Both Kids And Parents Will Benefit From Promotional Activity Books

Keeping kids active and pre-occupied during summer and after school is one of the most challenging tasks that any parent can encounter. Usually, children would go out in the yard to play which puts them at risk to injuries and accidents. You can free yourself from these worries by buying promotional activity books for your kids.

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The Benefits

Activity books provide an excellent aid for improving learning skills. There are different varieties found in the market and these items are quite helpful in improving certain skills such as reading, listening, vocabulary, grammar, creativity, to name just a few.

For parents, it can provide a bonding experience with their child. Reading them a story, helping with colors, or finding differences in pictures is a worthwhile experience that cannot be replaced by watching television or any others.

In addition, they can help stimulate the imagination of your kids. Illustrations or drawings can help develop familiarity with shapes and colors.

Categories of Activity Books

When buying these top promotional items, it is important to consider the age of your child. What is the worth of buying a reading book to a 1-year old toddler when they do not know words and sentences yet? Here are the different types of activity books depending on the age group of your child:

1. Texture Books

This is suitable for babies and young kids. As you read the story, your child will feel and touch the pictures made from various fabrics and materials. This activity will help develop your child’s sensory skills.

2. Lift The Flap

From the name itself, this is a type of book with flaps that are lifted on every page. This is one of the most well loved book types of children. The flap lifting makes the story telling more fun and interactive. This is ideal for kids 4 to 5 years old. Just make sure that the flap is strong and sturdy. They will be pulled and tugged more often so their attachment should be secured.

3. Sound Books

Ideal for pre-schoolchildren, these books have buttons that make a sound or noise that is appropriate to the story. Similar to lift the flap, it can also be an interactive activity that parents and kids can indulge in.

4. Pop-Up

Here, 3D pictures leap out of the pages of the book. The only problem with this kind of book is that they are delicate that requires care when touched. For your younger kids, go for the simple pop-ups. The older children will prefer the more intricate and interactive pop-ups.

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5. Sticker

Another interactive kind of book, sticker varieties are available in different formats. Some types tell a story by decorating or selecting stickers. Others, you need to place the sticker in the appropriate place. Your choice will boil down to the personality of the child. To some kids, selecting the appropriate place will be more intriguing to them.

By Melvin L. Magadia

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