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Custom Socks with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional socks with logo. Shop now!

Lowest Price Match Guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. On-Time Shipment Guarantee.
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Custom Socks with Customized Logo
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Why choose customized socks for advertising your brand?

In this very rapid society, people tend to measure every aspects of our lives through big moments. But the difference makers are always measured on the littlest of things, such as wearing socks. Especially in the very dynamic kind of lifestyle that people live nowadays, it is necessary to don a pair of socks to maintain that edge and to keep up with the fast-paced environment the society has to offer. Without a pair of socks, walking appears to be a hard task (it should not be), and eventually hampers the person to do what he or she is supposed to do and that translates to incompetence. In a sense, wearing socks is considered mandatory to everybody. Now, if you have trouble making a bang with your brand and running out of options, then fear not! With our giveaway custom socks, you can now help people to be at a hundred percent at all times and at the same time, you can throw your business name into the middle of the spotlight of that very tight competition. Sounds fun, isn't it?

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By definition, a sock is a merchandise made to be worn on the feet. Its material helps to absorb perspiration in the feet and let it evaporate through air. The air could smell unpleasant, but it is better for people to wear logo socks than to let their feet drench in sweat. With personalized socks, your audience can be assured of complete comfort while chasing a lead on foot. But the importance of this excellent promo item doesn't stop there. For folks who participate in athletics, they will surely appreciate free promotional product such as your customized socks. This item can protect their limbs from being scraped when participating in sport activities. This customized marketing giveaway can also decrease the risk of frostbite (a medical condition that occurs in cold environments wherein the skin and other tissues are being damaged through freezing). With the overall usefulness of socks with logo, everyone would surely love a pair of promotional socks.

Speaking of everyone, who uses socks, by the way? The answer is, of course, all of us. If you can tap that massive market, then imagine the sales and recognition your business will achieve. And the possibilities don't stop there. By merely walking (or running) around anywhere, your brand is getting effortlessly advertised by the people who wears the printed socks.

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You will never go wrong with giveaway socks as a marketing tool. In your next tradeshow event, have your printed socks as gift items to your guests. Start boosting profit and recognition in your company by calling in our toll-free number and ordering these socks in bulk for your upcoming campaign. Our friendly sales representatives are standing by to take your call. Make a difference, act now!

Custom Socks

Our feet is one of the largest sweat producing parts of our body generating more than 0.25 US pints of perspiration daily. In order to keep our feet protected from the sweat, we need to consider wearing custom socks. Aside from that, bulk socks also protect our feet from other conditions such as chafing and also prevents fungi from growing on your feet. Likewise, socks keep your shoes from stinking up or rotting. Aside from that, socks can also keep the feet soft which can prevent cracking.

Without socks, the feet can also be prone to athlete’s foot. These types of apparel also helps maintain the cleanliness of the shoes from inside. Without socks, you can be prone to getting some bacteria as well as blisters and rashes. During the winter, wearing socks in bulk help ensure that you are 50% safe from being cold.

If you are into playing sports, there are different socks designed to give you the best performance and greater endurance. Depending on the sport you are playing, you need to choose the appropriate sock as it assures that you get the right comfort, moisture, and temperature as well as the right absorption properties.

Soccer socks

Soccer involves serious running and hard kicking. For this reason, these socks go all the way up to above the calves and keep the shin guards in place. Compared to basketball socks, they do not have as much padding and are generally more lightweight ensuring more breathability. They also have smooth and seamless toe designs to ensure comfort during kicks.

Basketball socks

Basketball is a game that involves a lot of running around the court and considerable jumping. As a result, such activity can be hard on the sole of the foot. Basketball socks are designed to not only wick moisture off the feet but also provide additional padding around important area of the foot which receives the biggest impact due to hard landings. The cushion is thicker on the soles of the foot especially on the heels and on the balls of the foot. Basketball socks also commonly have well-designed arch support.

Baseball socks

The game of basketball involves a huge amount of running and sliding around in the dirt. For this, baseball socks are of full length so your shin is covered and protected when sliding. They are also generally lightweight ensuring breathability. They are designed to keep dirt and mud out.

Volleyball socks

Volleyball requires a knee pad to protect the knees from the impact of a knee-kick. Volleyball socks extend up to the knees and are worn underneath the knee pads. Likewise, since volleyball is played indoors, they are designed to keep cool by being light, stretchy, breathable, and comfortable.

Most of our socks are usually made of cotton. They are durable, breathable, and highly absorbent. As a result, you can look forward to a dry feet after you have removed the socks. Cotton socks keep sweat away from the feet by absorbing it. For this reason, you will feel comfortable for a longer period of time.

Common Uses of Socks?

While we already know that socks are designed for maintaining the comfort of your feet or from keeping it from being wet. What are other possible uses that can be derived from custom socks. Let us take a look at some of them:

Old socks can make an excellent cleaning tool. Slip them inside your hand and use it as a duster. If you like, you can add cleaning fluid if you want a thorough clean. Imprinted socks are also great for cleaning furniture. They can be washed and rewashed. When attached to the end of a ruler or rod, they make an excellent cleaning stick for those hard-to-reach areas. They also make a great rag for wiping cars, bikes, and other equipment.

Old socks are also great for personal care. Add some soap on the sock and they instantly become a soap holder and body scrubber in one. Fill thenm up with rice or beans and heat them in the microwave to make a hot pack or chilled to make a cold pack. Indert a tennis ball at the end of the sock and they make an excellent foot or back massager.

In addition, socks are also great for storing and wrapping small items. Store marbles, tacks, screws, and other supplies to ensure that they do not end up all over the house. But don't forget to attach a tag so you will know what is inside them. When traveling, you can use the sock to protect breakable item. Of course, socks are excellent as hand puppets.

Why do you need to buy custom socks?

1. Whether for personal or business use, custom socks will always come in handy. For businesses, they make an excellent giveaway item during corporate events. From girls and boys to students and employees, everybody will wear custom socks giving you more potential customers to target.

2. Custom socks can be excellent as an after-purchase freebie. Department stores can give them to customers for free after fulfilling purchase requirements. Because they are affordable, you can purchase them in bulk and give them to as many customers as possible. If you own a department store, you can implement a "buy one, take one" promo on the custom logo socks.

3. Socks are available in a variety of styles and colors so you can choose the right one that is more appropriate to your advertising needs. They come with a wide imprint area that you can customize with your company logo or slogan or even design your own. The socks is then turned into an instant advertising material for your brand.They become a walking advertisement that will promote your brand to a wide range of customers.

4. At Branders, we offer custom socks at the lowest cost. Whether as a company giveaway or as a gift to a valued customer, we surely have the promotional socks that will meet your advertising requirements.

In a tough and competitive industry, you need to think right and step up with your advertising game. With custom socks, you can take your brand to the next level and stand out in the competition. By considering custom socks as your giveaway item, you are assured that your brand name will get the huge boost that it needs. So what are you waiting for? Act now and don't be left behind by the competition. Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337. Our account managers are on hand to take your call.

Where Did The Socks Come From?

People use them all the time when engaged in sports, going to the office, or in the school. But have you ever wondered where these socks truly came from? The word "sock" comes from the Old English word socc, which means "light slipper." Socks are knitted or woven type of hosiery designed for protecting and covering the foot. They keep the feet from chafing and also protects it from sweating.

Socks have undergone many changes over the years. The earliest varieties were made from animal skins gathered up and tied around the ankles. In the 8th century BC, the Ancient Greeks wore socks made from matted animal hair for warmth purposes. The Romans likewise wrapped their feet using leather or woven fabrics. Come 5th century AD, socks or "puttees" were worn by the holy people in Europe as a sign of purity.

By 1000 AD, socks symbolized wealth. In the Middle Ages, people wore colored cloth tied around their legs secured with garters. Not until the 15th century did decorative socks came into being. At this time the first printed sock designs was introduced.They resembled the ubiquitous foot coverings found on modern day socks. Likewise, stockings of varying lengths came into being.

When the days of rudimentary foot covering became over, men began wearing socks with different colored stripes or different colors on each leg to express their individuality. As men's pants became longer, socks became shorter.

The Coming of the Knitting Machine

The history of the socks got some boost in 1589 with the invention of the loom by Englishman William Lee. Now, knitting of the socks became six times faster than using the hand. The coming of the circular knitting frame during the early 1900s resulted to a mechanical process of manufacturing socks eventually leading to the mass market production of socks.

In 1938, the nylon was invented and now it was possible to combine two or more fabrics together. This process is being used today in the manufacture of modern-day socks. Other fabrcis such as acrylic, polyester, polyamide, and spandex were also used.

With the addition of colors in sock making, new styles, patterns, and looks were added. Colored socks became part of school uniforms as well as sports teams for easy identification of teammates in the court or in the field. Today, socks come in different shapes and sizes. They include the knee high socks, toe socks, short socks, anklets, and many others. While trends in socks have come and gone, solid color socks became the preferred choice for men.

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