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Custom Wristbands with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional wristbands with logo. Shop now!

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#110271 - 0.5 in. Solid Silicone Personalized Wristbands
+ more colors available
As low as $0.35
(4 Reviews)
#244596 - 0.5in Custom Swirl Silicone Wristbands
+ more colors available
As low as $0.53
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#240687 - Segmented Silicone Wristbands
+ more colors available
As low as $0.54
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#240686 - Glow-in-the-dark Silicone Wristbands
+ more colors available
As low as $0.35
(1 Review)
#72905 - Terry Cloth Wristband
+ more colors available
As low as $2.39
(19 Reviews)
#147286 - Wristbands
+ more colors available
As low as $1.81
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#144506 - Paired Cotton Wristbands with Woven Patch
+ more colors available
As low as $2.69
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#245568 - Wholesale Reflective Wrist Band
+ more colors available
As low as $1.02
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Why choose customized wristbands for advertising your brand?

Custom wristbands have notably been very popular as a promotional product through the years. They make a great giveaway to athletes, bikers, and joggers. Their main function is to absorb sweat, but they have other peripheral uses, too. Athletes are prone to slip on the field or arena with all that sweat dripping around, and not only that, if it gets in their eyes, it can destroy the focus of an athlete in playing their game. This is where wristbands with logo can come in handy. You've noticed how the basketball stars always wear one of these personalized wristbands? That's because they know that their team can't afford to lose any points all because of slippery hands. This goes the same for other sports like tennis, football, and soccer.

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Promotional wristbands have gained ground in the world of advertising. They are more affordable than traditional ad mediums like television commercials and broadsheet pages, but though you spend less, you can still be sure to get your brand name out there. It's 'cause they're effective as a promo item due to the fact that they are used on a regular basis. These days, lots of people are keeping fit, so just imagine the number of potential customers you can target! You can tap every person who goes to the gym by giving out these giveaway wristbands--they'll be needing its sweat absorbent-ness and will be glad that your organization thought of such a kind gesture.

Company marketers' anguish of looking for effective customizable merchandise ends here. You can take advantage of the wide imprint area of customized wristbands. You can personalize the thick band area with your logo or tag line. Heighten school spirit by placing your school seal on these printed wristbands. Businesses can build up a product or a service on this tradeshow ad item. It can even be used by politicians to boost their campaign. The most important thing is to ensure that the imprint on the material is large enough to be seen by the public.

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You just can't deny the advantages of using this versatile item for your advertising and marketing efforts. Whatever event, sport, or campaign you'll be needing it in, you will find the right custom wristband here at We have a lot of designs to choose from, and you can even select a color that will match your logo. Stay in touch with the competition and take your business to the next level by ordering wristbands in bulk now!

Custom Wristbands from Branders imprinted with your custom logo

Get started with your own great promotional campaign for your brand now, and let us give you that extra advertising boost with our wide selection of promo items available. While browsing through our catalog of bulk wristbands, you will eventually get to see for yourself what you would consider the first choice for you. Our inventory includes various kinds of imprinted wristbands—cotton-made, paired ones, knitted, etc.—each also coming in various styles, designs, materials, and colors. All of them are easily customizable to boot. Here is a short overview for this category:

Wristbands are typically made of cotton, a highly absorbent material, and especially useful to wick away sweat. Get the typical style with the truly reliable features.

Paired ones
Why just get one when you can get a pair? Get matching ones for both of your wrists.

Knit ones
Knitting has been the primary means of production for years. Technological advances in recent decades mean that knitting such items are now much faster than ever before.

What are the typical uses of wristbands?

Clothing is considered an essential need; thus even the lowly wristbands becomes quite an important piece of clothing accessory. Of course, it is not just needed, people would want them too! Coming in a myriad of colors, they not only provide its essentials, but can also become part of a fashion statement for some. Therefore, one might see the potential for its utilization as a part of a promotional campaign; its usefulness is quite high, and each and every one would certainly want to have some of your custom made wristbands!

Make your own wristband and have them be a part of uniforms, especially for companies that have their employees engage in highly physical activities, whether outdoors or not. The recent ease of producing wristbands means as well the increase with the easiness of making more of them as soon as possible. This lends itself to the speed and convenience with which a standard design can be instituted as part of uniforms. With the addition of the company's logo, insignia, or any other design, they also provide that custom touch that will set that particular uniform apart from the rest, maybe even make it the best. Speaking of standardization, they could instead be made available as souvenirs. They are easily considered as practical items, and what other way to keep your logo in the minds of your customers but with some printable wristbands for them? And they also offer a cheaper alternative to other typical choices for a souvenir.

And when you are speaking of cheaper than cheap, then how about free? Due to its cost-effective nature, they can also be an ideal option for your next planned giveaway, or as freebies for your next organized event. Your savings increase when the size of the orders increase, and in the end you will be able to reap the benefits of those freebie items with regards to brand awareness as well as strengthening the loyalty of your current customers.

Of course, none of those facts matter if they themselves are not useful. But its innate practicality means that they are far from being useless for the recipients. They could easily be also considered as fashion statements too. Whether its in your next corporate event, or the upcoming promotional campaign your company has in store, whoever gets to have those wristbands would surely be satisfied with them.

Get to know more about wristbands!

- Wristbands are encircling strips worn on the wrist, which can be made from a variety of materials depending on the purpose.

- A type of wristband is typically made up of a towel-like terrycloth material. Beyond their primary function of being able to wipe away sweat, they have been also used as a means of identification or as a fashion statement. A practice common in mid-1980s punk subculture was to cut the top off of a sock and fashion the elastic into this type of wristband.

- Terrycloth is a fabric with loops that can absorb large amounts of water. It can be manufactured by weaving or knitting. It is the length of loops that determines how much fluid is absorbed by the cloth as longer loops provide more surface area to absorb and come in contact with the fluid.

- An alternative for terrycloth is waffle fabric, or a modern synthetic alternative like microfiber.

- Cotton usage for fabric is known to date to prehistoric times.

- The English name "cotton" derives from the Arabic (al) qutn, which began to be used circa 1400 AD.

- The Industrial Revolution lead to a big boost to cotton manufacture, with the textile industry emerging as Britain's leading exporter.

- The invention of the cotton gin by the American Eli Whitney in 1793 improved production capacity for cotton.

- Several star athletes, like tennis player Rafael Nadal, wear wristbands during their matches.

- The elastic in such wristbands are typically made up of rubber and latex.

- Silicone wristbands first became popular in the early to mid 2000s.

- In its broadest sense, an appliqué is a smaller ornament or device applied to another surface. An appliqué is usually one piece. The term is borrowed from French and, in this context, means "applied" or "thing that has been applied."

- In the context of sewing, an appliqué refers to a needlework technique in which patterns or representational scenes are created by the attachment of smaller pieces of fabric to a larger piece of contrasting colour or texture.

- Appliqué is used extensively in quilting. "Dresden Plate" and "Sunbonnet Sue" are two examples of traditional American quilt blocks that are constructed with both patchwork and appliqué.

- The term is also used for appliqué armour; in military use, it consists of extra protective plates mounted onto the hull or turret of an Armoured fighting vehicle.

Why buy custom wristbands for your next advertising campaign?

Wristbands are quite useful and practical accessories, and as such are always sought after by almost anyone, anywhere, at any time. Thus their potential to provide a huge boost for your promotional needs is definitely there. Your cheap wristbands for events has the ability to tap into the whole range of possible personalities in your target market. Its high level of functionality and usability combined with varying designs, lengths, and available colors leads to each recipient being able to appreciate more your efforts for promotion of your brand. When they are already your loyal customers, retaining them will become a relatively easier task, most likely even encouraging them further to stick with your brand for longer.

In addition, they are highly customizable and comes in various designs and in different sizes. They have their own distinct features that allows you the freedom to choose from our great selection. Their extensive use nowadays by just about everyone would do wonders in terms of publicity and visibility of your logo, insignia, or message placed on each custom wristband. Their branding potential and functionality combined makes them one of the most effective marketing products possible for you.

Irrespective of the number of orders you make to us, you will always have the guarantee of only excellence in terms of quality, designs, and price. Here at we offer high quality items at the lowest prices possible. You can also request for some free samples to be able to actually see them before you buy. Additional artwork enhancement is also available for your further customization needs here at Branders.

Wipe away the sweat and get your boost for your next promotional event with your own cool wristbands! Their high functionality and practicality means it would lead to a huge advantage for your company's publicity efforts. Your advertising needs would be satisfied guaranteed by these promotional items, and at the lowest possible prices as well here at Branders! So, what are you waiting for? Call our toll free hotline now at (844) 806-1306 to place your orders.

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