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Personalized Matches with Custom Logo

Promote your business with promotional matches with logo. Shop now!

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Custom Matches with Personalized Logo
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Why choose customized matches for advertising your brand?

Matches have come a long way since their first introduction nearly a thousand years ago. Did you know that the word "match" originally referred to the cord used to light old matchlock type rifles and canons? Before matches were introduced, people would have to rely on focusing lenses, which were unreliable and weather dependent, or striking together flint and steel, which was time consuming and tiresome, to start a fire. Unfortunately, the first matches that were invented were usually dangerous, having been made from volatile chemicals and compounds like phosphorous, asbestos and sulfur. These chemical matches were also quite expensive and impractical to use. Eventually, innovations and the use of different material allowed for the creation of the friction match which was made from safer and cheaper substances and only needed to be struck off a special or rough surface to light up. This is the type of match by which modern safety matches are derived from.

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Now, personalized matches have several qualities that make them an excellent promo item. These personalized matches are quite cheap and are easily bought in bulk. This means that you can easily give a box of printed matches to any customer or visitor to your business. Because they're compact, they can be kept in bags, pockets or cabinets without any hassle. Of course, matches provide you with a instant source of flame and illumination wherever you go. Whether its starting a bonfire, lighting a cigarette, exploring a dark area, or getting your barbecue grill going, you'll find that matches have a myriad of uses. This makes promotional matches a perfect gift and giveaway item for restaurants, bars, casinos, hotels, resorts, and many other hospitality and entertainment venues or tradeshow.

Here at Branders, we offer you a wide array of matches with logo that are customizable for your business. You can pick different types, sizes and quantity of custom matches and choose the color and design you want for the boxes. We ensure that our customized matches are safe to use and durable. Our printed matches are an excellent promotional product especially for business owners of bars, restaurants, casinos, hotels and outdoor and survival gear stores. People will be having your giveaway matches handy when they're starting a BBQ or backyard cookout, going camping or engaging in an outdoor activity or when they need to relax and light up their favorite pipe or cigarette.

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So why not light up your next marketing campaign by purchasing matches in bulk? Get this wonderful and versatile merchandise by calling our toll free number at 877-272-6337. We have specially trained sales representatives prepared to answer your calls and ensure you are content 100% with our products and service. Dial now!


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