Crossing the Crossroads: Choosing from Cotton, Canvas, Denier or Nonwoven Promotional Tote Bags

Promotional tote bags are one of the most mass-demanded corporate gifts today as its usefulness transcends shopping—these freebies can be used in almost every conceivable human activity. Thus, more and more companies eager to spread their brand are in the hunt for the best promo tote. But how will you know if you are getting the best? What should be your criteria in choosing among cotton, canvas, denier or nonwoven promotional tote bags? One word: customers.

Come to think of it, every advertising’s goal is to hook people to a brand, an image and achieving that will only require one thing: give the market what they want. The same principle applies to promotional products advertising—you should satisfy your target niche’s desire. Your clients are your price and your eyes should be solely set on them. Thus, know what your market wants first. Create a survey that will let you identify what kind of custom bags your clients prefer. Here are the four basic types of personalized totes and their differences:

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Canvas Tote Bags

Having the heaviest material and most tightly knitted clothing, this tote is best recommended for customers looking for heavy-duty casual bags. The material is sturdy enough to carry laptops, hardbound books and other heavy items that we usually bring on-the-go. But its high-quality has a price—these bags are generally more expensive than cotton and nonwoven bags. These custom items can be washed using cold and hot water, though cold water is more preferable to keep the bag’s original color.


Made from 100% all-natural cotton, this bag is your eco-friendly bet for your customers. It is made from organic fibers and usually imprinted with natural colors. It is durable and less heavy than canvass bags. It has a smoother texture and can be washed using cold and hot water.


Though designed to adopt the appearance and texture of cloth bags, this particular promo tote is essentially from 100% plastic materials. Because of this, it’s light, easy to carry and effortlessly easy to distribute. It can’t be washed in a washing machine but it can be effortlessly cleaned using a cloth for wiping. It’s recyclable and thus has a great potential for environment conservation.

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Denier Nylon

Denier is the universal measure of “fineness” in yarn and fabric. Generally, the higher the denier rating, the stronger but rougher the fabric is. Denier bags are commonly used as promo drawstring bags and personalized backpacks. Its overall strength and durability reign supreme over cotton and canvass bags. The great thing about this type of bag is that it’s less costly compared to cotton and canvass bags.

Choosing the right personalized tote bags means knowing what your customers want and what you need it for, ultimately. So, you better do your research and know your purpose so you can easily match those up with the perfect custom bag.

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