Promotional pen works!

Whether you call them advertising specialties, tchotchkes, giveaways or promotional products, they are everywhere. Ninety-two percent of all businesses use them at least once per year for activities such as trade shows, seminars, product launches, safety programs or customer appreciation. Look around at the folks at work at your kids soccer game at the grocery store. So many of the people you see are sporting a shirt, cup, bag or pen with a logo on it.

Promotional products are everywhere because they work. What other marketing tool elicits a smile from the recipient and a thank you as a response? As the quality and usefulness of advertising products continues to improve, what was once an afterthought is now the centerpiece of an important message or marketing program.

Today, the Internet is dramatically improving the way companies purchase their promo products. Those who were quick to move online overwhelmingly say that they will never go back to the paper catalog and phone tag days of old. Even industry analysts studying the change are noting remarkable savings. Ernst & Young, one of the worlds leading professional services and consulting companies, studied advertising products purchases and concluded: * * using the web can reduce the total cycle time by 60% * * and the amount of direct effort by over 30%.

Not surprisingly, when PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) surveyed 10,000 buyers, they found that over 75% of promo product buyers anticipate using the web to source their promotional products within the next two years. Four must-read tips to make online buying work for you. is the largest online seller of custom branded promo products for the sales, event planning and marketing professional. provides a single source to locate, design, view and order promotional items online. Considered a revolutionary in the advertising industry, is leading the way to your promotional needs.

Expert Selection Assistance – The powerful Product Finder makes searching simple by enabling sales and marketing professionals to intelligently browse through thousands of promotional items. Users can quickly pinpoint the best products for their needs by using the site’s various parameters, such as turnaround time, price point and product category.

Our Customer Care Team of sales associates, merchandisers and graphic artists are available both on and offline to assist customers throughout the product selection and decoration process.’s experts help customers pinpoint the most appropriate promotional products based on budget, delivery, time-frame and product desired: Promotional pens.

We’re high-tech, but we’re also “high touch”. During business hours our Customer Service and Sales Team is ready to back you up with any assistance you might need. To reach us, please call toll-free 1-877-BRANDERS (1-877-272-6337).