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Custom Hourglasses - Promotional with Personalized Logo - Branders.com
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Custom Hourglasses as Promotional Item

Buy personalized hourglasses for promo. Great giveaway for marketing events.

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Why choose printed hourglasses for advertising your brand?

Aren't custom printed hourglasses just so fascinating as a promotional product? It's not like the ordinary ones which have been used over and over again throughout the years. Your clients (and potential ones) are looking for something different, y'know. Something that is still useful, but creatively so. Imprinted hourglasses with logo will fit the bill, if the innovative type of customizable giveaway is what you are looking for. The advantages of getting these customized hourglasses are more than you think.

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First off, the advertising benefits are expansive! No matter the kind of hourglass you choose (because there are many), the space available for you to place your business name on it is strategic and wide enough to ensure you get the brand recall you want. People will easily see your name (it'll stick out like a sore thumb) when they set eyes on this promo item. Plus, custom hourglasses can be placed virtually anywhere, because they can be used all the time, too. Your brand will get a lot of exposure. What's even better is it's cost effective. These tradeshow hourglass timers aren't as expensive as mechanical clocks.

The main function of promo hourglasses—to keep time—can be utilized in a good number of situations. These are the other advantages of this merchandise: its most popular use is for when games are played. Board games, casual games, party games—all of which are made more exhilarating because of the time limit aspect. Another use is a timer for meetings. Notice how we spend a lot of woolgathering in meetings? The endless ones that frustrate people but so little get accomplished. For more productive meetings, it's actually best to have a timer around (like your personalized hourglasses with logo, right?) that will keep a time-check every so often as you go along.

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Looking through our gallery you will find diverse promotional hourglasses and timers that can fulfill such functions. Digital hourglass timers (with alarm!) are particularly great for meetings. The Ooze Gel timer is the modern twist to sand hourglasses because the oozing material really is of gel! The Amber Case Floating Timer on the other hand is pretty retro and pretty cool. So if you are still dilly dallying with the decision of which advertising medium to take, these unique custom hourglasses in bulk are effective and budget-friendly—no need to look further. Place your orders now and call our toll free number. There are just some things you can’t go wrong with—and this is one of them.


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