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Custom Yoga Mats with Personalized Logo

Promote your business with promotional yoga mats with logo. Shop now!

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Yoga Mats
#130783 - Yoga Mat
+ more colors available
As low as $12.88
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Yoga Mats
#131797 - Full Length Yoga Mat
+ more colors available
As low as $13.79
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Yoga Mats
#131798 - Full Length Patterned Yoga Mat and Case
+ more colors available
As low as $14.12
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Yoga Mats
#131799 - Kerala Double Thickness Full Length Yoga Mat and Case
+ more colors available
As low as $21.58
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Yoga Mats
#131800 - Premiere Double Thickness Full Length Yoga Mat and Case
+ more colors available
As low as $19.89
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Yoga Mats
#138829 - Twill Yoga Mat (32" x 11")
+ more colors available
As low as $20.72
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Yoga Mats
#138830 - Micro Terry Yoga Mat Towel (25" x 72")
+ more colors available
As low as $45.71
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Yoga Mats
#138831 - Waffle Yoga Mat Towel (25" x 72")
+ more colors available
As low as $47.14
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Yoga Mats
#138832 - MicroTech Yoga Mat Towel (25" x 72")
+ more colors available
As low as $47.07
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Yoga Mats
#138833 - Waffle Yoga Mat Towel (20.5" x 45")
+ more colors available
As low as $21.31
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Yoga Mats
#243834 - PVC Foam Yoga Mat (68"L x 24"W)
+ more colors available
As low as $16.47
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Why choose customized yoga mats for advertising your brand?

Do you spend a lot of time in a sitting position (say in the office or at home)? Do you often get back and muscle pains? Do you fear the threat of osteoporosis? And do you crave to have a healthier and fitter body? If you answered yes to all those questions, chances are you are either one of the hundred million Americans who are a) part of the millennials' generation; or b) in need of preventive measures to address possible serious health threats. The rise of the millennials has brought along The Healthy Living Trend. That's why yoga has become more and more popular in just the last decade. But yoga isn't just sought out by millennials, the numerous benefits of this form of exercise has piqued the interest of thousands of people that want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And with every trend, comes business opportunities! There is a notable increase in yoga classes and other related profitable ventures. What can your company do to ride this trend? Consider giving away custom yoga mats for your next tradeshow... or have yoga mats with logo made to kick off a health-themed advertising campaign!

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The bigger brands have always used the Promotional Product Strategy for their marketing campaigns because, quite frankly, it works. Using customizable merchandise to reach out to your audience is a cost-effective way of getting exposure and visibility for your brand. But note that the promo item to be used has to be of service to those you plan to give them to. When you give out a handy freebie like these custom yoga mats, it reflects well on your brand, thus making people want to patronize your product or service. With this tsunami wave of Healthy Living still peaking, you can offer customized yoga mats to your regular customers and to potential ones because it's not only useful, but it shows them that you care about their health and well-being.

It's easy to imprint any brand name or advertisement on promotional yoga mats. You can even get as creative as you'd like because these giveaway yoga mats has a wide imprint area allows you to use the whole mat itself. There's a wide selection of colors and there are also printed yoga mats made with different foam thickness. We have eco-friendly material, PVC, and density foam.

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Personalized yoga mats will be the next big thing used for the Promotional Product Strategy. Don't hesitate to order these yoga mats in bulk for your marketing campaigns. Our dedicated sales representatives are standing by to assist you with any questions you may have so call our toll free number now to place your orders!

What are the things you should consider when you’re buying a customized yoga mat?

As you can see, we offer quite a few variety of personalized yoga mats that you can put your brand logo on. It can be quite a tedious affair to choose what kind of yoga mat to use for your promotional campaign especially if you only have a little experience in the art. So, to help you pick the best yoga mat for your promotional needs, here is a short guide on the things you have to consider when you make your purchase:

1) The Mat’s Thickness
One of the things you ought to consider when buying bulk yoga mats would be their thickness as it dictates how comfortable someone would be when using them. A yoga mat that is too thin can hurt your knees as you execute various yoga positions. Likewise, if you pick a matt that is too thick and you’ll find that it can be quite difficult to have a strong connection to the floor and make your poses rickety and unstable.

2) The Mat’s Texture
Likewise, a mat’s texture affects just how much traction it will provide. It’s important to note that too much traction can be uncomfortable when you do various sitting or lying poses as the mat will be rough on your skin. The material used in making the yoga mat plays a huge role in determining its texture. For example, PVC mats provide high levels of smoothness. PVC and rubber mats on the other hand are fabricated to have varying degrees of roughness.

3) The Mat’s Material
Of course, perhaps the most important consideration you need to think about is the type of material used in making your yoga mat. These highly influence the functionality and comfort these mats provide. Here are a couple of commonly materials:

- This material type provides the most level of protection from slipping and sliding as you go about your routine. Unfortunately, they’re not very absorbent and aren’t necessarily environmentally friendly.

- These type of yoga mats are often chosen because they’re created through environmentally friendly methods and provide great absorption. Unfortunately, it might be quite difficult to pivot in place because of the resistance of the fibers.

- If you want a mat that provides quite a good bit of traction in any sort of yoga position, then these mats are a great choice. Unfortunately, they’re not absorbent and might cause allergic reactions to people who are allergic to latex.

How can you use personalized yoga mats to effectively promote your business?

Logo yoga mats have seen quite an increase in sales over the years as more and more people become converts of yoga. Yoga mats are also quite excellent because they’re practically all you need to practice yoga! In fact, it’s quite essential that you have one as it would be extremely hard to do many of the basic stances without it. Plus, they’re highly customizable and they provide you with a very large imprint area to stick your design and brand logo on. They thus easily provide a ton of visibility for your brand and business. This makes them a highly effective promotional product.

Here are a couple of ways you can utilize custom printed yoga mats to promote your brand:

1. Souvenirs
When in doubt, personalized yoga mats are always a great option for a souvenir. If you are a hotel, a tourist agency, an amusement park—or any industry that people regularly and occasionally visit—you can use yoga mats with logo to further your business, because you can be sure that people will buy them from your store as practical and useful keepsakes, so they can be reminded of the lovely memories that you have been able to impart with them during their visit.

2. Giveaways
Event coming up? Promotional yoga mats are both a classic and an innovative giveaway—when your guests receive them, they'll be glad that they can have something pragmatic and useful. You can even have interesting and witty imprints on the mat which are related to the event! No matter what the occasion is, you can use your creative powers on this item to amuse your guests and event participants with the artwork or design that you place on them. We have special discounts if you buy more, so it isn't a worry for your spending budget if you are expecting many guests.

3. Freebies
If you're looking for a freebie, say, for an upcoming tradeshow, then better have something that will immediately create impact. Promotional events like these don't always have a lot of leeway for you to grab the market's attention (because other companies and orgs are vying for them too). But when you have influential and high-impact promo tools like these yoga mats, then you can definitely feel secured that your being in that event was not a waste. Nothing gives you the most value for your money than these cheap yoga mats. They are cheap wholesale, and they are useful to literally everybody. It's a catch-all promotional product!

4. Gift Item
Want to give a highly practical gift for your beloved customers? Then these customized yoga mats are a great choice! Anyone can enjoy and greatly benefit from yoga, and it only takes this custom yoga mat to practice it! Hence, whether or not they already know how to do yoga, these promotional yoga mats ought to prove to be a popular and well received gift.

These incredibly valuable promo items are so versatile that they can be of use beyond what have been mentioned above. Go ahead and get creative. We can accommodate your plans for a great promotional campaign!

Five great reasons why you should invest in imprinted yoga pants

They are a catch-all item for all demographics! Whether they may be young, old, male, female, or whatever school, university, industry, or business they may come from—they can all make use of these comfortable yoga mats. This allows you to reach out to a great number of people, granting you an expansion of your potential clientele.

Although they are inclusive for all ages and all kinds of people, they can still be industry-specific. Use an imprint that can be considered as an inside joke for your target market. It will be so much easier to drive home brand recall for you when those who receive your merchandise can already make the connection between the item and the kind of services that you can offer.

The fact that all these outstanding tradeshow merchandise are fully customizable is an immensely good reason. gives you the freedom of choice on whatever logo, design, message, or artwork you would like on the chosen products. You can be as creative as you want. Interesting imprints add plus points for you because they are excellent conversation starters. We also provide a medley of customization services to help you design your giveaways perfectly. We even do free artwork enhancement.

All the logo yoga mats in our collection are made and designed for satisfaction: in terms of styles and material. They come in various sizes and made with only top quality materials to ensure they provide you with a great and comfortable yoga experience.

No matter how many of these apparel you order from us, you will definitely be quoted the lowest possible price for the quantity you want. All you have to do is dial our toll free hotline at (844) 806-1306 to place your orders.

Additional facts about yoga:

Want to learn more about the history of Yoga? Here are a couple of fun facts we’ve prepared for your reading pleasure:

- The word “Yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’, which means ‘to unify’ or ‘to yoke’

- The yoga symbol “Om” is found in Hindu and Tibetan philosophy. It is said to be the primordial sound of the universe and is connected to the Ajna Chakra (the conscience) or “third eye” region.

- Hatha yoga is the type of yoga most frequently practiced in Western culture. Ha means “sun” and tha means “moon,” representing hatha yoga’s attempt to combine both complementary forces.

- The lotus pose is a sitting pose meant to resemble the perfect symmetry and beauty of a lotus flower. Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, and Shiva, a major god in Hinduism, are typically shown in this pose.

- Patanjali (150 B.C.) was an Indian sage who recorded a series aphorism on how to practice yoga in the text Yoga Sutras. While Patanjali is typically considered the father of yoga, yoga was around long before Patanjali, who only made it more accessible

- Hindu leader Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902) is considered a key figure in introducing yoga into Western culture, and his address to the Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893 is said to have initiated yoga’s evolution in the West. The Beatles, especially George Harrison, also helped introduce yoga into the West. Additionally, the Beatles were the first to bring the sitar into rock and roll and the first to introduce Hindu melodies into modern music

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