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Handling Refunds and Returned Items

It’s an inevitable fact that all businesses will have to deal with returned items or refunds. Especially during holidays like Christmas, businesses can see a huge spike in the amount of items being returned. The customers (or recipients) may return items for several reasons: It


Debut Traditions and Beliefs Around the World

Get to know more about the varieties of debut traditions today Debut traditions vary among several regional cultures, so there are several different beliefs around the world regarding the whole momentous occasion. The typical ages for the debutantes vary as well, and the different countries


Thank Goodness for Thanksgiving!

Let’s put all the wine knowledge we got from last week’s Branders Bits into action at the next big occasion: Thanksgiving. Yes, indeed! Now that November has arrived, festivities for the fourth Thursday of this month have begun to pop up left and right—parades, exhibits,