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Personalized Frisbees with Custom Logo

Promote your business with promotional frisbees with logo. Shop now!

Lowest Price Match Guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. On-Time Shipment Guarantee.


  • "Used the fliers at college recruiting events. The kids loved them."
    - David F., Brecksville, OH
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Personalized Frisbees with Custom Logo
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Why choose customized frisbees for advertising your brand?

Personalized frisbees are just about one of the more sought after promotional merchandise out there for brand marketing these days. Unsurprisingly, it's the sports and leisure kind of promo item that have been topping the favorites of companies for customizable giveaway products, and frisbees with logo are one of the most preferred. Why is that so? Well, there was an obsession over how a promotional product ought to be 'useful', and though we wholeheartedly agree, there certainly isn't a rule that says leisure material aren't useful. Items like printed frisbees are actually better because they're fun!

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Lots of companies give out complimentary customized frisbees at events like ribbon cuttings, at a company team building, or at a tradeshow. They're loved no matter what. Frisbees spark memories of fun under the sun, running around with loved ones, and of happier and carefree times. When you give out custom frisbees, you are not only handing out a toy or object for sports, you are handing out a gift that can unlock happiness and enjoyment. This is what you want your potential customers to associate your business with. It sends a message to everyone that your brand not only delivers good service, but also knows how to have fun.

The advantages of using these giveaway frisbees as your advertisement tool are threefold. Firstly, it has a lot of imprint space. You can easily go to any local or community park, give these babies out which would have your company details on it, and just like that, you've stepped up your game at promoting an event, a product, or service. Secondly, because a game of Frisbee can't be played alone, you can be sure that your brand name will get a lot of exposure from a personalized frisbee. Whole families and gangs come together to play this game, and with your name on the surface, they'll know exactly who to thank for being able to play it. And lastly, the creativity you are afforded with the many kinds of promotional frisbees available is something not all promotional items have. There are several colors to select from. You can pick a hue that matches your brand or company name. There are also cool designs like the pinwheel Frisbee, the propeller shape, and donut ring Frisbee.

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If you wish to get started on this opportunity to take your brand to the next level, call us about getting frisbees in bulk at this toll free number: 877-272-6337. Prepare to boost your marketing campaign and place your orders now!

Promotional frisbees for sky-high promotions!

Tired of promo items that don’t even give your brand a huge lift? Then go for promotional merchandise that literally fly, such as these custom frisbees. They are lightweight, compact, and most importantly, they can reach heights. Literally and figuratively, personalized frisbees will let your brand fly above for your customers to see. They are also vividly colored so that your logo designs can be seen clearly even while they are in flight. Fully utilize their imprint area and take advantage of the colors to accentuate your branding elements to the highest level. More so, the wide selection of items permits you to be flexible when it comes to your customization options. You can easily experiment with your logo designs so there will be nothing left behind as you deploy your items in your marketing affairs. It is important that you consider all measures to really come up with spectacular marketing gifts and giveaways to your customers.

Take a quick peek below and see the brief guide provided as to what you can expect from these particular line of promotional products. That being said, custom frisbees are truly advantageous because your hands are basically free when it comes to customizing your items. Choose the one which you believe will serve you best but it doesn’t matter which one is best though, because they are all that good.

As always, miniature items are great marketing ideas due to the fact that they are small in size which makes them easier to hand out. The customers that will be on the receiving end will also be delighted of such wonderful marketing items because they won’t be having any trouble carrying one. But the advantages of the mini flyers do not end there! They are available in other variants that will be beneficial both to you and to your customers. There are the normal mini flyers, the expanding flyers, and even recycled mini flyers. All of which can give your branding theme a good match and you can easily drive home your message to your customers. All you have to do is to fully utilize their imprint space and you are ready to go! The diverse assortment of colors that we offer is also something that you can use to your advantage.

Since you want your brand to get noticed immediately, it is wise to shy away from the usual and give something that is completely unique and unorthodox. Such characteristics can be attributed to a bunch of these inflatable flyers. They are not your typical flyers but rather special type of flyers. What they need before they can operate is a nice supply of air, and after that people can already use them as recreational tools. As a giveaway, inflatable flyers really rock! Prior to usage, they are flattened so that they can be easily given out hence providing convenience both to you and to the recipients. They are also available in a variety of colors to accentuate the logo designs of your choice. Grab your promotional inflatable flyers now and let your brand fly above everything else, notably your pesky competition.

Another item that speaks volumes of convenience, these foldable flyers are great marketing ideas. They have a nice imprint area, an excellent surface for customization, and the fact that they are collapsible makes them greater promotional devices. People won’t have to worry about storing them in bags because they can be folded for their own convenience. Some variants also have a pouch included so the convenience of these items has just scaled up even more. Foldable as they are, they still are pretty much effective as being frisbees. To turn them into excellent branding tools, you only need to maximize their impressive imprint space and you can also take advantage of their color assortments as well.

Insert “novelty” into your marketing campaign as this is what these frilly flyers are mostly about. While they are still good being as frisbees, their distinct appearance makes them the ultimate marketing giveaways. People always love things out of the usual, and frilly flyers like these ones definitely fit into that billing.

Custom frisbees and their importance

One would easily assume that a frisbee is just another wasteful item with no practical usage whatsoever. While that claim may hold some truth to it, the goods that a frisbee can give to people is more than enough to overshadow its shortcomings. For starters, frisbees are these circular items used mainly for amusement. More so, a game has been formed with the same name using these kinds of items and eventually it evolved into a legitimate sport that has been well-accepted due to the simplicity of the game. This is where custom frisbees can come in. They provide free items to people who want to try and play the game of frisbee and this allows them to sweat it out, too!

Speaking of sweat, the usefulness of custom frisbees could go as far as to providing physical fitness to whomever plays them. While a game of frisbee mainly revolves around catch and throw, it is still proven to be physical and distributing these marketing goodies gives your people a good reason to exercise once again. You see, with your frisbees, everybody can achieve that acceptable level of physical fitness once again.

Besides, these promotional frisbees are also good as primary means of recreation. Should your customers are feeling bored and all of that, they can just pick up the flyer and start playing with each other. It also fosters better ties among friends and family. An afternoon in the beach or park can be funnier with custom frisbees.

Pros of promotional frisbees

Frisbees are somewhat lurking in the dark when it comes to promotional items. They are being overshadowed by other known items like pens and mugs, but it doesn’t mean that they amount to nothing. In fact, frisbees would make great marketing giveaways, provided that you understand their features and use them to your advantage and in the end you will realize they might just be the marketing tools you are looking for this whole time.

1. Frisbees will be regarded by many, as these people want nothing more than to have something to play for during idle time and the number of people who seek for that particular demand is plenty. In this way, wider audience reach is guaranteed and your brand gets known in a quick and sudden manner.

2. Frisbees are the excellent canvas for your logo designs. They have a suitable imprint surface with a considerable amount of imprint space to give your branding elements a good fit. The custom frisbees are also available in distinct variants which widens your customization options even more. You can simply choose the variant that will perfectly match your branding theme.

3. The seemingly usefulness of frisbees makes them valuable items in your marketing events. Unlike other disposable items, custom frisbees will not be discarded right away as people can keep and use them. It also means that your brand gets continuous and long-term advertising.

4. Custom frisbees are incredibly cheap, and if you are looking for customer-friendly and results-oriented yet affordable marketing merchandise, then custom frisbees are your best choice.

5. The custom frisbees that we offer are very compact, portable, and therefore they can be easily given out. As for the recipients, they can also carry the frisbees anywhere they please and that lets your brand reach different places as well.

6. The manner by which frisbees are being used is another big advantage, as they let your distinct logo designs hover above, susceptible to everybody from below. This gives your brand the exposure that other items may or will never give you.

Order your custom frisbees now!

Whenever there is a talk regarding promotional items, it is safe to consider that custom frisbees are the dark horses. They present compelling marketing advantages yet somehow they are being overlooked by other marketing methods. That is why it is imperative that you utilize these remarkable marketing advantages. One is you get to be the first and two, you will be remembered. Not only that distributing promotional frisbees will allow you to cover wide expansive audience reach because they are a catch-all items to all demographics in your market. If you are aiming to soar the popularity of your brand, then customized frisbees is the way to go!

What are you waiting for? Call us at 877-272-6337 and order custom frisbees right away! They are unique and very much innovative forms of marketing that is sure to turn many heads toward your brand. They are also cost-effective, and you won’t be needing to spend a fortune ever again to launch your brand and make it a respectable marketing commodity. Let your brand reach to the top with ease. Pick up your phone now, and start flying these things and let your brand soar to popularity!

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