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Personalized Oven Mitts with Custom Logo

Promote your business with promotional oven mitts with logo. Shop now!

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Personalized Oven Mitts with Custom Logo
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Why choose customized oven mitts for advertising your brand?

The kitchen is one of the most accident-prone areas in the house. From minor cuts to severe burns, you can expose yourself to all kinds of accidents. To ensure your safety in the kitchen, you are better off using personalized oven mitts when cooking. They are made from silicone which is a heat-resistant material. Originally, they were made out of heavy cloth and shaped like a hand. However, they had to be made from fairly thick material to block most of the heat. In the case of silicone oven mitts with logo, they can withstand extreme temperatures between -55 to 300 degrees.

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Oven mitts in bulk have been in use for more than 1,000 years for a variety of purposes. It was developed by Francis Mitts in 1884. He invented the mitt in order to protect his young daughter from getting singed while helping out in the kitchen. The customized oven mitt he created was then made of heavily insulated mittens but now they are made from heat-resistant material. Silicone was the material of choice because it is durable, waterproof and stain proof. Aside from that, they provide a better grip than fabric gloves.

Giving out promotional oven mitts as a giveaway item is an appealing proposition. Since they promote home safety, they can give you an opportunity to build up your brand to your target recipients. As a promotional product, they provide enough imprint space for adding your corporate logo or company name. So while the customer is in the kitchen cooking their food, your logo will be visible and remembered by them. The important thing is to ensure that the imprint is large enough to be seen even from a distance. As a promo item, printed oven mitts will promote your brand to potential customers. They make an excellent gift to restaurant owners as well as to catering entrepreneurs.

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Grab the attention of your potential customers with custom oven mitts. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, they will not cost as much as what you will spend on television and newspaper advertisements. In a tough and competitive industry, oven mitts can help you keep up with the competition. So go ahead call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 and see what difference it can make on your business. Take your brand to the next level with oven mitts with logo. After all, promoting your business need not be a stressful venture on your part. Buy customized oven mitts today!



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