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Welcome to Brand Builders! The official blog of, the world's largest online seller of promotional products.

Price Busted – You are seeing the lowest price in the US today.

The hardest part in buying promotional items is finding the best price. 86% of online customers report checking at least three sites for pricing, and 57% say “finding the right price” is the most difficult part of purchasing promotional items, taking up time that can be better spent.

Imagine having someone else do the price-comparison work for you.

Introducing “Price Buster”
Price Buster is Branders’ way of making your life easier. In short, we do the price busting for you, so half of your work is done.

Price Buster: The real deal

What it is
Price Buster is Branders’ price comparison service wherein we verify in advance that the prices of our promotional items are lower than the published prices of our competitors. Our specialized Price Buster team monitors our competitors’ websites every day and compares their pricing and minimum order quantity with ours. We do this with every item on our site, ensuring we offer the lowest price in the US.

Why we do it
Branders values your time, so we do the pricing comparison work for you. It’s also our way of “putting our best foot forward.” We don’t just give you good pricing; we give you the best pricing you can find out there.

What you get from it
• The lowest-priced promotional items. Period.
• Cheaper by 20% than the average market price.
• Time and effort saved.

What we guarantee
If you are the first to find and report to an advertised price that is lower than what you find in our site for the same product in a given quantity, we’ll:
• Match the price of the said item.
• We’ll give you a guaranteed $50 off on your next order

Price Buster: How we do it

We’re serious about giving you the lowest price. We begin by generating a list of existing products on our Website. Our Top Sellers are a high priority.

Our Price Buster team of 13 specialists scour the Internet thoroughly, comparing each promotional item’s pricing with those of predefined competitors – no competitor gets away with a price that’s lower than ours. And our Price Buster specialists do this every day. That’s all they do, so you can be sure they’re good at it! You’re always seeing the most updated and lowest prices all over the Internet.

Price comparison between and competitors

Lowest Prices Guarantee SealIt’s in the seal.

Products on our site carrying this seal are “certified” to be the lowest-priced promotional item online. Look for this seal and you’ll know its price has been compared thoroughly with our competitors and found to be the lowest. In fact, Branders’ products are priced 20% lower than the average market price.