your business. In the light of the thick competition in the industry, you need to raise your advertising game to the next level. Call our toll free number at (844) 806-1306 and place your orders for shaving brushes in bulk.

Custom Shaving Brushes

Shaving is one of the ways to stay neat and hygienic. But it is difficult to get the perfect shave. The secret to get the perfect shave are a good razor, shaving cream, and custom shaving brushes. These brushes are composed of a handle and the bristle load. The handle may be made from materials such as ivory or even gold. On the other hand, the bristle load may be composed of any natural or synthetic materials. There are many shaving brushes available in the market today but the most recommended is one that is made from badger hair.

Logo shaving brushes made from badger hair best retains water and when combined with warm water results to a thicker and more emollient lather which cannot be obtained when using just the fingers. It works by exfoliating your skin and raising and softening the hair for a smooth and close shave. With personalized shaving brushes, there are less nicks and harsh pressure required. They work best when used with hot water which allows the pores to open and help make the whiskers soft and movable. As a result, there will be less chaffing or redness using the brush.

Types of Custom Shaving Brushes

Pure Badger. These brushes make use of the most common hair from the underbelly of a badger, the hair which covers around 60% of a badger's body. They are usually dark in color but fluctuates from light tan to near black or silvery sheen. They are the cheapest forms of badger hair.

Best Badger. These are brushes made with the finer and more pliable hairs from 20 - 25% of the badger's body. They are longer and lighter in color than pure badger. They are more densely filled with hair than pure badger and generates greater lather.Best badgers are often fit so that the ends need not to be cut to shape.

Super Badger. These brushes are more expensive than either best or pure. While composed of pure badger hairs, it is graded and sorted to such an extent that its performance is better than that of 'best.' Its bristle tips are more sterile and slightly greyed white. Moreover, the light colored tips do not extend as far down the shaft of the hair. They give a soft and silky feel yet their fine hair can hold sufficient water to make a superior lather.

Silvertip badger. This is the most expensive and rare type of badger hair. Their tips appear white naturally without bleaching. Due to its water retention capacity, a silvertip brush can result to well-formed shaving lather quickly and easily.

Extra Silvertip Some manufacturers like Plisson, Simpsons, and Rooney sell customized shaving brushes beyond silvertip. These types of brushes have whiter tips and extends further down the shaft. Aside from that, the hair below the tip is pure black compared to the dark grey of the ordinary silvertips. The feel is slightly firmer and less "prickly" on the face when lathering.

What are the common uses of custom shaving brushes?

Shaving brushes with logo provides men with the perfect shave. It is difficult to achieve this with just a razor or fingers. .They are designed to lessen the irritation associated with shaving. Likewise, they help reduce redness and chaffing in the skin, Bulk shaving brushes makes an excellent giveaway item as they will be used on a daily basis. They are also perfect for travelers and as a freebie item during corporate events or tradeshows.

As an advertising medium, shaving brushes in bulk can give your brand a huge advertising space. Their wide imprint area serves as a blank canvas for advertising your brand. Take advantage of this by adding your company logo on the allotted space. With your logo on printed saving brushes, you can look forward to getting instant exposure of your brand.

Imprinted shaving brushes are excellent as a freebie item. Do you have an event that promotes personal hygiene and cleanliness? You can beef it up with promotional shaving brushes. This way, your customers will see your brand name or logo whenever they shave. They will have high regard for your company because of your giveaway item.

Where Did Custom Shaving Brushes Come From?

Little is known about the history of the shave brush. A Wikipedia account revealed that the modern-day shaving brush traces its roots in France during the 1750s. Plisson may be the oldest manufacturer of the shave brush that is still operating. It started in 1808. Kent had been in business since 1777 but only began manufacturing shave brushes in 1850.

Before there were shaving brushes, there were sea sponges which men used to lather up soap to their faces. The shavoing brushes with bristles that we know today were invented by the French in the 18th century. Since then, different kinds of bristles have been used -- both natural and synthetic.

While the quality of these brushes have differed considerably, some of the finest brushes were made of badger hair. Handles were carved from exotic materials such as ivory, porcelain, crystal, tortoise, shell, and gold. At this time, shaving brushes became a status symbol and a means of showing one's success.

The introduction and popularity of the folding-handle straight razor in the early 1800s gave men the option to easily shave at home. Likewise, men no longer needed to visit barbers for their routine shaves. As they still wanted to experience a similar closeness of a barber shave, men would invest in their own personal shaving brushes, which immediately became an integral step in men shaving at home.

Badger hair is imported from Asia, Russia, and China. Being the major importers of badger hair, these countries operate strict control over how much hair is exported annually which shows their awareness of environmental conservation. Early records show that badger is tracked down primarily for its meat and that the hair is a product of an animal regarded as a major source of food.

Europe and America also have strict import controls making sure that any badger hair that comes into these countries complies with legislative agreements being strictly adhered to. Ecologists of both exporting and importing communities of badger hair have implemented a system preserving the badger, a major source of livelihood for hundreds of years in the Far East and ensuring that a small market does exist creating valuable jobs in an industry dating back to the time when wet shaving was first recorded.

Today, shaving brushes have become an indispensable tool for people who want to use a shaving soap or cream.

Why buy custom shaving brushes?

1. They promote hygiene and cleanliness. For some women, men will be more neat looking without a beard or mustache. This is where a shave brush can help them. It helps ensure a smooth face without any leftover hair.
2. A custom shave brush can be personalized. They provide plenty of room for customizing with a logo or brand name. This is one of the reasons they are effective as an advertising medium. Your logo or brand will always be seen ensuring instant exposure.
3. They are affordable. Compared with other mediums of advertising, shave brushes are not heavy on the pocket. For a little less than what you will spend on newspaper advertisements or television commercials, you will be able to promote your brand to a wide range of customers. You can buy them in bulk and reach as many clients as possible.
4. They will be used on a daily basis. Shaving has been a part of a man's daily routine so badger shave brushes will be used regularly. This means that every shaving time will mean an advertising opportunity for you. Your brand name or logo will always be seen by customers.
5. offers customers a wide selection of shaving brushes. With the help of our account managers, you will be able to find the best shave brush that is right for your advertising needs.

Shaving has been a part of a man's daily routine. However, there are times when the razor they are using can cause irritation, redness, and chaffing to their skin. But they can keep this from happening with custom shave brushes. These items are designed to lift the whiskers resulting to smooth and easy shaving. A shave brush set can be carried along on a trip. As an advertising medium, they have become a better and more affordable alternative to traditional advertising mediums. Shave brushes wholesale requires only a minimal investment on your part. Yet despite the small capital, it can translate to huge returns for your business. With a bevy of choices to choose from, it would be much easier to find the best shave brushes that is right for your advertising needs. So go ahead! Pick up the nearest phone and get in touch with our account managers. This way, you can have some peace of mind when promoting your business.

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