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Promotional Gel Pens with Custom Logo

Promote your business with personalized gel pens with logo. Shop now!

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Promotional Gel Pens Personalized with Logo
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Why choose customized gel pens for advertising your brand?

Promotional gel pens are handy giveaway items to graphic designers and illustrators. Unlike the regular pen, custom gel pens have bolder shadings because they generate bolder colors and dark lines. Aside from that, they do not easily get smeared. Its free flow of ink makes it more smooth to use. In addition, they have much better colors than the ball point pens. Gel pens with logo consists of water and biopolymers like polyacrylate thickeners. The ink they use are viscous and more opaque than the one used in ball point pens. While they utilize a similar mechanism used in roller ball point pens, the ink is thicker than standard ballpoint ink.

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Sakura Color Products Corporation first introduced custom gel pens in 1984 in Osaka, Japan. They also invented the first water-based gel inks as an improvement to the free flowing inks used in fountain pens. Eventually, customized gel pens became popular to graphic artists and architects because it gave them the control of a ballpoint pen and the colors of a marker. Gel pens with oversized bodies for smaller hands became a hit with children. Crayola introduced pens with fluorescent colors and metallic sparkles. Teachers even encouraged their students to use these pens to create posters on construction paper.

Now you can easily write your way through the competition with personalized gel pens. Give them as a gift to your employees or loyal customers to give your brand the boost that it needs. With their wide imprint area, customizable gel pens make an excellent promotional product. Your corporate logo or company name will be imprinted on the pen so it will be seen by potential customers whenever they use the merchandise. As a promo item, they cost less than what you will spend on newspaper or television advertisements. Gel pens are truly effective as an advertising material because they will carry your brand all the time.

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Give your brand the boost that it needs with custom gel pens. They require a minimal investment but at the end of your campaign you can look forward to getting huge returns within a short period of time. Give out gel pens as your tradeshow freebie and see instant results for your brand. Do not be left behind by the competition. Call our toll free number at 877-272-6337 and take your business to the next level with gel pens with logo. This way, you can give yourself some peace of mind when promoting your brand.


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