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Personalized Chopsticks with Custom Logo

Promote your business with promotional chopsticks with logo. Shop now!

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Personalized Chopsticks with Custom Logo
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Why choose customized chopsticks for advertising your brand?

As of 2008, there were 1,333 million Chinese people in the world. That's about 20% of the whole planet. That's a lot of people! What's even greater than that is the Asian population, constituting about 59% of the world. Half the world can be a possible market for your business. Why? Because chopsticks have the monopoly of the Asian image. They are nearly a universal symbol for what is Chinese, Japanese, or Asian. This is the kind of leverage you want a giveaway promo item to have. Personalized chopsticks already send out a message to its recipients, which will reflect on your brand. This is a good thing. You want your consumers to know that your company is ready to be of service for their necessities. In essence, choosing chopsticks with logo means you want them to enjoy food, enjoy the experience, enjoy life.

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Three times a day, for every chopsticks-user, your promotional chopsticks will be placed on the dining table in front of them. The exposure of your merchandise material is constant. Wouldn't you want to be able to tap 59% of the world? With your brand name imprinted on this promotional product, if they ever need something from your industry, it will be easy for them to remember you from your imprinted chopsticks with logo. So be wary with the kind of chopsticks you pick. The nicer looking ones are always treated as a thoughtful present. Think of how much people would love to get them at a tradeshow! They'd be kept as a staple in their kitchens. Each meal wouldn't be complete without your promo chopsticks!

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Here are some of your choices: they are normally made of bamboo, silver, plastic, even gold! Prices vary depending on the type of wood it is, but there are affordable ones which are still classy. You can also choose how they come in. Cello wrapper is cheap, simple, and displays the custom chopsticks inside immediately. They can come in a variety of gift boxes, too. Cardboard boxes, paper boxes, even wooden boxes. There are pouches as well, if you prefer that kind of look. Fancier printed chopsticks in bulk come in a gift box, complete with the cradle for placing on the table. Those are a little more expensive, but the impression given to a person who receives such an item is so influential, they'll look up to your brand for it. Giveaway chopsticks are really the way to go. Call 877-272-6337 now to make your order!

Personalized Chopsticks

There are many ways to eat your food and one of them is through the use of personalized chopsticks. For those people who are looking for an alternative to the spoon and fork, logo chopsticks are the answer. The word was derived from the Chinese Pidgin English "chop chop" meaning quickly.

The Chinese word for chopsticks is "kuaizi" which means "quick bamboo." Bulk chopsticks are also used in other Asian countries. In Japan, they are known as hashi or otemoto. Te means "hand" and moto meaning "area under or around something." The preceding is for politeness. In Korea, chopsticks is known as jeotgarak made up of two words. Jeo means chopsticks and garak means stick. The former cannot be used independently but found in other compounds as well.

For those who are new to using the bamboo chopstick, there is a proper way for eating with it. The lower chopstick is stationary and rests at the base of the thumb between the ring and middle finger. The second chopstick is held like a pencil using the tips of the thumb, index finger, and middle finger and moved while eating to pull food into the grasps of the chopsticks. When not in use, they are placed either to the right or below one's plate in a Chinese table setting.

Custom chopsticks are normally made of wood, bamboo, silver, or even gold. The price of wooden chopsticks may vary depending on the quality of wood. Golden chopsticks are usually used by royalties to distinguish their unique position. Silver chopsticks are more common and was believed to be an efficient way of checking if the food was poisoned as there would be a mark on it. They were also probably the most healthy ones because wood can become rotten after several washing and hence becomes unhygienic.

Most restaurants today use bamboo chopsticks because they are one of the strongest and lightest kinds of wood available. They usually have plastic or paper cover for hygienic purposes that is to lessen the transfer or bacteria or keep it from becoming dirty. Aside from that, bamboo offers good grip for holding food as they have lusterless surfaces. This way, eating can become enjoyable and it will prevent stressed fingers.

So how do you know if the chopstick is Chinese or Japanese? The former are usually rectangular, longer, and thicker compared to the latter. These days, however, slim and all round varieties are becoming quite popular. For the Chinese, the chopstick has a cultural significance. This is seen in the way they are used on the table. These utensils symbolize many phrases or stories, the most famous of which is 'united strength.'

Perhaps you have noticed that on the upper part of chopsticks are pictures or words which are normally from famous influential traditional Chinese paintings or poems. You will be quite interested to look at them as they can give you some cultural education while eating.

The chopsticks has undergone various changes in shape. For instance, in Japan, it has become pointed because of their culture.

What are the common uses of personalized chopsticks?

We all know that personalized chopsticks are used as an alternative to spoon and fork especially when eating noodles. But using chopsticks are not just confined to the kitchen and the dining table. Let us take a look at the common uses of chopsticks:

1. Personalized chopsticks make an excellent kitchen tool. You can use them to pluck olives from a jar, turn over bacon, beat eggs, or make long popsicles.
2. Wood chopsticks are also excellent for knitting needles. Teachers and other school personnel can even teach kids how to make their own needles using chopsticks.
3. Dry plastic bags on them. Place the chopsticks on a jar and hang the bags on them. Another option is to have a piece of wood mounted on the wall with the chopsticks sticking out of it.
4. Chopsticks are great for stirring while cooking as well as beverages.
5. Use them for cleaning your electronic device or as a stand for your iPad.
6. Clear the funnel with them or use them to unclog bottle tips.

Where Did Personalized Chopsticks Come From?

Personalized chopsticks trace its roots from ancient China to as early as the Shang Dynasty. The earliest evidence were six bronze chopsticks measuring 26 cms long and 1 1/3 cms wide which was excavated from the Ruins of Yin near Anyang. The first chopsticks were probably used for cooking, stirring the fire, serving or seizing bits of food, and not for eating purposes. Their use for eating only began during the Han Dynasty. It was not until the MIng Dynasty when chopsticks were used for both serving and eating.

It was believed that the earliest form of chopsticks were made from twigs and were used to retrieve food from cooking pots. Around 400 BC, due to the scarcity in resources, chefs found a way to save fuel by cutting food into small pieces for easy cooking. This made knives unnecessary at the dinner table-- a practice which concurred with the non-violent teachings of Confucious.

Around 500 AD, chopsticks had found its way to Japan, Vietnam, and Korea. In Japan, the early chopsticks were strictly reserved for religious ceremonies and were made from one piece of bamboo joined at the top. During the different Chinese dynasties, silver chopsticks were sometimes used because of the belief that they will become black if the food they will eat is poisoned.

Different cultures had their own style of the chopstick. The Chineses had a more blunt than pointed end in agreement with Confucius. In Japan, chopsticks were 8 inches and 7 inches long for men and women, respectively. In 1878, the Japanese were the first to develop the disposable set, usually made of bamboo or wood.

Some chopsticks were also tied with superstitious beliefs. Some Asians believe that an uneven pair of chopsticks can result to a missed boat or plane. In Korea, there is a belief that the closer to the tip one holds a pair of chopsticks, the longer they will remain unmarried.

Throughout history, personalized chopsticks have been associated with another staple in Asian cuisine: rice. At first, one would think that chopsticks are more suitable to use for particular types of food. However, in Asia, most varieties of rice are short or medium grain. The starches found in these kinds of rice result to a more glummy and clumpy variety. So chopsticks are great for lifitng these kinds of sticky rice.

Why buy personalized chopsticks?

1. Chopsticks gives a new way of eating our food. Are you tired of eating with your spoon and fork? Try eating with chopsticks.then.

2. Customizable chopsticks offer versatility. Aside from being a handy eating and cooking utensil, chopsticks can be used for other purposes as well.

3. Custom chopsticks are excellent giveaway items. Many people are now fond of eating using chopsticks. Give them out to employees and loyal customers because they will always be appealing and highly appreciated. The recipients will have a high regard for your company.

4. They can be personalized. The box that comes with the chopstick can be personalized according to your advertising specifications. You can add your company logo, brand name, or slogan on the imprinted chopsticks. It's all up to you.

5. Chopstickss with logo are affordable as an advertising medium. With the traditional forms of advertising, you will have to allocate a huge amount of advertising budget. This is not the case with chopsticks. They will cost less than what you will spend on newspaper advertisements or television commercials.

6. They are portable. You can bring your chopstick wherever you go. So whenever you feel like using the item to eat your meal, it would be much easier.

7. Here at Branders, we offer you a plethora of options when it comes to personalized chopsticks. We have different styles that will surely match your budget and requirements. We have the lowest price in the industry but the quality does not change.

Eating is a basic need of every individual. And giving away something that can satisfy that need will always be appealing and highly appreciated. Such is the case of personalized chopsticks. They may look ordinary and simple for some but it definitely packs a punch. Using it as a promotional item can take your business to the next level. And with the cost of most traditional advertising mediums becoming too costly for businesses to afford, custom chopsticks can give you an affordable alternative. They are so affordable that you can even consider buying them in bulk. As a result, you can target as many potential customers as you can. Capitalizing on chopsticks can be a worthwhile investment for your business. In the end, you can find yourself getting huge returns. So what are you waiting for? Pick up that phone and call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 NOW!

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