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Custom Trophies with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional trophies with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Trophies with Personalized Logo
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Why choose customized trophies for advertising your brand?

What people don't know, won't hurt them, right? Well, if you're an organization that's hoping to drive a lot of marketing mileage in, then, no. What you don't know, may indeed actually hurt you (or your sales). Take for example using custom trophies as a promo item. That's quite uncommon, right? But what people don't really know is that the marketing returns of giving out such merchandise has a tremendous impact on the recipient of these giveaway trophies and consequently, on the expansion of your business.

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Firstly, the impact on the employees who receive these personalized trophies are psychological, so it isn't tangible and can't always be measured. But years of human behavioral studies have shown that people respond better to rewards rather than punishment. So if you put yourself in the shoes of the person who has been given an award--an object meant to recognize excellence or at the very least mark the efforts of a person--he or she becomes more motivated to continue doing their best. Promotional rophies with logo never fail to make a person feel good. The average employee can feel valued when given one of these customizable trophies with logo. Very little effort on your part, yes, but this giveaway is not seen as just a freebie to an employee's eyes; to them, it can be a treasured prize.

Secondly, how do these promotional trophies increase sales? The boost in general employee morale will do wonders for their work efficiency. This is always good news for any organization. Other employees will strive to be the next person who gets the award, if in case it wasn't them. Another aspect that augments sales increase is giving out company customized trophies to your customers. Does that sound weird? Well, actually, it's not. There is a subconscious effect going on in your customers' minds when they receive an award for which they haven't really done anything for. Your customers will continue their patronage all because of your recognition of their support. It may be a promotional product for you, but it's a gift to them. This is a marketing material which can become regular practice because its long term effects on your employees and customers are correlated to your sales.

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Try using these custom trophies as a gimmick on your next tradeshow. Not only is its novelty a breath of fresh air to the usual attendees, but its subconscious effects are remarkable. They create a healthy pay-it-forward culture that will land your company name a reputation to be proud of. Call us at 877-272-6337 to place your orders for trophies in bulk now!


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