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Personalized Robes with Custom Logo

Promote your business with promotional robes with logo. Shop now!

Lowest Price Match Guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. On-Time Shipment Guarantee.
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Personalized Robes with Custom Logo for Giveaways
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Why choose customized robes for advertising your brand?

If you're looking for a brand new item to liven up your promotions, choose a unique item that you're sure people need and will always use. One of such items is the bath robe. Recognize the opportunity: bath robes are items that are used by almost everybody, and thus, are a sure fire way to promote your brand. If you're willing to rise up to the challenge of finding new and creative ways to market your brand name—this very versatile and in-demand promo item might just be the one you need. Personalized robes come in all types, and there's sure to be one to fit your current, or your next promotional campaign! With these customized robes, there's no need to look further for good merchandise material. It's this one, right here, right now.

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You see, bath robes are reminiscent of luxury. Usually made from absorbent textiles, they are worn right after a shower or a bath, to dry the body while also effectively covering it up. When it comes to picking your custom robes, the important thing to consider is the fabric used. The ones made of cotton are especially absorbent, due to the hydrophilic nature of its components. Silk robes are thinner and more lightweight, and are very soft to the touch. They are perfect as dressing gowns, since they do not absorb water as much. Microfiber robes are typically made of cellulose or polyester to maximize breathability and water absorption. Velour robes are made with terrycloth inside, since terry is more absorbent of water. These robes with logo are optimally designed for comfort and ease, and so, unsurprisingly, it has a big market—ready and ripe for you to tap into. You will do well to take advantage of this market, and start using printed robes as a fresh, innovative promotional product.

Here at Branders.com, we're sure to have just the right giveaway robes for your marketing needs. All of the features that make personalized robes a popular apparel are present in the ones in our collection. Our promotional robes come with a lot of features, in all colors and designs. They come in all kinds of styles: shawls, kimono, and hooded. Personalize them all you want to fit the event you may be using them for—tradeshow, convention, company party. These allow you more effective brand recognition and higher sales for your business! They can make great gifts or incentives to employees and customers, or can be a giveaway during corporate shows. No matter what, it's a win-win for you!

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Call our toll free line now to talk to our dedicated account managers to find the perfect robes in bulk that will match you and your brand!

What are the types of imprinted robes can you purchase and customize?

As you can see, we have several types of logo robes you can purchase for your business. They come different styles like kimonos and bath robes. They’re also available in various types of materials which significantly affect how you’ll use them. To help you pick the perfect type that you’ll personalize, here’s a short overview on what you’ll find on this page:

Terry Cloth Robe
These are an ideal choice for use after a bath or shower because they have a high absorbency rate. Terry cloth is basically cotton with uncut loops. Low quality terry cloth might have a rough feel, but high quality ones are soft and very comfortable. This has made them a very popular choice.

If you want an eco-friendly bulk robes, then these are a great choice! The material used to make them comes from bamboo grass. They’re very absorbent and have natural anti-bacterial properties that stays even after several washes.

Waffle Robes
These actually refer to the fabric used to make them. Basically, they’re robes made of cotton that has stitches forming a diamond pattern. They can come in several lengths and sizes and may actually come in other styles.

Velour Robes
Another often used material is cotton velour. They are softer than terry cloth and thus are great if you want a custom robe you can wear while relaxing at home. Unfortunately, they’re not as absorbent as terry cloth and shouldn’t be used in the bathroom

Microfiber Robes
We also have robes with logo that are made from synthetic materials. The microfiber used to create these clothing are quite durable and can take quite a beating while being able to retain their shape. They’re also resistant to staining!

What are the popular uses of Personalized Robes?

After a productive but tiresome day, people sure could use some R and R. For many Americans, robes are the clothing of choice while they relax! They’re worn by people as a bathrobe, a nightdress, a home gown or as spa or clinic garments. They’re comfortable to wear, very lightweight, easy to put on and are still able to keep you warm and protected from the elements. You can see why they make for such an excellent promotional product. To give you an idea on where and how you can utilize custom robes, here are a few examples:

1. Gift Item or Complementary Product
One of those that could take a huge advantage of these personalized robes would be spas, relaxation centers and hotels. These businesses can use these robes for two purposes. First, they can utilize them in their own services and give them to their customers to wear. These comfy clothing are sure to further accentuate the quality service your businesses provide! Spas can also choose to use them as a premium gift item to customers. As they are a high quality product, you can be certain that your customers would highly appreciate receiving them. They’d be better predisposed towards you and would be more likely to avail of your services in the future. Furthermore, if you’re planning to buy quite a few of these we have special discounts!

2. Souvenirs
If you’re looking for a premium and high quality souvenir item for your business, then these imprinted robes are a great choice! If you are a hotel, a tourist agency, an amusement park—or any industry that people regularly and occasionally visit—you can use these to further your business, because you can be sure that people will buy them from your store as a keepsake so they can be reminded of the lovely memories that you have been able to impart with them during their visit. You can also heavily customize them and place your company logo and design onto the fabric.

3. Incentive Item
Another great way to utilize these robes is offering them as a premium incentive item! These high quality clothing make for a great reward item for loyal customers who heavily patronize your business and merchandise. You can offer to hand them out for free to your clients once they spend a certain amount of money on your products. You can rest assured that your clientbase would be encouraged to spend more to be able to receive these excellent robes with logo. They’ll also love wearing these and use them quite often. Thus, they’ll often be reminded of your business.

5 excellent reasons why you should buy robes with logo

1. They are a catch-all item for all demographics. Whether they may be young, old, male, female, or whatever school, university, industry, or business they may come from—practically anyone can wear these cheap robes. This allows you to reach out to a great number of people, granting you an expansion of your potential clientele.

2. Although they are inclusive for all ages and all kinds of people, they can still be industry-specific. Use an imprint or design that can be considered as an inside joke for your target market. It will be so much easier to drive home brand recall for you when those who receive your merchandise can already make the connection between the item and the kind of services that you can offer. The themed patterns that come in different shapes would do the trick here!

3. The fact that all these outstanding apparel are fully customizable is an immensely good reason. Branders.com gives you the freedom of choice on whatever logo, design, message, or artwork you would like on the chosen products. You can be as creative as you want. Interesting imprints add plus points for you because they are excellent conversation starters. We also provide a medley of customization services to help you design your giveaways perfectly. We even do free artwork enhancement.

4. All of our branded robes are made and designed for satisfaction! We’ve made sure that these robes are only made with high quality materials that ensures they are both extremely comfortable to wear and quite stylish.

5. No matter how many of these imprinted robes you order from us, you will definitely be quoted the lowest possible price for the quantity you want. All you have to do is dial our toll free hotline at 877-272-6337 to place your orders.

Trivia about robes and other garments

Still want to learn more about robes and their history? Here are a couple of facts we’ve unearthed that you might find interesting!

- The English word robe derives from Middle English robe ("garment"), borrowed from Old French robe ("booty, spoils"), itself taken from the Frankish word rouba ("spoils, things stolen, clothes"), and is related to the word rob.

- There are various types of robes, each worn for a particular occasion or practice. There are academic robes worn as part of the regalia of faculty and students. These are often worn for ceremonial occasions. There are also robe gowns worn by judges and barristers. They’re also worn by royalty. Then there are religious ceremonies and customs that have priests and monks wearing robes.

- One of the most famous types of robe is the kimono. It is an integral part of Japanese custom and are lovingly and expertly made. The word "kimono" roughly translates to “thing to wear” as “ki” means wear and “mono” means thing in Japanese.

- Buddhist monks are also famous for sporting robes. Monks who follow the Theravadan tradition of Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Thailand wear plain saffron or ochre robes. These monks wear these simple robes in emulation of the Buddha's humble garb and to represent their own detachment from the physical world in their pursuit of enlightenment.

- The robes of Mahayana (Northern) Buddhist monks, on the other hand, varies considerably, due mainly to geography and climate. In paintings, the founders of many East Asian Buddhist sects are commonly depicted wearing beautifully embroidered and brocaded silk robes. However, the monks of many of the schools of China, Korea and Japan generally wear more austere robes, with a simple cloth collar suspended around their necks.

- Chinese and Korean monks wear brown, grey or blue; Japanese monks wear black or grey robes. In Japan, a type of prayer robe known as a kesa is worn over the regular robes. Kesa are usually patched together with scraps of fine silk brocade in imitation of the Buddha's patchwork robes. Like those of a mandala, the geometric patterns are said to symbolize the universe.

- The most elaborate Buddhist robes are found in Tibet and throughout the Himalayas, in the esoteric form of Buddhism known as Vajrayana. Like Tibetan Buddhist art, Tibetan Buddhist robes tend to be very colorful.

- As portrayed in so many works of art, royalty often wore robes in their regalia. There are different types of robes – some are meant to be worn by kings during their crowning ceremony. Others are meant when the leader is presiding over a religious ceremony. And there are also robes prescribed for dinner or when the king has to meet with envoys and dignitaries.


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