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Custom Sticky Flags with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional sticky flags with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Sticky Flags as Promotional Item
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Why choose customized sticky flags for advertising your brand?

If you are going to select a promotional product, it is of best interest that you hand out something that is very usable. Something like custom sticky flags. Like the normal sticky notes, they are small piece of stationery with an adhesive at the back. They are perfect to utilize instead of writing notes and messages on an important document because the adhesive can latch onto paper like magnet to a metal and prevents tearing up the paper fibers of the document. Due to this feature, professionals can now pass along urgent messages with ease and convenience. Promoting your business is all about making your customers' life much easier, and a marketing giveaway such as printed sticky flags will do just that.

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Promotional sticky flags gives your brand substantial exposure and at the same time providing a merchandise that really help in many ways. Because we are living in a fast-paced society, people find it more convenient to make notes instead of verbally saying the message to the other and why not? Writing notes can save a lot of time and energy compared to waiting and talking. Another glaring feature of customized sticky flags is that they are available in different colors. This is ideal to your customers, especially if they need to put marks in their projects that will serve as color coding/legends which in turn translates to even more efficiency in their work.

Personalized sticky flags are the excellent promo item due to the fact that they will reinforce your brand into the minds of your audience. For example, a single pad of sticky flags are composed of more or less 25 to 100 sheets which only means that your brand will be remembered for about the same number of times too and that is a lot of number. Not only that, because of their extensive use to the market, you are guaranteed top-notch promotions for your brand. Sticky flags are handy in homes, schools, and offices where clerical work is very evident. They are ideal medium to write endorsements on for the coming people to read instead of marking important documents and erasing them afterwards. The adhesive of sticky flags is formulated to avoid leaving tear marks on paper when removed. Because more and more people will get exposed to your brand, you are assured of a wider advertising coverage.

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The material of the pads are customizable to your preference. They can be customized with your corporate logo and brand name. You can also do a unique twist by adding up something catchy like quotes and slogan in the sticky flags with logo. Your customers will be motivated to perform their jobs better. In your upcoming tradeshow event, giveaway sticky flags would make an ideal gift items to your audience. Dial the number 877-272-6337 for your orders on sticky flags in bulk. Call now!



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