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Custom Exercise Mats - Bulk Exercise Mats - Branders Promotional Items
Lowest Price Match Guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. On-Time Shipment Guarantee.

Custom Exercise Mats in Bulk with Printed Logo

Buy exercise mats in bulk for marketing giveaways. Great for marketing events.

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As low as $13.99 each
As low as $30.61 each
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As low as $11.81 each
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As low as $11.69 each
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As low as $28.58 each
As low as $35.31 each
As low as $6.71 each

Why choose customized exercise mats for advertising your brand?

Along with the generation of millennials has come the rise of The Healthy Living Trend. You've noticed the gradual popularity of yoga, Pilates, cross fit, and other exercise programs, too, right? More and more people are striving to achieve their ideal bodies and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And with every trend, comes business opportunities! There is a notable increase in yoga classes and other related profitable ventures. What can your company do to ride this trend? Consider giveaway custom exercise mats for the next tradeshow! Or have customized exercise mats with logo made to kick of a health-themed advertising campaign.

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The bigger brands have always used the Promotional Product Strategy for their marketing campaigns because, quite frankly, it works. Using customizable merchandise to reach out to your audience reflects well on the organization that the promo item came from, and it provides constant visibility in the lives of those who own your material. So ride the tsunami wave of Healthy Living! Offer custom printed exercise mats to your regular customers and to potential ones.

It's easy to imprint any brand name or advertisement on exercise mats in bulk. You can even get as creative as you'd like because its wide imprint area allows you to use the whole mat itself. There are different kinds of fitness mats. If you look through our gallery here, you'll find that they come in tons of colors. You can match your brand color with your personalized exercise mats. There are also mats made with different foam thickness. We have eco-friendly material, PVC, and density foam. Spoil your customers a bit and add just a little bit to get them the fitness mats that come with a carrying strap. This makes the exercise mats easy to bring anywhere-- this means that those who have your promo product will also be carrying your brand name around for more people to see.

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Logo exercise mats will be the next big thing used for the Promotional Product Strategy. It's not as expensive as billboards or newspapers, but you can be sure to have a lot of exposure as it will be used a lot. Cost effective, right? Don't hesitate to order these promo exercise mats with logo for your promo campaigns. Our dedicated sales representatives are standing by to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have so call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 now to place your orders!


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