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Personalized Garment Bags with Custom Logo

Promote your business with promotional garment bags with logo. Shop now!

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#100249 - Non-Woven Garment Bags - Coat
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#131761 - Garment Bag
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#131762 - PolyPro Garment Bag
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#135065 - Compact and Foldable Garment Bag
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#135765 - Uptown Nylon Garment Bag
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#138296 - Extra Long Garment Bag (47")
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#71288 - Liberty Bags Double Handle Garment Bag
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#245140 - Branded Garment Bags
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#245766 - Customized Compartment Garment Bags
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Why choose customized garment bags for advertising your brand?

The beauty of the 21st century can be seen in how much more convenient it is to cross over oceans, mountains, and deserts through the innovations of flight and travel. Back then, those who traveled long distances on planes and ships were doing it out of necessity or because they were loaded rich. But thank the heavens that this isn't the case anymore today. If you've got wanderlust (which millions of today's generation certainly do), then personalized garment bags make a great accessory for your travels. What business owners have realized with the coming of the wave of wanderlust-ers is that if they are to boost their brand awareness to all parts of the world, then the ideal giveaway is one that also literally goes around the world. Customized garment bags strut around airports, train stations, bus terminals-- anywhere that's got loads of people passing through. It's the perfect scenario! Think: global brand marketing and advertising. All that and more with this simple yet effective customizable promotional product.

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Custom garment bags address the frustrating problem of opening up your suitcase to crumpled and bunched up clothing. It kinda takes the thrill of traveling away a bit 'cause when you arrive at your destination's lodging, the first thing that pops into your head is, "I need an iron" instead of thinking about where you'll explore or visit first. What a pain, right? Often times, we think twice about bringing some of our favorite clothes with us because they are made of easily wrinkled material. Without your printed garment bags, it would be such a hassle choosing outfits that won't crumpled even when you already have the appropriate clothing in mind.

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These customized garment bags isn't limited to traveling. The great thing about this giveaway garment bags is its usefulness. They're great for using at home. It's also a dilemma of storing clothes when the seasons change. Putting away clothes that you won't need to use for several months in boxes and bags is troublesome-- especially when you need to take them out for a trip or for some emergency use. But if you store your winter or summer clothes in logo garment bags , they can remain clean, dry, and unwrinkled! It's easier to look through them too, once you need to use these clothes. All around the world, these garment bags with logo are appreciated and loved. Grasp this opportunity to go global and order garment bags in bulk now!

Personalized Garment Bags

Most people wear separate clothes for business and office work. Most of them want their suits to be properly ironed when attending formal occasions. In order to do this, they need to consider good garment bags. When attending social events or business meetings, people would want to maintain the quality of their suit or coat. Garment bags works like a luggage. The only difference is that you cannot pack all your clothes on the bag. Doing this would put too much stress on the seams and may damage the bag. Likewise, your clothes might get more wrinkles which is what you do not want to happen.

Packing your suits ot tuxedos can be an issue with most other bags. They tend to get wrinkled and dirty during a trip. These are large sized apparel that requires utmost care while storing or when in transport. Bulk garment bags have straps that keep your garments in place especially when you hang them up. Some of them have zippers to make it easier for the user. They are made from nylon and cotton with inner linings. Garment bags are more preferred compared to a luggage especially when the trip is only for a couple of nights.

Imprinted garment bags are most ideal for dressy clothes. Their main feature is that they are lightweight, convenient, and easy to transport. Small sized garment bags may carry around 3 to 4 business attires while the larger ones may hold around 6 to 7 clothes. They also have compartments for your toiletries, business documents, or other travel essentials.Some of them can even be checked-in as a carry-on baggage.

For a frequent traveler, garment bags offer a great deal of convenience. First of all, it frees you from having to stand in a long line to claim your baggage. Aside from that, you do not need to unpack garment bags when you reach your hotel. You just have to hang them in the closet and that's it. You are ready to proceed with whatever is planned for the day.

The best thing about promotional garment bags is that they protect your clothes from outside agents. Aside from preventing them from getting wrinkled, they also protect your clothes from dirt, moisture, and other elements that can damage your clothes. With a garment bag, you do not have to worry about seeing all your clothes bunched up and wrinkled when unpacking them. While you could easily have it ironed or pressed, it can only add to the pressure which could be reduced by a garment bag.

There are different kinds of carry on garment bags in the market today. Before going out to buy one, you must first decide on what kind of clothes you will be carrying. They are made from different materials such as polyester, mesh, or rubber. Most of these bags are designed to meet specific needs and budegt of customers. Whatever is your style or personality, there will surely be a bag that is right for you.It is easier to find the best one these days.

Common Uses of Garment Bags

For someone who frequently travels for business, travel garment bags will surely give them a huge sigh of relief.When attending business conferences or meetings, we always to look good by wearing well-ironed suits or coats. Wearing neat and straight clothes can help you make a good impression on possible customers. This is not simply possible with an ordinary travel bag. However, with a garment bag, your clothes will remain neat and wrinkle free no matter how long your trip is. Your clothes are put on hangers so it will always look well-ironed and pressed.

Best garment bags have wired hangers where you can put your clothes on. You can hang your sports jackets, suits, or blouses on these bags. You are assured that your clothes will remain straight and neat. For best results, you can wrap your clothes on plastic bags to further protect them from disturbances.These bags have zippers to further increase the capacity of the bag.

Another helpful use of a garment bag is that it Keeps you from waiting in a long line to claim your baggage. At the same time, it will be easy for your baggage to be inspected.Best of all, it can free you from havong to pay excessive airport-related fees.

Why buy personalized garment bags?

Hanging garment bags offer convenience when carrying your clothes for business travel. It can greatly reduce the cost you will have to pay for airport fees or travel expenses. But there are more reasons to buy personalized garment bags than that:

1. Garment bags make an excellent giveaway item. If you have an employee or customer who loves to travel, they will surely appreciate receiving the garment bag. Likewise, you can hand them out during a corporate event or tradeshow.

2. These bags can provide you with an effective advertising medium. You can capitalize on their wide imprint area by adding your corporate logo or slogan. Garment bags will be carried during travel so your brand will surely be seen and remembered.

3. As an advertising medium, garment bags are more affordable compared to newspaper or television advertisements. For a little less than what you will spend on a television commercial or a newspaper advertisement, garment bags can promote your brand to a wide range of customers.

4. Plastic garment bags will be used on a daily basis so you can look forward to getting continuous exposure for your brand. Whenever customers use the garment bag during their travel, they will have a high regard for your brand.

5. Personalized garment bags can be purchased in bulk. As a result, you can give them out to as many customers as possible. You do not even have to worry if they are not consumed in one day, just store them in your warehouse or stock room. Then take them out again during your next campaign.

6. At Branders, we offer the lowest price in the market. We have a variety of garment bags for you to choose from. So whether its for your client, employee, or for your personal use, we have the right garment bag that suits your need. But despite the low cost, the quality is not compromised.

Traveling carries a wide range of stress and hassles if not planned properly. With our wholesale garment bags, you are assured of a worry and stress free trip. Considering personalized garment bags for advertisng truly makes sense for your business. Despite the minimal investment, you can look forward to receiving huge returns in a short period of time. Take action now! Call our toll free number at (844) 806-1306 and place your orders now.

Where Did Garment Bags Come From?

From the beginning, there had been different kinds of travel bags that appeared. The earliest forms were the satchels from the Egyptians. There were also pouches and messenger bags recorded in ancient societies. Another early form is the rucksack or knapsack (now called a backpack), which denotes a simole sack thrown over the shoulder. They were made of animal skin and were used by hunters for carrying game. Today, they are used by students who carry their books to school in the same manner.

But suitcases really started with the introduction of wooden chests during the Middle Ages. Simple with heraldic designs, they were used principally for stoage but were used by aristocratic families during their travels. During the 14th century, a lighter traveling chest or bahut came out. It had a wooden frame covered in canvas or leather. They had rounded lids and had several compartments.

In the nineteenth century, baggages became enormous in their sizes. During this period, the hinged Gladstone bag came out. Another large bag that carried all was the duffel bag, named after a town in Belgium where its thick cloth was manufactured. There were also the carpet bags, which got its name from the patches of oriental carpets from which they came. These bags can be opened to form a rug, which protects travelers from draughty trains.During this time, top-end baggages such as the La Maison Goyard and Louis Vuitton emerged.

Heading to the 20th century, travelers found themselves having lesser servants to carry their luggage as well as minimal space in automobiles and airplanes for storing their baggage. In the light of this, American Tourister came out with a lightweight luggage during the Great Depression in the early 1930s. Another popular luggage brand during this time was Samsonite, created by Jesse Shwayder in 1910.

As people brought more and more personal things during their travel, there is now a trend for coming up with specialized luggages for carrying these things. Now, we can see garment bags wholesale, camera cases, laptop bags, and others. A Russian company is currently working on developing a robot suitcase that will follow its owner with the help of gyroscopes, ultrasound, and light detectors to help avoid objects. Who knows? Time will come when suitcases would no longer be needed when traveling.

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