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Personalized Tissues with Custom Logo

Promote your business with promotional tissues with logo. Shop now!

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Personalized Tissues in Bulk with Printed Logo
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Why choose customized tissues for advertising your brand?

We will never know when it gets messy in our daily lives, and so it is important to keep a supply of tissues to wipe off those unwanted dirt that touches us. With a great need of tissues also comes a marketing opportunity for you! Help your customers to combat dirt by giving out your personalized tissues. This giveaway will be loved by everybody, as people tend to keep themselves at the cleanest. With this promotional product, you are contributing to the overall cleanliness of the society but more importantly, you get to promote your business. Just a handful of tissues with logo, and your brand will surely reach extra miles.

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Considering the large-scale use of this merchandise, this customized promo item is the avenue you are looking for to advertise your brand into widespread audience. Tissues main material is made solely for cleaning purposes and as a person, everyone would want to keep their bodies and stuff clean at all times. Besides, who wants to look like a walking mess anyway? Exactly! Which is why custom tissues is the way to advertise your brand. Compared to other marketing giveaways, printed tissues are practically useful. They can be brought anytime, anywhere, to fight that annoying dirt. If you are looking to boost brand awareness among your audience, give them something that they will find useful.

This promotional product is the ultimate marketing giveaway. With its renowned usefulness, they are perfect to give away in various events, especially where it tends to get messy. Customized tissues will greatly advertise your brand in occasions such as birthday parties, Christmas parties, and even corporate events where food is overwhelming. Guests will surely remember your brand, as they were able to keep themselves clean because of you. This giveaway is also useful in your customers' daily lives. In homes, schools, offices, or just about anywhere, it is important to have that item that they can rely on when exposed to dirt. Overall, tissues rock!

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In your next tradeshow event, no marketing gift can ever promote your business as effective as promotional tissues. They are compact and useful, and giveaway tissues can really, really provide powerful advertising to your brand, as people won't be able to resist item as useful as such. Call the toll-free number at 877-272-6337 to place your orders on tissues in bulk. Our sales representatives will be pleased taking your call. Pick up the phone, and clean up the competition with personalized tissues!

Personalized Tissues

Many people take personalized tissues for granted. You might not know it but these pieces of paper can be a life saver. Let us say you accidentally bumped into a person carrying soda and spills into your clothes. How will you remove the mess? As such, it always pay to carry around a supply of tissues. These items will also come in handy for getting the phone number of a girl with whom you have an attraction.

Custom tissues are produced on a paper machine that has a single large stream heated drying cylinder fitted with a hot air hood. The raw material being used is paper pulp. To make the paper stick, the yankee cylinder is sprayed with adhesives. Creping is done by the doctor blade which scrapes the dry paper off the cylinder surface. The crinkle is controlled by the strength of the adhesive, geometry of the doctor blade, speed difference between the yankee and final section of the paper machine and paper pulp characteristics.

Types of Personalized Tissues

There are different kinds of logo tissues available in the market today and here they are:

1, Hygienic Tissue Paper. This is commonly used for facial tissues, napkins, bathroom tissues, and household towels. They have been used for hygienic purposes for centuries but the tissue paper we know today was not produced in the United States before the mid-1940s.

2. Facial Tissues. As the name implies, these are personalized tissues designed for use on the face. They are soft, absorbent, and disposable. They are usually sold in boxes and are designed to facilitate the expulsion of nasal mucus from the nose.
,br> 3. Paper Towels. These tissues are made from paper instead of cloth. They are disposable and designed for use only once. They soak up in water because they are loosely woven allowing water to travel between them. They can be either individually packed or in rolls.

4. Wrapping Tissues. Designed for wrapping and cushioning items, they come in individual sheets or in sets of 25,40, or 50. They are translucent and thin and can be used for a variety of creative purposes.

5. Toilet Tissues. Toilet tissue or paper serve the purpose of cleaning the anus to remove fecal material after defecation or for removing droplets of urine from the genitals after urination acting as protective layer for the hands. They are sold in either one, two, or three ply and even thicker.

6. Table Napkins. Table napkins can be from one to four plies as well as in a variety of qualities, sizes, folds, colors, and patterns depending on intended use and prevailing fashion.

Aside from these tissues, there have been varieties of specialty tissues used in the packing industry. They are used for various purposes such as wrapping and packing items, as cushion for fragile items, shoe and bag stuffing, among others. They are generally printed with the name and brand of the manufacturer which enhances the look and aesthetic appeal of the product.

What are the common uses of personalized tissues?

1. Customized tissues have been used in the field of arts and crafts such as in making collage, mosaics, paper mache and decoupage.

2. Tissues with logo are also used in making ornaments, garlands, paper flowers, paper sculpture, and pomps for parade floats.

3. Stuff them with candy and sweets and close the two ends to create a candy popper.

4. Put peanut butter and roll in bird seed. Position them outside and you have an easy but cheap bird feeder.

5. Create a musical instrument by covering one opening with paper or fabric then filling the tube with 1/4 full of beans or rice and covering the other opening.
,br> 6. Use them for storing paint brush or gluestick.

More importantly, bulk tissues have been effectively used as a promotional product. They will be used in homes, offices, or during corporate events. By adding your logo on tissues in bulk, your brand will surely be seen and easily remembered whenever customers use them. They do not cost as much as newspaper advertisements or television commercials.

Where Did Personalized Tissues Come From?

The original tissue papers came from Japan. It was first introduced to Western culture in the 17th century. It was first mass produced in 1924 by Kimberly Clark, an American company. It was called Kleenex and was initially used to remove cold cream and other make-ups. From there, it was used as a disposable form of nose-wiping. In 1928, Kleenex got the idea of making facial tissue by making colored or painted/printed tissue papers.

The toilet paper was first used by the Chinese about 1300 years ago before it found its way to the rest of the world. The first references to its use dates back to the 6th century Ad in the Chinese imperial courts and amongst the wealthy citizens of China. It eventually spread throughout China and by the 14th century, around ten million packages of toilet paper were being manufactured yearly in Zheijang province alone.

However, it did not catch on to the rest of the world for a while. It would not be until the late part of the 1800s when toilet paper would be introduced in America and England and it was not until the 1900s when indoor toilets became a commonplace that the toilet paper would find its way to the masses.

So what did people use before the toilet paper? It actually depended on the region, personal preference and wealth. The wealthy ones used hemp, lace, or wood. The poor often pooped in rivers and clean themselves with water, rags, wood shavings, leaves, hay, rocks, sand, moss, sea weed, apple husks, seashells, and whatever else they can see.

The Ancient Romans used a sponge on a stick that would sit in salt water and be placed back in the salt water when done. Ancient Greeks were more sanitary using stones and pieces of clay. For Americans, they used corn cobs and eventually, Sears and Roebucks, Farmers Almanac, and other catalogs. Farmers Almanac even had a hole so it could be easily hung in bathrooms.

Around 1857, Joseph Gayetty made the first commercially available toilet paper in the United States. His medicated paper for the water-closet was sold in packages of flat sheets that were moistened and soaked with aloe (this was 130 years ahead of his time as it was only in the 1990s that toilet paper companies began doing this). It was sold for about 50 cents for every 500-sheet pack. It was not quite popular because up to this point most people got their wiping materials for free from whatever was available.

Why buy personalized tissues?

Here are several reasons you should buy tissues in bulk:

1. They can be used during emergencies. We do not know when we can get involved in a messy situation. Having printed tissues on hand can save you from such circumstances. You can easily wipe off the mess.
2. They can be used for other purposes. Imprinted tissues are not just for wiping.You can use them for other purposes as well. They are great for packing and storing items too. In addition, they are also excellent as an emergency writing material.
3. They are handy and portable. Promotional tissues will fit nicely in bags, purses, and pockets so you can take them wherever you go.
4. They can be personalized. Imprinted tissues comes with a wide imprint area that you can customize with the design of your choice. For companies, you can add your company logo or brand name on pack of tissues.
5. Here at Branders, we are concerned about cleanliness and sanitation. Our multitude of custom tissue paper can help you during messy situations. They come in different styles and sizes so you can easily choose the right one that fits your advertising needs. Get them now from our account managers.
We do not know when we can find ourselves in a messy situation. We can suddenly bump into a person with food or drinks that spills into our clothes. Having personalized tissue packs on hand can help remedy this situation. Their usefulness and practicality are just two reasons for their effectiveness as an advertising medium. Tissue travel packs are portable items so your brand name or logo will be easily seen. Compared to the traditional mediums of advertising, they will not break your bank. They do not cost as much as what you will spend on newspaper advertisements or television commercials. In the long run, you can look forward to receiving huge returns for your business. You simply cannot go wrong with promotional tissue packs promoting your business. So go ahead! Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 NOW. Our account managers are on hand to take your call and deliver excellent customer service. After all, promoting your business need not be stressful on your part

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