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Custom Uv Exposure Meters with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional uv exposure meters with logo. Shop now!

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Uv Exposure Meters
#135476 - UV Exposure Safety Meter Plastic Card
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Why choose customized uv exposure meters for advertising your brand?

We all know that the ozone layer has been depleting, and that the risk for skin cancer and other health problems have increased because of this. But what we don't know is how much exposure to the sun is too much. When they say 'to avoid prolonged exposure', how do we know that one hour, two hours, or five hours is too much, when the sky is sunny or only partly sunny with clouds? Most people are willing to do anything to protect themselves from the anguish of illness such as skin cancer, but when we don't know how to do so, then we can be pretty helpless. Good thing you and your company can swoop in to solve these problems! You can give out custom uv exposure meters as a promotional product! Promotional uv exposure meters is the only customizable giveaway which will inform people any given day (like the day they will have to go out in the sun) on how much UV exposure there is, thus, they can adjust accordingly. Never will they have to wonder if they are wearing enough SPF protection because with your giveaway uv exposure meters, they'll know.

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These credit card-sized personalized uv exposure meters have a UV sensitive strip on it that is designed to change color from white to purple to dark violet when exposed to UV radiation for even just 10 seconds. It reacts immediately to the wavelengths of light that are known to damage skin and/or cause sunburn. As you can tell from the card, the stronger the radiation is, the darker the violet hue. The back of the card also includes guidelines on what is the best counter-measure against the level of UV exposure that comes up as a result. These customized uv exposure meters are insanely useful to have and it'll do wonders to have your brand name imprinted on them. Not only is this promo item beneficial for your family, friends, associates, employees, and clients, but this is the kind of merchandise that allows them to always have your logo in the palm of their hands (literally). It's easy to keep and carry in wallets and pockets and so they can utilize your printed uv exposure meters anytime and anywhere.

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No other marketing campaign material is as useful and timely as these uv exposure meters with logo. Get them for your next tradeshow or convention! They are sure to make a big difference for the enhancement of your business. Call our toll free number at (844) 806-1306 and order uv exposure meters in bulk now!

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