Clearing the Blur: The Truth About Promotional Ceramic Mugs

by Czyka Tumaliuan, June 28, 2011

Looking for the perfect promotional ceramic mugs to hook new customers in your brand and keep the old ones? Confused because, apparently, there are so many types that fall under this category of promotional products? To rub out the nuances, here is a snippet of information which might just be what you need to finally figure the perfect corporate gifts for your clients.

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Much Ado About Function

Truth be told, there’s not much difference between a custom ceramic bistro mug and a custom ceramic coffee mug. A ceramic bistro mug is a clay mug used in a bistro or a tavern while a ceramic coffee mug is a clay mug used for drinking coffee. Come to think of it, a bistro mug can also be called a coffee mug if it’s used in a bistro to drink coffee. In fact, even a ceramic tea mug can be a bistro mug when used in a bar. So, in terms of material and composition, both mugs are essentially the same. All ceramic mugs have high heat resistance, medium insulating capacity and corrosion defiant. Therefore, they are all perfect containers of hot beverages because they can keep the temperature high for a good amount of time without breaking. Accordingly, the differences between ceramic mugs lie much on their purpose—how they are used, not so much on how they look like. Their names are thus derived just to delineate the specific purposes for which they are used for.

The Special Case of Espresso Mugs

There’s always an exemption to a rule, principle or to a definition. In this case, promotional ceramic espresso mugs is that exclusion. You can easily tell, spot-on, if a ceramic mug is an espresso mug even if you don’t know yet whether the owner will use it for coffee or tea because these mugs are always way smaller compared to your regular cup. An espresso shot is a 45ml (1.5 ounces) beverage, and thus an espresso mug can only contain that much liquid. This type of ceramic mugs are usually loved by espresso drinkers and collectors who like to keep “cute” items. In truth, one of the best points of sales of this particular promo item is its sheer uniqueness.

Identifying Your “Cup” of Tea

So how do you know which one is your “cup” of tea? Two words: Market research. Determine what kind of custom mugs will make your customers happy and give that to them. Come to think of it, promotional ceramic mugs are so flexible that you can turn it into any kind of cups you want just by adding the “function” into the name. But of course, keep in mind that there’s always an exemption to this rule.

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