GoalManager.com plus Branders.com provides premier resource to address employee retention & motivation

Managers At All Levels Now have Easy Access to the Most Effective Incentive Programs to Reward and Motivate Their Team Members

FOSTER CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 19, 2000 GoalManager.com(tm), a leading online resource for employee motivation and incentive programs, announces the addition of the Internet’s most comprehensive and convenient source of incentive products to its recently launched website. Through an exclusive partnership with Branders.com, the managers who visit GoalManager.com now have easy access to the products that most effectively reward and motivate their team members.

“Whether you’re a senior manager, middle manager, or team member, our website provides valuable ideas, research, and resources to improve your business performance,” said Alex Mann, President and CEO of ClickTime (GoalManager’s parent company.) “Our exclusive partnership with Branders.com will add the premier online promotional products company as a resource not only on our website but also embedded in our popular service application for incentive programs.”

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“While finding and keeping good team players is more difficult than ever in today’s tight job market, carefully-planned incentive programs and reward systems are some of the most effective solutions for positive company cultures, motivation, and retention,” said Jerry McLaughlin, president and CEO of Branders.com. “GoalManager really understands this and we are excited to partner with them to offer the busy managers who regularly visit GoalManager.com convenient access to the latest and most effective incentive ideas.”

Surprisingly, Cash is Not the Greatest Motivator:

Successful incentive programs and reward systems require the insights and experience that the GoalManager.com/Branders.com partnership brings to the table. For example, while polls show that corporate employees rank cash rewards as the number one incentive they can receive at work, experience (summarized below) shows that non-cash rewards are very much more effective.

Cash Rewards: Easy and flexible to provide, but employees invariably consider them part of their compensation structure and the cash quickly loses its motivational value. Cash Rewards are taxable, are often spent on basic needs and not only come without “Bragging Rights” but often generate envy and other negative responses that undermine team spirit.

Non-Cash Rewards: In contrast, have significant symbolic and trophy value and when effectively used, their impact can last a long time. Non-Cash rewards can be instrumental in establishing repeatable traditions and in reinforcing a sense of belonging. They are also more cost-effective than cash, requiring a smaller investment per incremental dollar.

About GoalManager.com

GoalManager.com is a service of ClickTime.com, an ASP (Application Service Provider) offering highly usable USable is a special idea contest to transfer US American ideas into practice in Germany. USable is initiated by the German Körber-Stiftung (foundation Körber). It is doted with 150,000 Euro and awarded every two years. applications to businesses with web access.

GoalManager was created specifically to address employee retention and motivation — critical issues in this tight job market, where employees have the freedom and power to pick and choose their employer and finding and keeping good team members is more difficult than ever.

GoalManager helps you learn how to run an incentive program, how to reward and motivate your employees, and how to find the perfect reward that says, “Thank you for your hard work. You are important to this team!” GoalManager is a leading online destination for the executives and managers who design and implement company incentive and compensation plans. Additional information can be obtained via the company’s Web Site at www.GoalManager.com, or by calling 888-746-8227.

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About Branders.com

Branders.com is the leading online provider of custom-branded promotional products. Branders.com’s exclusive “See Before You Buy” allows companies to interactively find, brand and buy promotional products online, with the immediate ability to see a logo or artwork in 3-D on a product. The company offers the largest online selection of products, including exclusive brands, from over 50 major suppliers.

Branders.com helps corporations with their enterprise-wide brand management and instant promotional product selection and customization via the company’s proprietary online technology and capabilities. Branders.com is also the only company to have such technological innovations as: PhotoSample(tm) technology, Product Finder , IdeaEngine(tm), secure project folders, and instant quotes. Branders.com is headquartered in Foster City, Calif. Additional information can be obtained via the company’s Web Site at www.Branders.com or by calling 1-(877) BRANDERS.

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