Personalized Amenity Kits Benefit Both Airline Company And Passengers

by: Niña Angeli Pilapil

Do you frequently fly first or business class? If yes, what do you look forward to the most during your flight? If you browse through some travel or even airline blogs, you’ll discover that a lot of readers or followers cite the complementary amenity kits as one of the things they look forward to the most when flying first class. These personalized amenities, indicated by the airline’s logo imprinted on the kit bags or containers, are handed out to first class flyers to help them even more comfy and relaxed during the flight. Body lotion, lip balm, hair brush, dental kit, wipes, eye mask, and shoe polish are just some of the many items you can find in an average in-flight kit. I think we can all agree that these kits benefit passengers but do you also realize that they provide perks to the airline companies as well?

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The Many Benefits Of The Amenity Kit

These personal hygiene kits certainly provide lots of benefits to airline passengers. Imagine being guaranteed enough supply of toiletries and products that will cater to your personal hygiene while flying miles away from earth. Male passengers don’t have to worry about forgetting his shaving gear at home because the airline kit provides this anyway. Female passengers can relax about not having enough supplies for frequent facial touch-ups as the ever-reliable complementary supplies sets can solve that in an instant! Even imprinted pens inserted in these kits would be very useful, especially for use in filling out disembarkation forms. Indeed, these in-flight handouts make flying even more bearable and even enjoyable.

On the other hand, well-organized and assembled promotional amenity kits can also increase an airline group’s marketability and credibility to their would-be passengers. On February 1, 2013, Delta announced that they are partnering with Tumi and Malin+Goetz to come up with better in-flight kits for the intercontinental Business Elite cabins of their international flights. Tumi sells travel, lifestyle, and business accessories brand while Malin+Goetz offers skincare products. If Delta plays their cards right, they can come up with a really ideal set for their elite passengers, with the help of these two companies. And if they are successful in this move, it would mean more prospective passengers hauls for the weeks, months, and even years to come.

Thus, it is crucial for all airline companies to take a good look at their present amenity kits and review what they have there. Maybe they can add an item or two to the present set. Something that would cater to the “highly technological” or advanced needs of passengers would be good like USB ports and other gadget accessories. Or they might want use a new bag or personalized pouch for their kits bearing their logo and official tagline or motto.

In any case, it’s always good to be one step ahead in this game. If you’re a part of an airline group or company, make sure to do constant check-ups and reviews of your freebies inventory and update them to increase your marketability. You’ll never know how much exposure you can get just by adding a new item or two in these kits.

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Source: Delta press release

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