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Promotional Phone Stands with Custom Logo

Promote your business with personalized phone stands with logo. Shop now!

Lowest Price Match Guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. On-Time Shipment Guarantee.
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Promotional Phone Stands with Personalized Logo
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Why choose customized phone stands for advertising your brand?

Mobile phones are everywhere! Most people have at least one with them at all times. In fact, plenty of people even have two or more phones with them. In fact, it is said by several experts that by the end of 2014, there would be more cellular phones in the world than people! Not bad for a piece of technology only a few decades old. It has become integral to the lives of people and has made communication between people very easy. A problem that has arose from this is that people tend to misplace their phones or place them in precarious places that often cause them to fall or tip over. This has caused a lot of headaches and stress among people. A product that solves these problems and keeps your phone safe and secure are phone stands. Since there are a ton of phones in circulation, promotional phone stands ought to prove to be very popular promo items and thus an effective way to market your business.

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Here at Branders, we offer you a wide array of personalized phone stands for your promotional and marketing campaign. Our printed phone stands are customizable so you can choose the variant, design and style that will best complement your company's signature colors or existing theme or motif. Our custom phone stands can accommodate and safeguard various kinds of phones and other gadgets. They even serve as cute or stylish art piece to brighten up your table. Moreover, our customized phone stands are made from high quality materials that guarantees they are durable and provide great protection for your phone. Furthermore, we also guarantee that your design and company logo is sharply and neatly rendered on your giveaway phone stands. More than that, we’ll help you personalize your phone stands exactly how you want them. Just prepare the logo, symbol, text, insignia, or artwork you want to use, and choose the imprint color you want for your graphics and font and we'll take care of the rest. Keep in mind that your design and image will depend on the material of the item and the available imprint methods, but rest assured that we're committed to giving you the best quality customization every time.

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Phone stands with logo are an excellent gift and giveaway option in tech and gadget trade shows, conventions and even company events. Since phones are very popular, promotional phone stands will provide your business with a ton of exposure. Every time your target audience needs to use their phone or put it away, they'll see the logo on your company. Since people use their phones quite often, you can be rest assured that your target audience will always have your business in mind whenever they need a product or service. So what are you waiting for? Start on a successful marketing campaign by getting phone stands in bulk today!

Provide stability to your marketing efforts with custom phone stands!

The world today is ruled by highly advanced mobile phones. Every people regardless of what class they belong in is sure to own at least a decent mobile phone and richer people even have at least two devices with them. To sum it all up, mobile phones are everywhere. As a marketer of your business, it would be foolish if you ignore such fact and discard the advantage of tapping into this tech trend. It means that part of your promotional efforts should include some ideas that are related to the continuing rise of mobile phones in today’s modern era.

That, and several more reasons to come is why promotional phone stands is a clever insertion to your marketing affairs. They are known to have a wide imprint surface, perfect for strategic placement of your logo designs. Besides, the custom phone stands that are paraded in this gallery is diversified into impressive variants which are equally useful to suit your branding needs. All you have to do is to choose the ones that fit your branding criteria and also in this manner you are able to cover the preferences of your customers.

Take a look at some of the variety of mobile phone stands that we offer so you can have a good grasp as to what the promotional phone stands are all about.

Silicone Phone Stands
A bunch of these phone stands will be useful in beefing up your promotional events or so. For starters, they have a prominent imprint space necessary to give your branding ideas a nice display of their unique imagery. This is to give the audience a good glimpse of your brand. Utilize their all but impressive features to turn them into potent marketing tools that can act as mini billboards. In addition, the silicone phone stands are available in variants which you can freely choose from that is also vital in finding the right mix for your themes. Each phone stand has a distinct feature and so you have to capitalize the advantages to produce the best results. Lastly, the silicone phone stands are known for their soft and rubbery texture that is fun to hold yet is also durable that bodes well if you are looking for the items’ longevity.

Leather Phone Stands
Put a stamp of class to your promotional efforts by displaying leather phone stands at your marketing stunts such as booths or trade shows. As a branding tool, these clever custom phone stands are excellent. Their leathery surface is a good printing canvas for your logo designs and it is that luxurious finish that will truly put your branding images in good light. People will look highly of you which speaks volumes because this gives your brand a strong recall. The leather phone stands are further differentiated through design and style. Choose the ones that fit right to your branding standards and in the process produce topnotch promotional tools.

Plastic Phone Stands
The plastic phone stands are the most common types of phone stands that you will see here and they have the most variety. As such, they make great promotional items. Start with their smooth imprint surface to customize your branding specifications. Speaking of variety, the plastic phone stands are available in several variants with different usage. At your discretion, you can purchase one to target specific group of audience, or many to cover wide audience reach. But regardless, the plastic phone stands truly boost your marketing campaign to a whole new level. Just take a look on our website to learn more about them.

Uses of personalized phone stands

There are a lot of scenarios by which a number of customized phone stands can shine bright. Their usefulness is a given, since we are living in digital age, it is academic that each of the mobile phone stand you will be offering to your audience will go a long way. That is exactly why printed phone stands are dynamic branding merchandise. To learn more about where these mobile device essentials can be used, have a thorough read on the following sections below.

Advertising Medium
This is why you are purchasing our phone stands in bulk in the first place. For the purpose of being an advertising medium, the phone stands with logo featured here are truly the best. They have an impressive imprint features such as the regular promotional items you frequently see. Use that to your advantage and you will realize just how good the personalized phone stands are when it comes to promoting your business. Have them displayed in places where people usually clump up to hasten the promotional process and in no time your brand name will be known tremendously. Not only that, the phone stands has the potential to reach even the most diverse of places, something that regular billboards may never be able to do. In this way your promotional efforts will be greatly extended. The phone stands are undoubtedly the ultimate promotional devices.

Gift and Giveaway Options
It is only fitting that you should give your customers a parting gift after which they have rendered your products and services as your way of showing your support and appreciation for them. While the imprinted phone stands are a rarity when it comes to this matter, they are still a good choice for tokens of appreciation. In schools and offices they are also remarkable gift goodies to students and employees, too. In certain commercial establishments the logo phone stands are superb souvenir options. Business sectors such as restaurants, hotels, resorts, and the likes are good strategic places where you can deploy the phone stands. The catch is that these businesses can also benefit from the items themselves, serving as an item that they can use to write and document everything.

Accessory Item to Mobile Devices
Digital devices are everywhere. There’s no denying about that fact. Some are even constructed with highly-advanced features. Placing them on plain grounds can contaminate their complex machinery which can cause little to severe damage. This is where personalized phone stands truly shine at their best. Our gallery parades an array of phone stands that can be used for dispensing sensitive tech gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. Because they are very much in the trend, so will be these freebies.

Branding advantages of phone stands

When compared to other promotional items, phone stands are the dark horses. Mainly because they aren’t quite known yet to most businesses. But judging by their appearance alone you could make a quick assumption that that phone stands are ideal promotional tools. Take a look as to why customized phone stands are exemplary advertising mediums.

1. Phone stands have a strategic imprint space which definitely you need in order to proceed with your branding campaign effectively. As such, you need to portray your logo designs to the fullest of your capabilities and the phone stands that are featured here are seemingly up to the task and maybe even exceed your expectations.

2. Aside from their imprint space, the phone stands that we offer are portable. Spreading the word about your business has become so much easier. Even in the tightest of places, the phone stands can slither in them effectively by way of the people who will carry them.

3. The phone stands can cater to almost everybody. If you are looking to boost the marketability of your business, then phone stands are your best bet. From students to professionals and even to the common people, the phone stands are proven to be very useful.

4. The way most businesses are operating nowadays makes them the perfect target for your phone stands. Especially those who are engaging in the corporate world, they can just utilize these marketing giveaways to manage tasks in the devices that they own. The bigger upside of this is that, your logo gets a share of free airtime.

5. Speaking of airtime, the phone stands are cost-effective forms of marketing. If you buy them in bundles you will even get more discounts. While they are low in price, they are so great at marketing your business. Television, radio, or print advertisements may produce you results, but there is no denying that they are expensive.

6. The array of phone stands that we offer have a versatile customizable space which you can work on freely to come up with the best marketing freebies, ever.

Write your plans with promotional phone stands and produce desirable results!

Phone stands, while somewhat new to the scene, are nevertheless magnificent marketing mediums when given the chance. They have everything that you need. Enough imprint space, smooth printing canvas, and stylish looks. In addition, the phone stands are fairly compact as well so if you are looking to spread the word regarding your business, phone stands are your best allies. They are deceptively effective that will bring you more than what you have paid for.

It all starts by calling our toll-free number. Talk to our dedicated account managers to let you know of the options you can consider, such as your customization preference, pricing options, and the turnaround time of your orders. Pick up your phone now!

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