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When you say promotional items online, think Branders.


Founded in 1999 in the San Francisco Bay Area, the original goal of the company remains the same: to make high-quality, low-priced promotional products accessible to more people through the Internet. In a time when the prevalent method of selling promotional items was through catalogs or traveling sales representatives, Branders.com thought of optimizing the whole process and widening its reach by making it online. Our company prides itself on its high quality products matched with the lowest prices possible. The latter we are specifically proud of: we charge about 20% less than our online competitors, and offer even greater savings when compared to our offline competitors.

Branders is the trusted go-to source when it comes to promotional items.

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We have handled (and satisfied) all sorts of online customers—from orders as small as $75 to orders for the White House. About 25% of our more than 100,000 customers own their own businesses, large and small, and trust us with their promotional items.

How do we know that we deliver exactly what the customers want? We provide free samples. Through that we are sure that the customers will be satisfied with the quality of the items that they’re getting.

We source our items from the same suppliers as do other reputable promotional products, but the products are the same. What makes the difference is the pricing. After all, according to customers themselves, after deciding on the product that they need, the most important thing is to get the best price. As the largest online seller of online promotional products, we have lower costs than our competitors, and in turn, we pass on the savings to you.

Branders has been recognized and awarded by prestigious awarding bodies:

  • January 2011 – PPAI Distributor Winner – Silver for Functionality/Usability and Technical Innovations/E-commerce categories
  • May 2010 – ASI Central 2010 Distributor Entrepreneur of the Year
  • January 2008 – PPAI Expo 2008. Functionality/Usability and Technical Innovations/E-commerce categories
  • January 2006 – PPAI Distributor Web Award – Gold
  • January 2004 – PPAI Distributor Winner – Silver
  • January 2002 – PPAI Distributor Winner – Gold
  • January 2001 – PPAI Distributor Winner – Gold
  • March 2000 – Winner, Best of Show Award and Buyers Choice Award at Exhibitor Show 2000

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