Quaartz, Inc. and Branders.com partner to advance the “dot com” customer experience

Quaartz’s Consulting Services division offers strategic, creative, technical expertise to rapidly growing companies

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 15, 2000 Quaartz Inc., the pioneering Internet affinity marketing services company, today announced that Branders.com, the largest online promotional products source, has chosen Quaartz’s Consulting Services division to implement technological advancements for its online systems that handle order processing and credit card clearing.

Quaartz’s consulting services practice, officially announced today, provides strategic consulting, creative and technical services to help a wide variety of companies incorporate the use of the Internet in their overall business strategies.

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“Quaartz offers talent and skills to maximize the potential of advanced e-commerce strategies,” said Mike Schwartz, Vice President of Engineering, Branders.com. “Their expertise and support will help us better serve our rapidly growing customer community of sales, event planning and marketing professionals.”

Work by Quaartz’s Consulting Services practice with Branders.com is just the latest in a series of consulting engagements completed at Charles Schwab and TimeWarner, in partnership with BEA Professional Services and IBM Global Services, respectively.

Its three-pronged Consulting Services practice encompasses all critical aspects of Internet development and deployment. Its Strategic Services group helps companies better understand how to incorporate the Internet as an integral piece of their overall business strategy. Creative Services helps clients map out their overall Web design, from creating a user interface to charting and coding navigation of the site. Quaartz’s Technical Services group helps clients build large-scale, mission-critical Web applications that offer round-the-clock reliability and good response time to large and growing numbers of users.

“We are pleased to offer our consulting services to Branders.com and develop a state-of-the-art Web infrastructure that will serve Branders.com and its rapidly growing customer base well,” said Paul Tocatlian, Vice President, Consulting Services, Quaartz Inc. “We believe in bringing mainframe performance and reliability to Internet computing — our work with Branders.com presents the perfect opportunity to do just that.”

About Quaartz Inc.

Quaartz is a pioneering Internet affinity marketing and consulting services company that provides a private label Web-hosted application suite designed to help companies and organizations deliver timely, relevant information directly to their online communities. It enables delivery of time-sensitive information such as events and promotions directly to members, customers or employees via highly interactive, personalized and branded Web applications such as calendars, instant messaging and email. Sponsors of Quaartz-powered calendars include Conseco, the Kennedy Center, the Republican National Committee, the United Services Organization (USO), and the Day-Timer Corporaton. The company’s Consulting services practice provides strategic, creative and technical consulting services to help companies incorporate the use of the Internet in their overall business strategies. For more information, visit www.quaartz.com or call 408-350-0400.

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About Branders.com

Branders.com is the leading online “See Before You Buy” provider of custom-branded promotional products. Branders.com allows companies to interactively find, brand and buy promotional products online, with the immediate ability to see a logo or artwork on a product. The company offers thousands of products online, including exclusive brands, from over 40 major suppliers. Branders.com is also the only company to have such technological innovations as: PhotoSample technology, Product Finder, IdeaEngine, Secure Project Folders, and Instant Quotes.

Branders.com is headquartered in Foster City, Calif. The company’s investors include: ABS Ventures, Altos Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Discovery Ventures and Doll Capital. Additional information can be obtained via the company’s Web Site at www.branders.com or by calling 1-(877) BRANDERS.

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