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Custom Medals - Personalized Medals - Customized Medals - Branders.com
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Custom Medals with Personalized Logo

Buy customized medals in bulk with printed logo for marketing giveaways.

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Why choose printed medals for advertising your brand?

Medals have been handed out since ancient times to recognize a person's deed, achievement or valor. They have also been sold or given away to commemorate important events or battles. They are cherished and lovingly cared for by their and proudly displayed by their owners in their living rooms or trophy rooms. Furthermore, Medals have several features that give them an edge against trophies, certificates and other awards. Medals are small making them easier to display and they take up less wall space. Even though they're small, they can be made into stunning pieces by themselves. They are also cheaper to make which allows you to make more of them and also be able to award more people. This makes custom medals the perfect giveaway item during a tradeshow or a company sponsored competition or tournament. So if you want a promo item that would be highly appreciated and coveted, why not try personalized medals? Medals with logo will assuredly be prized possessions of your employees and customers.

You might also like : Custom Divot Tools, Custom Dominoes, Custom Drinking GlassesHere at Branders, we offer you over a dozen medals that are all customizable to tailor fit your needs. We make sure that the promotional medals we sell are made from top quality material that ensures their durability and luster. You can rest assured that your medals will look sharp and charming. Show your appreciation to your hard working employees by awarding them with medals. There are many opportune events you can use customized medals as a promotional item. Give recognition to you loyal and long time customers by giving them medals as a gift. Reach out to schools, colleges, organizations and hobby groups by providing them with medals with logo to give away during their own awarding ceremonies. Organize your own tournaments, competitions and fun runs and award deserving people with your printed medals. And when you're holding a tradeshow or a convention or hosting a commemoration ceremony, hand out logo medals to your guests and those who attend.

We also recommend : Personalized Handkerchiefs, Personalized Golf TowelsFew items match the appeal and reverence this merchandise hold. Since your customers would be displaying these medals in prominent places in their homes for people to admire, your business will get a lot of exposure. And when people see the care by which the recipients keep your medals, they will associate that affection with the loyalty of your customers have for your business and the generosity of your company to its consumers. So why not give it a go? Make bulk medals the next promotional product of your business. Order medals in bulk now by dialing 877-272-6337 on your telephone. Our specially trained sales representatives are ready to answer your questions and ensure 100% customer satisfaction!


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