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Personalized Stirrers with Custom Logo

Buy personalized stirrers with promotional logo for marketing giveaways.

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Personalized Stirrers with Custom Logo
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Why choose bulk stirrers for advertising your brand?

Personalized stirrers are made for a very specific purpose, and as trivial as that purpose may seem to some people, that doesn't take away from the fact that they have a purpose, and thus, will not be disregarded. Just imagine a world without these little custom stirrers! We'd always have to use teaspoons instead--and that, quite frankly, is a more expensive (and kinda bulky) option. But you have nothing to fear, in case you want these promotional stirrers as your promotional product. To capitalize on them, you just have to remember two very important things: you want to use them at the most opportune time, and you want to go for the unique type of promo stirrer.

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This is where we come in. Our customized stirrers come in all shapes and lengths. Some are designed to light up, some are made to have a small rectangular or circular space on one end where you could have your logo imprinted; some are a combination of both. You can also select the material you prefer: wood or plastic. The plastic ones are reusable, so those who receive these will always see your brand name every time they have a cup of joe, or make a glass of juice. You are also free to pick a color that you feel matches your brand the best. Go for the imprinted stirrers that you think would suit your promotional campaign, or that would fit the message that you’re trying to convey.

Bulk stirrers are staples for businesses such as bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. Establishments such as this would most benefit from having a promo item that their customers could use inside and outside the establishment--inside, to create solid brand presentation, and outside, as promotional merchandise. But aside from those establishments, printed stirrers would make for a perfect giveaway during events! Especially ones where there is free flowing coffee. As long as there's coffee, stirrers would be in demand! You can have them during corporate conferences, a meeting, tradeshow, or convention. There really will be stirrers used for these occasions, so might as well have your logo on them, right?

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When choosing the actual custom stirrers to imprint your logo on, it is important to choose ones that make a difference. Especially when distributing reusable stirrers, you should not hesitate to choose ones that your customers will remember you for. Choose a stirrer that they'd want to keep. Call our toll-free hotline now, to talk to our friendly and dedicated managers. They can help you choose the one that can give your business the boost you want!


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