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Custom Sunscreens with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional sunscreens with logo. Shop now!

Lowest Price Match Guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. On-Time Shipment Guarantee.


  • "Very popular item in So Cal for the heat/sun."
    - Eric K., West Hollywood, CA
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As low as $1.24

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As low as $1.84

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As low as $1.84

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Custom Sunscreens as Promotional Item
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Why choose customized sunscreens for advertising your brand?

When the summer sun invites us to enjoy its warmth in the great outdoors, notice how there might be a bit of internal turmoil about going out there (to swim, go camping, play catch, etc) because we are in conflict between having a good time and getting skin damage. Indeed, a lot of people do want to spend their leisure time basking in outdoor activities, but do not want to do so at the cost of the hot sun leaving painful burns on them. Your company can step in to solve this problem for a ton of people! Give out custom sunscreens as a giveaway promotional product! Not only would you be doing a public service, you'd be getting great mileage for your brand from these promotional sunscreens. It's the kind of marketing that genuinely gets to help others! What could be better than that?

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Protecting one's skin with personalized sunscreens is quite crucial to not only maintain the health, but to also prevent the damaging of the skin. You see, even if one cleanses and moisturizes, if you don't have anything to guard yourself from the rays of the sun, then all that would have been for naught. Giving away this customizable promotional product offers people the following benefits: protection from harmful UV rays of the sun, anti-aging effects, reduction of the impact of pigmentation problems, and doubles as a skin moisturizer. All these and more are packed into your sunscreens with logo! Everyone will love this promo item! They will want to use it every single day. When people have integrated your merchandise into their daily routine, your imprinted logo on the material's surface will get so much visibility. This, in turn, will solidify brand recall. In times when they will be in need of a product or a service that you can provide, it is your brand that they will think of first. Customized sunscreens are sure to boost your business this way.

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So on the next tradeshow or convention, use a marketing tool that will grant you many returns but can be bought at a cost-effective price. These printed sunscreens come in bottles or packets, so whichever fits your budget and your marketing concept can easily be matched. There are giveaway sunscreens that come with lip balm and a carabiner. Some are in tropical scents, some unscented. Playful bottle designs are available, too! However you want 'em, you can get 'em. Order sunscreens in bulk at this toll free number now: 877-272-6337.

Protect your brand with the custom sunscreens of your choice!

Sun is known to be the universal and primary source of energy among human beings. It gives the world the much-needed heat to balance out the coldness and the heat from it is used to power certain things. To the human body, the sun is also good. Being the source of vitamin D, health experts recommend people to get enough amount of sunlight to acquire the said nutrient. Take note the word “enough”, because too much sunlight touching the human body has its share of adverse effects.

Extreme exposure to sunlight is harmful and everybody already knows that. The harmful UV rays can cause a lot of unpleasant things, such as aging, burning, and in extreme causes, may cause certain skin diseases. For that reason among many others, the sunscreens were invented and we all know their purpose but just to recall, sunscreens are used by people as a shielding agent against the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays.

How about custom sunscreens as promotional product? Small in nature, sunscreens with logo are excellent tools of promotion. Parade them in your event promotions to attract your audience so therefore they will get a firsthand look on your brand.

Here, you can see the types of promotional sunscreens available that you can choose from. Select which variant is the best to display at your events.

Sunscreen Lotions
Each sunscreen lotion that is featured here has an abundance of features that will be helpful in terms of portraying your branding artwork. The containers feature prominent imprint space, smooth printing canvas, and distinct construction design that goes well with your ideas. Sunscreen lotions are sure to bring out the best in your marketing campaign. In addition, these best sunscreens are further subdivided into variants that covers wider customer preference. The sunscreen lotions are good choice if you are looking to market your brand to vast number of people. Since they are known to be lovers of paradise, they will appreciate these sun blocking essentials without any recourse. That is what keeps your customers and your brand together. Examples of variants that you can find here are the regularly-bottled sunscreens, carabiner-bottled sunscreens, silicone-cased sunscreens, sunscreens with lanyard, and many more. Plenty of choices that you can choose from that is sure to cater to your branding needs.

Spray Sunscreens
How about a single product of spray sunscreen to your customers? That is a nifty way of promoting your business to them. Because of their ease of usage, you can be so sure that these sunscreens samples will be well-appreciated by avid beach goers and adventurers alike. With just a simple spray mechanism, protection versus the harmful UV rays is assured. The manner that these sunscreens are applied to skin requires little to no effort, making them the favorite items to grab. As always, they have good imprint features to showcase your branding imprints in a best possible way. The spray sunscreens that we offer are also compact in size, so distributing them among market segments is a whole lot easier. People like light items because they are easy to keep, easy to carry, and easy to use and so that is another reason why spray sunscreens are good marketing freebies.

Stick Sunscreens
Stick sunscreens are another clever ideas! Much like its counterparts, they are compact, and they are easy to distribute to your audience which in turn, they will have an easy time carrying the items themselves. Not to mention they are quite easy to use. People who are excited to play under the sun will just have to scrape the stick to their skin and that’s it! This type of sunscreen will be so well-accepted which makes them potent promotional tools. Speaking of potent, the stick sunscreens are available in different variants that differ in style of packaging and size. Select which variant will give your branding ideas the fits.

Where the custom sunscreens will shine?

Should you resolve to acquire a bulk of personalized sunscreens to complement your branding efforts, you need to learn where these sun blocking freebies can truly shine. Scenarios that the printed sunscreens can be used which will prove that they are exceptional market commodities known to man. This is also a good measure to determine if they deserve a spot in your marketing operations but considering the desire of the people to venture under the sun, the promotional sunscreens truly deserve a place in your marketing stints.

Advertising Devices
Sunscreens in bulk are remarkable marketing tools. First reason is that they come in a variety of containers that are all perfect printing canvas for your logo designs. The containers themselves are further diversified in styles which you can take a look onto to give your branding ideas a good match of imagery. Furthermore, personalized sunscreens are small in nature which gives you the green light to deploy them anywhere you like. This increases the chances of your brand to be advertised even to the most diverse sectors of your market. This, among others, is one of the departments where the sunscreens can strut their stuff.

Souvenir Ideas
If you happen to run a business, you definitely need something to keep your customers in the loop of things and if possible attract more. The best way to do that is to give away souvenir items either during or after they have rendered your products and services. Most especially if you are managing a recreational business, the customized sunscreens are your best options. In parks, hotels, and resorts, the sunscreens are impressive souvenir ideas and your customers will surely love them.

Advocacy Materials
This is one department where sunscreens can find their place. Launching an advocacy to promote a cause? Then you need giveaways to support it. The sunscreens can be enlisted to perform some promotional work for you. When you are attempting at being an ambassador for healthy skin, you can simply distribute the sunscreens in bulk to the general public to let your message be heard. But not only in outdoor campaigns, they are simply good giveaways when you are promoting a non-profit based campaign.

Protection from the Sun
The best way to protect someone’s skin from the sun is by having a blocking agent shielding the skin. Sometimes it can be done by wearing something long and thick to give the skin a shield. But wearing thick and long apparel can be uncomfortable at times, and when summer comes, people prefer to wear light clothes. Sunscreens can help with regards to this. In fact, they are the only viable solutions to sun blocking dilemmas without having the person to wear something thick and long. When staying outdoors, people can rely on these handy sunscreens to keep their skin protected from harmful UV rays.

Why personalized sunscreens are the perfect branding tools?

Sunscreens are slowly but surely gaining their ground as gift and giveaway options. During marketing events and other affairs, you will see that companies and institutions are already utilizing logo sunscreens as their way of marketing their brand and promoting their cause. The reason for which, is you can find below.

1. The sunscreens are small in size. Minus the bulk, these items are fairly easy to distribute, making them the ideal items to give away during your promotional run. Recipients will also love this fact as they can carry the goodies easily and bring them as they see fit. More so, the lightness of these giveaways allow them to reach farther places whenever people bring them, potentially spreading more word regarding your brand.

2. These skin essentials are also available in distinct and impressive variants. You may choose one or just acquire them all and parade them in strategic places where people need them. It means that you are able to present more options that will give people lots of choices as they choose and this also goes for you, too.

3. Sunscreens are extremely affordable and yet they are very effective marketing ideas. If you are looking for a way to market your business that will save you a ton of money, then choose these freebies. More so, buying sunscreens in bulk will give you additional price cuts.

4. The fact that you are giving something that is vital in skin protection means that your brand will be regarded so much. With people giving your brand the recognition, the more that your brand boost its marketability. This is something that sunscreens can do for you.

Grab promotional sunscreens now!

There’s no telling what climate will bring to people. People are now at a higher risk of extreme sun exposure that can cause certain skin problems. But this doesn’t mean that they can be prevented. You can be the catalyst of this fight against unwanted sun exposure and you can do that by simply considering sunscreens as your next promotional product.

The importance of sun protection is not to be ignored. This is where the compact and portable sunscreens of yours can truly shine. Surely, your customers will love it. Start giving them away as promotional merchandise to advertise your business and in turn your customers will have something that they can truly rely on.

Perfect as a marketing gift, the sunscreens are also excellent in outdoor events and other high-end functions. Give them out to your employees and guests to show your complete support and appreciation to them and that puts the name of your business into the good light even more.

Pick up your phone now and dial our toll-free number. Our highly-trained account managers are on standby to accommodate you and answer your questions regarding the customization process, pricing options, and other promos.

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