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Personalized Address Books with Custom Logo

Promote your business with promotional address books with logo. Shop now!

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Personalized Address Books with Custom Logo
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Why choose customized address books for advertising your brand?

The most effective promotional products are the ones that the recipients use on a daily basis. People appreciate giveaways that they can actually use. Though promo items such as pens and sticky notes are perfect for most promotional campaigns, some businesses aim to make a more lasting impression and create a more solid connection between them and the recipient, and want something that the recipient won’t just simply put away, forget, and lose. For campaigns such as this, promotional address books hit the mark. They are cheap and easy to imprint, yet durable and highly convenient. If you’re looking for the promotional item that will make a difference in your advertising approach, personalized address books might just be the one you’re looking for!

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Customized address books are very versatile advertising tools. They are perfect as gifts, especially around the Christmas and New Year seasons, when everybody had just filled up their own address books and planners and are looking for a new one to mark the beginning of the year. Promotional address books can be given to employees: they will sure appreciate the gesture; these items will constantly remind them of the benefits of being in the family that is your business, or you can give these high-quality items as gifts or incentives to clients, to thank them for their loyal patronage. Printed address books with logo can also be given away as tradeshow items: to potential clients, or—since they are fairly easy to manufacture and imprint—to everyone who passes by your booth. Custom address books in bulk will make for interesting addition to your company merchandise. We at Branders.com know the opportunity that these items might open up for your business, and so we offer a wide variety of these items for you to choose from: in terms of material, we have ones made of vinyl and paper, and combinations of both. Our address books with logo come in a lot of different designs and styles. Choose the one that you think will most suit your logo or promotional campaign.

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With these highly-utilized items comes an opportunity: since they are always used, they would make for excellent promotional items. There’s a guarantee that they will be used frequently, and thus will increase your brand visibility dramatically. Imprint these items with your logo as to get your name out there—choose the one that you think will most suit the season, or the target audience. Call our toll free line now for your orders, or for assistance. Our friendly and dedicated account managers are ready to assist you.


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