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Custom Speakers with Personalized Logo

Logo Speakers Make Great Promotional Giveaways for Your Business.

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#100847 - I-Player, MP3 Speaker System
As low as $82.24
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#100850 - MP3 Stereo Speaker Bag
As low as $23.14
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#120047 - Horn USB Stereo Speaker
As low as $37.22
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#120084 - Armona Stereo Speaker Case
As low as $12.00
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#131007 - Eclipse Speaker Case
As low as $9.17
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#131008 - Portable Amplified Stereo Speaker Case
As low as $13.79
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#131447 - Nano Speaker
7 Colors Available
As low as $29.85
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#131520 - Cube Shape Portable Speakers
As low as $6.26
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#131532 - Pyramid Shape Portable Speakers
As low as $6.05
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#131533 - Versatile Vibration Speaker
As low as $7.13
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#132562 - Mini Speaker
2 Colors Available
As low as $9.32
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#132824 - Hi-Fi Portable Speaker
3 Colors Available
As low as $8.59
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#133975 - Mini-Mate Portable Speaker
As low as $23.44
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#134503 - Ifidelity Bluetooth Speaker
As low as $41.37
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#243182 - Bluetooth Powered Speaker in Plastic Case
6 Colors Available
As low as $30.23
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#244541 - Punchbox Bluetooth Wireless Speakers
2 Colors Available
As low as $149.98
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#245273 - Bulk Mega Silicone Speakers
6 Colors Available
As low as $25.54
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#245941 - Customized Portable Wireless Speakers
3 Colors Available
As low as $12.49
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Why choose customized speakers for advertising your brand?

You've noticed it, too, haven't you? How people are consuming and tuning in to so much music these days? They want to amp up stereos, get bigger speakers, so the sound quality is great every time you can blast up the volume. They also want music to be accessible. That's why earphones are popular. But some earphones sacrifice the quality of the sound as it's directly plugged in your ear. So as not to sacrifice sound quality for mobility, people have created portable custom speakers! These mini speakers are like your earphones because you can take them with you wherever you go, and still have a surround-kind of sound.

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That's why it would be good for you to try customized speakers as a promotional product! Some people think they are a waste of money, but not at all. The truth is—the extra you pay for the speakers that were made particularly like stereo speakers even if it's in a smaller, more mobile form, is the convenience and some other extra functions that the other custom speakers do not have. This is the bluetooth connection that can be linked to your gadgets. Some of the additional cool things about these promotional speakers are its improved sound quality, the diverse functions available via remote control, cable-free (thus, tangle free), and you are able to take The Big Sound around with you even outdoors! Given that, if it's a giveaway promo item you seek, then speakers with logo are your best bet.

Now, looking through the different kinds of personalized speakers is a great way to see what exactly this customizable item is all about. More often than not, when one finds their way here at Branders.com, they see what they like and go for it. Nothing truer can be said about these giveaway speakers! Frankly, accessories for gadgets and mobile technology have dominated the market in the last decade. The economic wave is still headed up—and it makes so much sense to go for customized merchandise that will appeal to such a wide and growing audience that would boost your brand reputation! For companies that still have yet to penetrate the market, this is a splendid opportunity to get your business name out there. It's like being able to achieve brand awareness through the exposure you're going to get and then achieve a reputable brand by setting the bar high. You're a setting a standard by giving out printed speakers. Exposure and reputation. It's hitting two birds with one stone!

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Whether for a tradeshow or corporate event, this is the ideal marketing material out there. Call our toll free number at (844) 806-1306 now to place your orders on speakers in bulk! Our sales representatives are on stand by to address your questions or concerns.

Custom Speakers

For those who love sound and music, finding quality custom speakers is a must for your full enjoyment. The mechanism that generates sound is held in place by a frame which consists of a basket, a soft donut-shaped gasket, and a couple of plates that carries the load to the magnet. Speakers work by converting electric audio signals into a corresponding sound.Custom speakers come in a variety of sizes depending on your budget and requirement.Given the variety of options available, finding the right one can be a daunting task. There are a lot of factors that will affect and your choice.

Types of Speakers

Here are the different kinds of logo speakers available in the market today:

1. Dynamic Speakers. This is the most popular type being used today. They use the same principle as the dynamic microphone except that the speakers produce sound from an electric signal. By applying an electrical audio signal input through a voice coil, it moves back and forth due to Faraday's Law of Induction.

2. Flat Panel. As the name implies, the voice coils and other apparatuses of these speakers are mounted to flat panels which serves as the source of the sound. The flat panel serves as the diaphragm, which can be made from vinyl to styrofoam.

3. Planar Magnetic Speakers. This type of speaker has a conductor attached or embedded in the styrofoam diaphragm. The diaphragm moves forward and backward to generate sound. They work better than a dynamic speaker because the whole styrofoam flat surface moves easily.

4. Diaphragm Speakers. Here, the coil is directly mounted on the diaphragm. The movement of the clear plastic sheet generates the sound.

5. Plasma Arc Speakers. Plasma is ionized gas or current sent through a gas. It is responsive to electrical fields and hence can turn electric signal of sound into an electric field which manipulates the plasma. Since it has reliability problems, this type of speaker remains just a novelty.

6. Piezoelectric Speakers. These types of speakers are limited in frequency response and are only used as tweeters or in small electrical devices such as watches and clocks. They are used as microphones in submarine warfare and can detect other microphones and hear sounds of other vessels.

7. Surround Speakers. These speakers are positioned behind the listening space as well as on the side. They deliver an even more ambient sound resulting to a more immersive experience when playing video games or watching movies.

8. Bookshelf Speakers. These types of speakers are usually placed on stands for the best audio quality. They usually offer less bass response and because of its compact size can fit into smaller spaces.

9. Floor Speakers. Also called in-room speakers, these are generally the largest and offers flexibility in placement. Its enclosure is optimized to deliver the best performance.

10. In-Wall Speakers. These types of speakers are quite popular because they do not take up floor space. However, they require professional installation and may be difficult to take with you.

What are the common uses of custom speakers?

Personalized speakers are used for creating sounds or music either in an indoor or outdoor environment. When used in cars or other vehicles, they help play the music coming from the stereo or CD player so that it can be heard by the passengers.

Customized speakers can be used to support a public address system so that the announcements can be heard even from afar. While a megaphone does the same thing, it only has a limited range unlike the speakers. Speakers with logo are also great for corporate events, social gatherings, conventions, or seminars.

As an advertising medium, bulk speakers can help businesses communicate their message to potential customers. They will be used in parties and social events, placed in the car, installed in the house, connected to phones and tablets, thus ensuring instant publicity for your brand. Whenever speakers in bulk are used, your logo or brand name will be seen and can be easily recalled by everyone who will use it. So take advantage of their imprint area and boost the popularity of your brand.

Where Did Custom Speakers Come From?

Printed speakers have gone a long way since Ernst Siemens applied a patent for the first loudspeaker in 1877. US researchers even used nanotechnology to convert a cow bone and a stethoscope into a speaker system. But it was not only Siemens who applied for a patent in the early days of audio technology. The 1890s saw the development of a diaphragm-and-stylus contraption used in the very first talking pictures. Developed by Thomas Alva Edison, it became known as the machine with the "Wee Small Voice."

The amplification revolution was started by Leon Gaumont when French cinema owners positioned his speakers behind the screen and moved them back and forth as the action calls for it. By 1919, his Eglephone speakers had the ability to create sound to a crowd of four thousand, which is equivalent to the capacity of the Brixton Academy in London. In the United States, President Woodrow Wilson used a moving coil loudspeaker during his 1919 address instead of speaking into a microphone. His voice was picked up by two huge horns suspended over head that routed his voice to the loudspeakers. His address was heard up to a mile away.

The development of audio speakers picked up even more in between the World Wars when General Electric's Rice and Kellog and Bell Laboratories' Wente and Thuras developed direct radiator and electrostatic speakers. While very technical, they were able to develop stereo sound by the mid-1930s. The two filed a patent in 1925 which was granted to them six years later. In 1940, Walt Disney introduced Fantasound, which used three audio channels and 54 speakers. By 1958, composer Edgar Varese utilized 452 speakers in his Poeme Electronique. At this time, bookshelf speakers were being developer for homeowners and Victoria-style acoustic gramophones were eventually replaced by tweeters and woofers.

From basic pocket radios to complete portable turntables with built-in speakers, the domestic market experienced a mobile revolution. 1965 saw the development of the first compact cassette tape by Philips. It used a low-fidelity monophonic speaker and was sold at around $325 in today's money. In 1970, Dolby developed noise reduction technology which became a new International Standard in the field of noise reproduction. At the moment, there are NFC and Bluetooth speakers which allow users to play music wirelessly from their smartphones while charging it.

Why buy custom speakers?

There are plenty of reasons for buying imprinted speakers and here they are:

1. They come in different varieties. Whether you like them big or small, promotional speakers are available in a wide range of choices. You are sure to find the most suitable one for your requirement.
2. They are affordable as an advertising medium. Speakers with logo gives businesses a cheaper means for advertising their business. Compared with the traditional forms of advertising, they cost less than what you will spend on newspaper advertisements or television commercials.
3. They can be customized. Speakers in bulk have a wide imprint area that businesses can take advantage of for their promotional needs. They provide companies with the flexibility in choosing the design they will put on the item.
4. They serve as a walking advertisement. Imprinted speakers will be used regularly such as in social gatherings, in the cars, or even at home. This would mean continuous exposure of your brand. The printed speaker will carry your logo whenever they are used by customers.
5. Logo speakers are excellent giveaway items. If you know someone who loves listening to music, these items can be a great gift for them. It will allow them to listen to their favorite music whenever they like.
6. In the market for personalized speakers? Here at Branders, we provide customers with a plethora of styles to choose from. Choose the most suitable one for you with the help of our account managers.

Music lovers would surely appreciate receiving a customized speaker as a gift. It gives them an opportunity to listen to their favorite music whenever they want to. The good thing about printed speakers is that they are portable enough to carry around so listening to music can be done anytime anywhere. Businesses have started capitalizing on the potential of logo speakers as an advertising medium. The fact that they will be used on a daily basis makes them effective for promoting a business. With the traditional advertising mediums more expensive than ever, customized speakers provides a more affordable option. They only require a minimal investment on your part. In the end, you can look forward to receiving huge returns. So what are you waiting for? Call our toll free number and order custom made speakers. Our account managers are on hand to help you find the most suitable promotional speaker for you.

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