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Custom Yo-Yos with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional yo-yos with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Yo-yos with Personalized Logo
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Why choose customized yo-yos for advertising your brand?

Yo-yos, though only gaining worldwide popularity in the last century, have actually been around for quite a while in human history with multiple groups claiming its invention. There are records indicating the possibility of the presence of yo-yos made from ivory as far back 1000 BC China. However the earliest surviving proof of the yo-yos existence is a painting on a Greek vase dating back to 500 BC. In the Philippines, yo-yos existed as weapons used by hunters in the precolonial period. In fact, the term yo-yo is believed to have been derived from a word used in native Philippine dialect which meant "to come back. Whatever its origins, we know for sure that the yo-yos grew in popularity in the 1930's through the work of Donald Duncan after he bought the rights and assets of a company started by Filipino businessman Pedro Flores in California in the late 1920s. Today, yo-yos are a popular toy for people of all ages. Yo yos allow people to do multiple tricks and amazing stunts that traditional yo yos could not do. So if your business is thinking of a fun promotional product, then custom yo-yos might just be the merchandise you're looking for.

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Here at Branders, we offer you a wide variety of personalized yo-yos made from different types of material and customizable to tailor fit your needs. We have customized yo-yos made in plastic and painted with bright colors making them eye catching and sure to draw the attention of kids of all ages. We have metal promotional yo-yos that are very durable and can take a ton of beating. We have glow in the dark yo yos and with LEDs that allow people to create a fantastic and illustrious spectacle. We even have novelty yo-yos in bulk shaped like a burger which should prove popular for restaurants and race car yo-yos that ought to prove in auto shows and tradeshows.

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These giveaway yo-yos are ideal gift and giveaway items at parties, theme and amusement parks, restaurants, novelty and souvenir stores. So why not invest and use yo-yos with logo as your next promo item and add some fun in your next marketing campaign? Printed yo-yos are bound to be popular regardless of age group. Kids will love yo yos because of the neat and easy tricks they could pull off with it. Older generations are bound to get nostalgic over them and might even have a thing or two to teach youngsters. Buy custom yo-yos today! Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337.

Roll over the competition with the custom yo-yos of your choice

Yo-yos are one of the oldest toys in the world, with their existence dating back to almost a lifetime. Several millennia have passed us by and it is very evident that the toys in the trade right now have gone through so much evolution plus some new and groundbreaking innovations as well. But still, yo-yos stood the test of time and they are pretty much alive in the market right now. More so, they are still very much appealing market commodity especially to the younger class. Because of their simplicity yet challenging play style, people keep patronizing yo-yos to prove that they can make this menacing toy roll gracefully.

With that, we can safely agree that yo-yos are very enticing items in the market which would only mean that they are viable marketing ideas as well. The idea of custom yo yos in your marketing stints is just great. They never lost their touch to the people, they are fun to play with, and they present a unique challenge who play some serious yo-yo action. Promotional yo yos with your logo on them can advertise your business in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

The cool yoyos that we offer are very potent marketing tools. They have an enough imprint space for your logo designs and they are pretty diversified to impressive variants as well. Take a look at some of the types of yo yos for sale and see which one fits your bill.

Plastic Yo yos
This is one of the most common promotional yo yos you will see in our gallery and by far they are the most diversified. Take the time to take a look and you will see a plethora of plastic yo yos that are cool and youthful in nature. As for your branding images, the plastic yo yos have a conspicuous imprint space that will render your artwork crisp and clear. As far as the variant is concerned, you have the likes of plain yo yos which can bring out the best in your graphics. Translucent yo yos bring additional flair and balance to your ideas. There are even uniquely-shaped yo yos so that you can choose the ones that matches well with your theme. If you want a sporty type of promotions, then basketball and baseball yo yos are available. You want to depict speed? Racing tire yo yos are for you. How about promoting world betterment? Globe design yo yos are your best bets.

Wooden Yo yos
How about going old-school with wooden yo yos? Compared to their new-age counterparts, the wooden yo yos give you that vintage appeal which isnít a bad idea to attract your customers. Not to mention, the wooden yo yos are surprisingly durable that is always a welcome sign to yo yo aficionados out there. As for your branding needs, wooden yo yos can give you everything that will bring out the best in your images. A wide imprint space, capable printing canvas, and a wooden finish. All of them should mix very well with your ideas. But their biggest strength is that they are somewhat unique. That uniqueness is what makes people more and more interested of your business.

Metal Yoyos
This variant of good yoyo to buy could be the best kind of promotional yo yos you will be offering to your customers. Because they are made of high-quality steel, you could only expect that these yoyos will last for as long as customers desire it. Each metal yoyo is a potent branding tool. Boasting wide blank spaces, you can experiment and execute your logo designs with complete freedom. But that is not all! Because if their silvery finish, the branding images of your choosing are also portrayed with elegance and style. Another huge factor is that metal yoyos are a rarity when compared to other yoyo variants. This lets a word out that you are offering something new for your customers to try.

Rubber Yoyos
This is a totally unique variant of yoyo that we offer. Rather than the usual yoyo mechanism, rubber yoyos just rely on their elasticity to roll up and under. The rubber yoyos are excellent gift ideas to kids because of their colorful appearance.

Have a closer look on our site to view all of the types of custom yo yos. You may find a hard time choosing the right items, as they are all that good.

What are the uses of promotional yo-yos?

Yo-yos in general are known to function as toys. Toys that give the players a challenge which ultimately leads to competition. That is how yo-yos affect the cultural aspects of peopleís lives. But when the competitive nature is absent, yo-yos are just as good as tools for recreation. For more details regarding the applications of customized yo yos, feel free to take a look.

Marketing Handouts
Whether you are an upstart business or a seasoned company, you need to continuously advertise your brand to your customers. You can accomplish two things. One, you are maintaining the interest of your loyal customers on a high level and the other one is that you could potentially attract new ones that will help you in boosting company profits. Depending on the method, advertising your brand certainly requires budget but still you should not settle for mediocre results. How about printed yo yos as your main marketing medium? Being the fun items that they are, you are very much endearing to your customersí desires very easily. That brings them closer to your business. Just imprint each cool yoyo with those eye-catchy graphics of yours to transform them into attractive branding tools. If you are hosting marketing events or trade shows, fill them up with yo yos with logo to serve as marketing tools to your guests.

Souvenir Ideas
Looking for souvenir items to accent your business operations? Then personalized yoyos are good choices to do such job. They are small, cool, and joyful which means they are delightful gift and giveaway options to parade in your business proceedings. This is a good way of keeping your customers on the loop so that they wonít ever forget your name as they patronize your goods and services. In toy stores, novelty shops, and even parks and resorts, yoyos are good souvenir options. This also sends a message to your customers that you appreciate their time and effort.

Campaign Materials
Sometimes, you venture into non-profit promotional campaign to send a message that your brand is more than just about making money. Everybody knows what a yoyo is and if you happen to promote the importance of youth to the growth of the society, then further your campaign by giving out yoyos. This sways away the youth from vices which is huge, considering that their future will be so important. Give free yoyos to younger class as a first step. In other advocacy campaigns the personalized yo yos can also shine.

Recreational Devices
This is very self-explanatory. But for the record, this is where yoyos are truly known for. Some people do it for fun, while others play yoyo on a much higher level but regardless, they are excellent forms of pastime. Instead of engaging in vices, have your customers play with yoyos instead.

Why personalized yoyos are the excellent branding tools?

Yoyos are slowly but surely gaining their ground as gift and giveaway options. During marketing events and other affairs, you will see that companies and institutions are already utilizing yoyos as their way of marketing their brand and promoting their cause. The reason for which, is you can find below.

1. The yoyos are small in size. Minus the bulk, these items are fairly easy to distribute, making them the ideal items to give away during your promotional run. Recipients will also love this fact as they can carry the goodies easily and bring them as they see fit. More so, the lightness of these giveaways allow them to reach farther places whenever people bring them, potentially spreading more word regarding your brand.

2. These toys are also available in distinct and impressive variants. You may choose one or just acquire them all and parade them in strategic places where people need them. It means that you are able to present more options that will give people lots of choices as they choose and this also goes for you, too.

3. Yoyos are extremely affordable and yet they are very effective marketing ideas. If you are looking for a way to market your business that will save you a ton of money, then choose these freebies. More so, buying yoyos in bulk will give you additional price cuts.

4. The fact that you are giving something that is significant in building up a better society means that your brand will be regarded so much. With people giving your brand the recognition, the more that your brand boost its marketability. This is something that yoyos can do for you.

Grab promotional yoyos now!

People are always looking for ways to amuse themselves. Yoyos, therefore, are excellent marketing giveaways to cater to this need. By distributing such, you are giving your customers free items to enjoy. Simply consider yoyos as your next promotional product to take the first step in achieving both ways.

The importance of playing yoyos is not to be ignored. While it is overlooked, playing with these toys develop a person. Knowing that, your customers will surely love them. Start giving them away as promotional merchandise to advertise your business and in turn your customers will have something that they can truly rely on.

Perfect as a marketing gift, the yoyos are also excellent in outdoor events and other high-end functions. Give them out to your employees and guests to show your complete support and appreciation to them and that puts the name of your business into the good light even more.

Pick up your phone now and dial our toll-free number. Our highly-trained account managers are on standby to accommodate you and answer your questions regarding the customization process, pricing options, and other promos.

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