That Lil’ Big Thing Called Promotional Antenna Balls

promotional antenna ballsby: Niña Angeli Pilapil

Have you ever seen those small and rounded foam items attached at the end of antenna wires? They are called promotional antenna balls which are usually used either for decorative or advertising purposes. Made to look like various figures such as smiley icons, storybook or cartoon characters, and a lot more, they are customized to represent different businesses or organizations and show their respective marketing messages. Aside from foam, they may also be made from soft rubber. But what do these small products have that makes them seem big? Why should we even bother with such puny, seemingly insignificant balls?

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Antenna Balls’ Big Offer

Do not underestimate their small size because these antenna balls may just be the best thing that ever came your business’ way when it comes to marketing tools. If you look at each ball individually, it may seem like it can’t do much advertising work. But if you buy bulk orders and use them properly, it can really create marketing waves with big impact.

Take for example a promotional convoy or motorcade for a certain new product or service. Aside from getting popular promotional items to use as official freebies to hand out to target audiences, you can also place these small balls on top of the antenna of the cars that will participate in the convoy or motorcade. The additional burst of color provided by the balls will surely help catch the attention of passersby. You’ll make the activity more interesting and memorable. And one great thing about these promotional tools is that they can be reused for future marketing events.

If you’re seriously considering using them in your next marketing campaign, better look for the most interesting antenna balls in the market today. There are many to choose from. Some even veer away from the average round shape to adopt more interesting and exciting designs like animal heads, cupcake or dessert figures, and even popular symbols or insignias. You can even have your own logo be used as the model for a special or customized antenna ball.

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So you see, even small and diminutive promotional items can mean big business if used appropriately. There’s not stopping your plan of buying them now!

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