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Personalized Wall Clocks with Custom Logo

Promote your business with promotional wall clocks with logo. Shop now!

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Personalized Wall Clocks with Custom Logo
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Why choose customized wall clocks for advertising your brand?

Everyone's always in a rush these days that it would be difficult to live in a world like a few centuries ago--back when all people could do to predict the time was through the sun's position. The hustle and bustle of our society today is dependent on this instrument which has been able to measure the amount of time we have from the cycle of the sun's rising until it sets and rises again--in simple words, our world would not survive without clocks to tell us at which point of twenty-four hours we are at. This is why wall clocks in bulk are popularly used for marketing campaigns as giveaway merchandise. These personalized wall clocks with logo are liberally imprinted with the business name of your company, and even other pertinent details. There's so much space on the face of a clock, you can't help but want to maximize it! For wall clocks that maintain one location, it acts like a beacon of light, because every person who occupies the same room it is in, will always gravitate towards looking at it. It'd be a constant reminder of your company. What more can you ask for in a customized promotional product?

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Other custom printed wall clocks come in smaller sizes, so they can be placed as near to you as you please. This promo item is flexible! There is also a wide variety of customizable clocks here. You can go for classic promotional wall clocks with logo, those that only tell the time. But there are other clocks that boast modern features such as show the date or come with a witty line, such as "Will Return". The uniquely designed kinds are good as a corporate gift as it oozes contemporary professionalism and can reflect well on your brand. There are, of course, minimalist designs too, that focus on color, spacing, or numbers. There is a plethora of selections for the clock's material as well. Plastic is durable and cost effective. Glass and metal are popular for their sharp and avant-garde look. Wood is still considered timeless. While rubber clocks are fun and casual, perfect for brands that want to try something different.

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The vast selection of quality products, the flexible imprint options, and the superb service will make picking your next custom advertising wall clocks a piece of cake. It's time for you to get custom wall clocks with your name on it out there! Get them now for your next tradeshow or corporate event. Call us at 877-272-6337 to place your orders!

Personalized Wall Clocks

Personalized wall clocks are always up for consideration when designing a home or office. They always seem to have a special place in the room. Nowadays, it seems that wall clocks are not just a simple timepiece. It has now become a form of statement representing your style, personality and taste. Likewise, it also reflects your sense of interior design and individuality.

Even with the dawn of digital clocks, custom wall clocks are still prominent. In schools, they are still used because they are helpful in teaching kids the proper way of telling time. Logo wall clocks use numbered faces and have minute and second hands. As mentioned, they are no longer just for telling time but also used as a decorative piece. They can add some life and color to a dull room.

Personalized wall clocks are generally governed by two types of movements namely a mechanical key wound or a quartz movement clock. The former, as the name implies, is mechanical and are powered or driven by either hanging weights or springs. They require keys to work. The latter, on the other hand, offers sophistication. Most of their features include the traditional chiming methods and requires less maintenance.

Most customized wall clocks run on AA batteries although recent innovations include automatic adjustment for daylight saving time. The more advanced ones have the ability to receive radio signals from standard global clocks which makes them as precise and accurate as possible.

Wall clocks with logo are available in different styles and shapes. They may involve different themes such as music, sports, cartoons, and others. Bulk wall clocks may also be designed for certain rooms in the house such as the kitchen or bathroom. They are made from different materials and may be large or small. The bottom line is that your choice will depend on your taste and budget.

In addition, you can also find decorative or ornamental wall clocks. These types are designed for style conscious individuals. Aside from elegantly cut glass case and pendulums, these types of wall clocks in bulk may also have gold rotating pendulums or may double as a calendar. There also religious wall clocks that features images of a religious figure or inspirational quotes or poems in the background. They usually come with Arabic or Roman numerals. Lastly, there are commercial wall clocks which are robust and sturdy and are designed for offices and commercial spaces.

Printed wall clocks are also excellent as a giveaway item. They are usually given as a gift during weddings or birthdays. These items have lately been used as an advertising medium. Since they will be prominently displayed on walls, company logos or brand names will surely be seen. When you include the contact number of your company, it is likely that the recipient will give you a call and inquire about your product. For this reason, many companies have capitalized on imprinted wall clocks as their advertising medium.

What are the common uses of personalized wall clocks?

Nowadays, promotional wall clocks are no longer just a timepiece. Recently, they have become a decorative item that adds style and elegance to a room in the house or office. They have now become a thing of beauty and value. Wall clocks have now become a medium for expressing one's style and personality. From one who is traditional to someone who is fun and funky, there is a proliferation of imprinted wall clocks to choose from that helps reflects one's personality and style.

For many businesses, wall clocks in bulk have given them a huge space for advertising their brand. These items will be displayed in prominent places so the visibility of their brand will be virtually assured. Personalized wall clocks have a wide imprint area that can provide a blank canvas for adding a company logo or brand name. With the traditional mediums of advertising now more expensive than ever, a wall clock offers an affordable alternative. Compared to newspaper advertisements or television commercials, wall clocks personalized cost less. You can buy them in bulk and reach as many customers as possible. The advertising opportunities are boundless with these items.

Where Did Personalized Wall Clocks Come From?

Clocks are interesting devices that are made in a variety of ways. they can be mechanical, digital, or even atomic. The first clocks were shadow clocks made by the Egyptians as well as sundials made by the Greeks. These clocks were used to mark the hours of the day. The shadow that is cast by the sun indicates the correct time. However, they only worked to the nearest hour. Aside from that, they were sun powered and as such did not work at night.

Next came the Clepsydra or water clock.These are large buckets filled with water and have a tiny hole cut in the bottom to let water through. Every hour was marked with a line as it passed. Once it was completed, the clock could be set and the time could be kept. However, as time passed by, a flaw was also discovered in the clock. Water flows at varying speeds depending on the temperature. thus it would freeze in the cold and evaporate when hot. To solve this problem, the Hourglass or Sand clock was invented.

Mechanical clocks came into the picture using weights that would slowly fall turning the hands of the clock. This was only possible in tall towers since the weights required great distance to effectively tell time for long periods. They usually lost only a couple of hours a day, which was really good for the time they were built. Some of them still work to this very day because of their excellent construction. Two examples are the one in England, the oldest built in 1386 and in France built in 1389.

In 1581, Galileo invented the pendulum, which served as the next big step in clocks. He found out that even if the clock would eventually run out of energy, it would remain accurate up to that point and the time the pendulum was reset. Lots of people love this type of clock and still use it today.

A problem arose in maintaining time out at sea. As they travel North and South sailors relied on the North Star to determine their location but this was a different story going East to West. This became apparent in 1707 when four ships crashed leading to the death of thousands. The British government offered twenty thousand pounds to the one who could build a clock that could accurately keep time at sea to avert the lost of lives.

In 1728, John Harrison began working on the clock. After thirty three years and building three clocks, his fourth clock was tested. A crew tested it on their way to Jamaica. After 161 days, they arrived and the clock was only five seconds off. John was given his reward when he was 79 years old.

Why buy personalized wall clocks?

1. They help tell time. This was the initial purpose of custom made wall clocks in the first place. They show you the time so you would not be late for any appointments or meetings that you may have.
2. They add appeal to the room where they are displayed. Over the years, a customizable wall clock has become a decorative item. Now, we can see them being matched with the furniture or color of the room making them stylish and appealing.
3. They make an excellent advertising medium. Customizable wall clocks have a huge imprint area for adding corporate logos or brand names. They will be displayed in prominent places so your logo will be easily seen.
4. They come in different varieties. Logo wall clocks are available in different shapes and sizes. They can also be designed for a certain theme. It is all up to you.
5. Branders offers a plethora of choices of wall clocks with logo for you to choose from. Our account managers can help you choose the right one according to your specifications.

Bulk wall clocks have given man a way of telling time since its inception. In turn, this has helped them develop the value of promptness. Nowadays, custom printed wall clocks have also served a decorative purpose. Houses or offices with these items will look stylish and valuable. Printed wall clocks have been used as a promotional medium as of late. Compared to other advertising techniques, they are more affordable. Custom printed wall clocks require only a minimal investment on your part. In the long run, you can look forward to receiving huge benefits for your business. Take your brand to the next level and give yourself some peace of mind when promoting your business. So don't just stand there. Make your move. Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337. Our account managers are on hand to take your call. From there, you can experience top notched customer service.

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