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Personalized Pencil Cases with Custom Logo

Promote your business with promotional pencil cases with logo. Shop now!

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Personalized Pencil Cases in Bulk
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Why choose customized pencil cases for advertising your brand?

With a lot of promotional devices available in the market right now, it is hard to choose which particular product will promote your business to the fullest extent and you still have to take into consideration what are the current needs and wants of the people that are also constantly changing. But if there is one thing that is permanent is that people, for the majority of their lives, spend time in school or in office. If you can manage to dwell into that sense, then you are off to a great start. Including personalized pencil cases in your advertising strategies have lots of advantages that will be essential in boosting the profitability of your business and not to mention, you are providing great solutions in this society that is greatly associated with study and work.

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There are a lot of marketing merchandise in the trade, featuring a variety of uses as people views them. Some are really functional, while the others are being used as display or being kept as keepsakes. But what really separates these custom pencil cases among the rest is that they offer so much. These pencil cases with logo are the ultimate gift and giveaway ideas in your marketing affairs to market your product and services. They provide ample spaces for the customization of your company name and logo which are all important in the effective portrayal of your brand. Our promotional pencil cases are also available in a variety of assortments that are excellent for giving your customers everything that they need and want. This also allows you to choose which particular item will perfectly fit with your branding theme. Besides, these printed pencil cases are reasonably priced that you won't have to worry about exhausting your budget.

The biggest advantage of these customized pencil cases is that they are very useful, especially in school and office sectors of your market. These remarkable giveaway pencil cases are known to keep all those pens, pencils, and other writing instruments in place with ease, and this eliminates the ugly sight of them being scattered around in a pile of mess. Because these personalized pencil cases are being used on a regular basis, every person that will happen to pass by will get a constant and clear view of your logo which adds up more advertising to your brand.

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Personalized pencil cases are excellent souvenir items in trade shows, corporate events, conferences, bookstores, and more, and giving them to your customers will show how much you are appreciative of them and in turn, they will have useful items to rely on. For your orders on pencil cases in bulk, questions, or concerns, call us at 877-272-6337.

Personalized Pencil Cases

School life is one of the stages that every individual passes through. In this stage of life, they learn valuable skills such as counting numbers, writing, reading, and others. Part of their preparation includes choosing the school accessories they will use. One of the school items they excitedly select are personalized pencil cases. As the name implies, these items are used to store pencils. Aside from that, they may also contain other accessories such as a sharpener, pens, erasers, or scissors.

There are different kinds of pencil cases that thrive in the market today. They can come in the form of pouches or can be made of leather. Some are made of metal others from plastic. With a variety of options to choose from, you are sure to find the right case that suits your taste. Custom pencil cases are attractive as a giveaway item because it can help students organize their pens and other items. As a result, it can make your desk become cleaner and conducive for work or studying.

But logo pencil cases are not just for the students. Even employees will find these items quite helpful to them. Personalized pencil cases will prevent your pencils, erasers, rulers, and other stuff from lying around your desk. These items are small enough to fit into your bags or drawers. They will not eat up a lot of space on your desk or study table.
,br> But more than just being an item for storing pencils and other essential school items, customized pencil cases have been utilized as an advertising medium nowadays. The effectiveness of these items lies on the fact that they will be used on a daily basis. They will be constantly shared, borrowed, and passed around ensuring the continued visibility of your brand.

Pencil cases with logo cone in a variety of styles and materials to choose from. They can be made from wood, leather, plastic, and others. They also include different storage options such as for erasers, sharpeners, and rulers. These options can be located at the front or the back side of the pencil case. Bulk pencil cases also have other features such as built-in sharpeners or an area for writing names and other details. The latter is more preferred by parents. Another attractive feature of pencil cases in bulk is customization. They can be personalized with the favorite color or cartoon character of the child.

For some children, printed pencil cases are prized possessions. Kids often want these items as a gift for their birthday or during Christmas. Imprinted pencil cases are also used by office workers to keep their supplies organized in one place. These items will usually store scissors, highlighters, pens, staplers, and others. Promotional pencil cases are common fixtures as a giveaway item during corporate events or even back to school promos. These items will be appreciated by both young and old people. They are made from durable and quality materials so you can use them longer.

What are the common uses of personalized pencil cases?

Pencil cases are designed to organize office and school items in one place instead of having them lie around in your study table or desk. Logo pencil cases are great giveaway items for back to school promos or corporate events. If you are supporting a noble cause such as for street children or out-of-school youth, a great way to beef up and gain support for your cause is by giving away pencil cases with logo. This way, you can also create an impression on potential customers.

If you want to drive traffic to your business or website, personalized pencil cases have proven to be an excellent promotional material. You can capitalize on their wide imprint area by adding your company logo or brand name on these items. Cheap pencil cases are used by students, employees, accountants, and others so your logo or brand name will be seen all the time. For this reason, they will have a good impression of your business and customers will have a high regard for your brand. Who knows? You can find them at your doorsteps inquiring about your brand.

Where Did Personalized Pencil Cases Come From?

Today, pencil cases are used by students and employees alike for carrying pens, pencils, erasers, and others depending on the size. These items have been around for over 200 years. Although they have a functional purpose, pencil cases have had elaborate design and were made from metals such as silver or ivory.

While the pencil cases of today were rectangular in shape, early pencil cases were round or cylindrical. In the mid-1800s, sterling silver pencil cases were manufactured in London to house telescoping pencils. At the same time, wooden and metal pencil cases were also being made in China and exported to other parts of the world. The 1950s saw banks producing pencil cases with their names to be handed out as gifts to customers.

In 1946, the first patent for a pencil case was given in the United States. It was received by Verona Pearl Amoth who was also responsible for other inventions such as replaceable pencil erasers. Her pencil case was designed to keep pencils from wearing holes in clothes and also to protect the points of the pencil. She applied for a patent for the All-Purpose Utility Pencil Case on October 12, 1944 and it was granted on December 24, 1946.

Amoth's pencil case was designedto hold 6 pencils, which were inserted into individual slots in the end of the case allowing an eraser to protrude from the case. The case did not open but instead the pencil were pulled out from the end. With this design, the case would have to be carried in the upright position for the pencils to stay in place. The case also had a stand for holding it upright on a desk or table. There was no room in the case for loose erasers or other writing implements and accessories.

The first pencil case was invented around 1880 by Lothar von Faber. It was an exclusive handcrafted traveling case where his pencils were beautifully displayed. In today's society, pencil cases fall under two categories. They could either be used by students for carrying pencils, pens, and erasers and other writing accessories or it could be used for protecting luxury or high-end pens.Expensive pencils such as Mont Blanc, Waterman, or Cross often comes with a case when purchased. There are also elaborate individual cases for collectors to display or protect their valuable pencils.

Why buy personalized pencil cases?

1. They help organize your school and office supplies. Custom pencil cases can help put your pencils, pens, highlighters and other essentials into one place.
2. They can be customized. Pencil cases in bulk have a wide imprint area that you can customize with your company logo or brand name. Pencil cases will be used on a daily basis so your brand will be seen regularly.
3. They are affordable. As an advertising medium, bulk pencil cases do not cost as much as newspaper advertisements or television commercials. The traditional mediums of advertising have become too costly for many businesses. You can buy pencil cases in bulk and reach as many customers as possible.
4. They come in different varieties. Pencil cases bulk comes in a plethora of choices to choose from. Both young and old people use them. For this reason, you can choose the most suitable case for your needs.
5. Promotional pencil cases are excellent giveaway items. Use them as a back-to-school freebie or as a birthday or Christmas gift. Whatever goal you want to achieve, there will be wholesale pencil cases that is right for you.
6. Branders is a haven for finding a wide collection of printed pencil cases. Our items have the lowest price in the market. Order these awesome pencil cases from our account managers and make your brand stand out in the competition. Call now to avail of these items.

Kids just love customized pencil cases. When school is about to resume and it is time to buy accessories again, one of the very first things that children would look for are custom printed pencil cases. The decorative ones are the most attractive for them. Likewise, they look for cool pencil cases with their favorite cartoon characters on them. Mind you, pencil cases wholesale are not just for kids. Even those who work in the office use them for organizing their stuff. No wonder many businesses have capitalized on the practicality of cheap pencil cases bulk as their advertising medium. Compared to the common promotional tools, pencil cases wholesale require only a minimal investment. In return, you can look forward to receiving huge returns for your business. So if you are still having second thoughts about the power of unique pencil cases for promoting your business. you are missing a lot. So what are you waiting for? Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 and order these cute pencil cases NOW.

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