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Promotional Handsets with Custom Logo

Promote your business with personalized handsets with logo. Shop now!

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Business Handsets with Custom Logo
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Why choose customized handsets for advertising your brand?

Of the many customizable merchandise now available in the market, there isn't a promo item quite as lovably fun as personalized handsets. They are just the most whimsical things! Notice how these custom handsets with logo are still pretty useful even if they are quirky. There isn't need to sacrifice utility for uniqueness. These are like the jesters of the Kingdom of Tradeshow gifts. Because just like the ancient jesters, customized handsets are witty, needed from time to time, and come in lots of colors.

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The colors are a minor feature, actually. As seen here in our gallery, you will find this giveaway as a convenient bluetooth gadget. It's cool to see the handheld have the spiral wire because it becomes even more reminiscent of old telephones, but the cordless one is kinda neat as you can easily take it out anywhere without hassle. If you receive a call, and these handsets in bulk are linked to your phone already, you can just grab 'em and talk. No need for the little hassle of plugging the cord in. You will notice that the classic Bluetooth Retro Handheld is the most popular of this customized promotional product. This is due to the fact that the bluetooth feature is more impressive to your clients and all those who will receive your promo material. Another thing is that the classic black color of this handset with logo gets your brand name to stand out, making it easy to see and recall. Neat, right? Just what the doctor ordered to boost your brand awareness and brand visibility.

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But all these marketing advantages aside, using a printed handset is better for a person, in general. The internet keeps pointing out to us that it's harmful for us to always use our mobile phones directly for calls. They advise using earpieces or handsets. These custom handsets make sure that you're giving away a promo tool which will not harm, but rather benefit people. Another reason why these promotional handsets are better for people has to do with the way the old telephone handsets were designed. The round end that goes for the ear, and the other end as a mouthpiece was ergonomically designed for comfort. If it gets awkward sometime to be holding your flat mobile against your ear for periods of time, that's 'cause these phones weren't made with phone calls in mind alone. So for overall ease, this promo material is the answer! Enhance your business now with giveaweay handsets!



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