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“AUTUMN-nize” your items this coming Fall!

The season of autumn is fast approaching, and when people citing that this is their most favorite time of the year, you can make the most of it and promote your products and services linking to the magnificence of autumn. It is the perfect time

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Below zero temperatures. Above par gifts.

Empathy is a great tool for promotional marketing and the cold weather is the perfect opportunity to show your clients just how much you care. Let your clients warm up to you with gifts that help them beat the cold. Something as simple as lip balm to

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Geek Alert!

You know it. They know. There’s no denying it. Geeks rule. The corporate world probably won’t advance the way it has without these geniuses at the helm of the biggest corporations. To celebrate their victory, only the most high tech and most intellectually stimulating gifts

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Drinking to Your Success

How do you get a client to drink to your success? The answer is pretty simple. Give them a product that they would use often, one that will constantly remind them of your company. Give them a promotional mug. custom mugs take a big share