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Custom Slippers - Personalized Slippers - Bulk Slippers - Branders.com
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Custom Slippers with Personalized Logo

Buy customized slippers in bulk with personalized logo for marketing giveaways.

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As low as $32.20 each

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Custom Slippers with Personalized Logo
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Why choose printed slippers for advertising your brand?

Everybody uses slippers, right? At home, at school, or even at the office. People find it very comfortable that rather than wearing tight, heavier laced shoes all day long, they prefer to take it off and wear the lighter, more comfortable pair of slippers and with that, surely everybody would love giveaway slippers. If you are looking to launch a marketing campaign with your brand, then a good idea would be to resist the usual forms of advertising, and make noise with custom slippers. Give your audience the comfort that they deserve, and boldly announce your business into the scene.

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You might be asking: "Can a pair of customized slippers an effective avenue to reach my audience?" Yes! They are. Not only they are good protectors of the feet while walking into a spot, slippers with logo can also walk your brand into a very good destination, and that is to a sea of customers. Custom printed slippers are perfect for just about anyone and everyone who is longing for comfort. As you may know, slippers provide cushion to the heels so people who don't like wearing shoes in long periods of time do not need to suffer the fate of walking thru bare feet, thanks to your slippers with logo. It also prevents your customers from collecting unwanted dirt. All in all, this customized merchandise can really benefit your audience, the more reason for you to switch to this great promo item.

Another great feature of this customizable promotional product is that its soft, fabric-like material that is perfect for your brand name and logo placement that is widely visible not only to the wearer itself but also to the people passing by, giving your brand that extra mileage. Just imagine the personalized slippers with logo wore by people inside public and private establishments such as schools, offices, and hotels, or the travelers aboard a plane wearing your promo slippers? Its serves in two ways. One, they can have a leisurely walk and two, more and more people are being drawn to your brand. Talk about efficient advertising. Surely it is.

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Still having worries of promoting your brand? Then stop worrying and start picking up the phone and dial our toll-free number to place your orders. In your next tradeshow event, promotional slippers would make excellent gift items to your guests. With varying styles and kinds, your customers can freely choose their favorites. Start moving your brand and call now!


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