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Promotional Fly Swatters with Custom Logo

Promote your business with personalized fly swatters with logo. Shop now!

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Promotional Fly Swatters with Custom Logo
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Why choose customized fly swatters for advertising your brand?

What you want from a promotional product is high utilization. Based from our experience here at Branders.com, it's the useful promo item that can truly get your business the kind of visibility and marketing push that can be seen as noteworthy. Having said that, these promotional fly swatters are exactly what the doctor ordered for your next brand campaign. Get your name out there with a customizable giveaway like fly swatters with logo.

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Custom fly swatters have the advantage of being a staple in every household. Flies, particularly fruit flies, have the ability to detect fruits, vegetables, or meat even from far away. As long as food is made and handled in one's home, these pesky little buggers will make an appearance. It's not like you can just stop having food at home, right? It is this regular household problem which your company would be solving if you hand out giveaway fly swatters to fend of such pests. Budget isn't even an issue with these customized fly swatters. They are cost effective, especially if purchased in bulk, say, for a tradeshow or for company events. You spend a minimal amount for promo material that gets to be used often. People will greatly appreciate your promotional fly swatters, and they'll know who exactly to thank for it.

The ergonomic design of fly swatters makes them effective for catching these pesky flies. They consist of small holes in a lightweight plastic mesh and have a handle of about a foot long. Flies can easily detect changes in the air pressure around them. So if you had your hand, a book, or what have you coming right at them, they can evade it quickly as they are tipped off on the change of the air as you aim to get them. But the holes in the mesh of a fly swatter is designed to cause little disruption in the air, and the fly unknowingly gets caught by the swatter. It is also less painful for a person to use personalized fly swatters because instead of hitting them with a hand, holding the swatter by the handle allows a flick of the wrist to catch these pests conveniently.

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The quirky patterns and styles of printed fly swatters available here give you the freedom to select the design and the color that can match your brand perfectly. Call our toll free number now to order fly swatters in bulk!


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