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Promotional Fly Swatters with Custom Logo

Promote your business with personalized fly swatters with logo. Shop now!

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Promotional Fly Swatters with Custom Logo
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Why choose customized fly swatters for advertising your brand?

What you want from a promotional product is high utilization. Based from our experience here at Branders.com, it's the useful promo item that can truly get your business the kind of visibility and marketing push that can be seen as noteworthy. Having said that, these promotional fly swatters are exactly what the doctor ordered for your next brand campaign. Get your name out there with a customizable giveaway like fly swatters with logo.

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Custom fly swatters have the advantage of being a staple in every household. Flies, particularly fruit flies, have the ability to detect fruits, vegetables, or meat even from far away. As long as food is made and handled in one's home, these pesky little buggers will make an appearance. It's not like you can just stop having food at home, right? It is this regular household problem which your company would be solving if you hand out giveaway fly swatters to fend of such pests. Budget isn't even an issue with these customized fly swatters. They are cost effective, especially if purchased in bulk, say, for a tradeshow or for company events. You spend a minimal amount for promo material that gets to be used often. People will greatly appreciate your promotional fly swatters, and they'll know who exactly to thank for it.

The ergonomic design of fly swatters makes them effective for catching these pesky flies. They consist of small holes in a lightweight plastic mesh and have a handle of about a foot long. Flies can easily detect changes in the air pressure around them. So if you had your hand, a book, or what have you coming right at them, they can evade it quickly as they are tipped off on the change of the air as you aim to get them. But the holes in the mesh of a fly swatter is designed to cause little disruption in the air, and the fly unknowingly gets caught by the swatter. It is also less painful for a person to use personalized fly swatters because instead of hitting them with a hand, holding the swatter by the handle allows a flick of the wrist to catch these pests conveniently.

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The quirky patterns and styles of printed fly swatters available here give you the freedom to select the design and the color that can match your brand perfectly. Call our toll free number now to order fly swatters in bulk!

Promotional Fly Swatters

We all hate flies. We get annoyed when they keep bugging us in our sleep. More so we do not want them jumping in to our soup or steak. In order to keep these pesky insects away, we need promotional fly swatters. But these items are not just for flies, they can also keep moths and mosquitoes away from your food. Fly swatters usually have small rectangular or round sheets made of lightweight, flexible, vented material attached to a lightweight wire or plastic handle 1 to 2 feet long.

So how do custom fly swatters do their work? The vented material of these items minimize the disruption of air currents which can be easily detected by the flies and allow it to escape. They also reduce air resistance making flies and other insects an easy target for logo fly swatters. The fly is killed by the swatter by crushing it against a hard surface. Some users can even kill the fly in mid-flight by whipping the swatter through the air at great speed.

Nowadays, you can find an electric fly swatter in the market. Compared to the manual logo fly swatters, the electric one increases your chances of capturing flies. It looks like a badminton racket with a wired grid that can be activated by pressing a button on the handle and is battery operated. Another advantage of an electronic fly swatter is that it keeps your hand from getting injured. Aside from that, personalized fly swatters can cause wrist strain which could sometimes lead to arthritis and other problems.

You need extra caution with an electric bug swatter. .Since they look like a toy, you should keep it away from the reach of children. They might accidentally switch it on and can get electrocuted. Likewise, you should place it away from you when sleeping because the same thing might happen. You might accidentally switch it on and get an electric shock.

Customized fly swatters is a must-have in your home. A fly landing on your soup is unsanitary and could pose a risk to your health. Flies land on feces which gets in contact with their feet, the underside of their bodies, When they land on your food, just imagine what will enter your stomach. Aside from that, flies also land on dead animal carcasses, crawl over garbage dumps, trashcans and raw meat. And then they buzz over your sandwiches, rice, or soup carrying all those disgusting stuff with them. Germs and bacteria can cause some infection and you can suffer from hepatitis, pink eyes, or dysentery. So before they cause all of these, make the first move and swat them away from your food with fly swatters with logo. Giving away these items to your customers can boost the popularity of your brand. Your recipients will have a good impression of your business because you are showing your concern for them. With bulk fly swatters, you look after the health of your customers and they will look after your brand.

What are the common uses of promotional fly swatters?

Fly swatters in bulk, from the name itself, are designed to keep flies and other insects away from your food. These tiny creatures can bring germs and bacteria to the food we eat and eventually cause us to be sick. This is a good way of creating an impression on your potential customers. Printed fly swatters are available in a plethora of styles and designs so finding the right one that suits your specifications and budget can be an easy task.

Imprinted fly swatters are likewise effective as an advertising medium. While they keep those flies away, your customers will not. Given the expensive nature of traditional advertising mediums such as newspaper advertisements or television commercials, promotional fly swatters gives you an affordable alternative. Whenever customers use them to keep away the flies from their food, your logo will become visible and hence will be easily recalled. They will be used on a daily basis so you can look forward to getting continuous exposure of your brand. Logo fly swatters offers versatility when it comes to choices so you are assured of finding the suitable product for you.

Where Did Promotional Fly Swatters Come From?

The earliest fly swatters were nothing more than some sort of striking surface attached to the end of a long stick. In 1900, an early patent on a commercial flyswatter was issued to Robert Montgomery who called it a fly-killer. He sold his patent to John Bennett, a wealthy inventor and industrialist who made further improvements to his design.

The origin of the name "flyswatter" did not come from its inventors. During the summer of 1905. Kansas was plagued by an overabundance of flies which not only annoyed but also brought diseases to the people of the city. Dr. Samuel Crumbine, a member of the Kansas board of health, wanted to boost awareness of the threat of flies. He draw inspiration from a chant at a local Topeka softball game "swat the ball." In a health bulletin issued afterwards, he exhorted Kansas to "swat the fly." This caused a school teacher named Frank Rose to create the "fly bat," which consisted of a yardstick attached to a piece of screen. Crumbine then called the device flyswatter.

Fly Gun

The fly gun, a derivative of the flyswatter, utilized a spring-loaded plastic projectile to mechanically "swat" flies. It had a perforated circular disk which, according to the the advertisement, "won't splat the fly." Several similar products were sold, mostly as toys or novelty items, but their supporters maintained that they also worked as fly swatters.

Fly Bottle

The fly bottle or glass flytrap served as a passive trap for flying insects. In the Far East, a large bottle of clear glass with a black metal top in which there is a hole. An odorous bait is positioned at the bottom of the bottle in the form of pieces of meat. Flies enter the bottle in search of food and are then unable to escape because their photoaxis behavior takes them anywhere in the bottle with the exxpetion of the darker top where the entry hole is located.

Disposable Fly Traps

Disposable fly traps are small "use and throw away" fly traps. They are disposable plastic bags that contain attractants usually made of non-toxic flavoring agents. Water and direct sunlight are used to activate the attractant, which emits a smell that lures the flies. Insects enter the trap and downs in the water inside.

Electric flyswatters

Electric flyswatters or mosquito bats are handheld devices similar to a badminton racket and became popular in the 1990s. The handle contains batteries and a charging mechanism that emits high voltage. The circuit is made up of an electronic oscillator, step-up transformer, and voltage multiplier, similar to the circuit of an electroshock weapon or stun gun.

Why buy promotional fly swatters?

1. They protect your health. Customized fly swatters help prevent flies from landing into your food. As a result, you become protected from various communicable diseases.
2. Fly swatters with logo can be personalized. These items provide businesses with a wide imprint area for adding their company logo or brand name. As such, you can look forward to continuous publicity of your brand.
3. They are affordable. Compared to the traditional mediums of advertising, bulk fly swatters will not cost as much as a newspaper advertisement or television commercial. You can buy them in bulk and reach as many customers as possible.
4. They are excellent giveaway items. Printed fly swatters makes an excellent corporate giveaway or tradeshow freebie. You can also hand them out during health awareness campaigns.
5. They come in different varieties. There is a plethora of imprinted fly swatters to choose from in the market. For this reason, it is easier to find the most suitable item for your specifications.
6. Here at Branders, we provide a wide range of custom fly swatters to choose from. Order them now from our account managers.

We are all concerned about out health. For this reason, we watch out diet, have regular exercise, get a decent sleep, and other things. There are many items in the market that is geared towards protecting our health and one of them is promotional fly swatters. We all look at flies as a dirty and disgusting creature. They fly around in dirty places and things and we do not want them landing in our food. Get these flies away from your lunch or dinner with custom fly swatters. As an advertising medium, they only require a minimal investment on your part. In the end, you can reap huge returns for your business. Take your brand to the next level with a custom fly swatter. So go ahead! Grab the nearest phone and call our account managers at our toll free number 877-272-6337. Make your home and business fly-free with a fly swatter.

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