7 June Favorites to Liven Up Your Spring Promotions

June is the season of spring! Everything is in bloom, and the outdoors is there to be discovered. The days are longer, the weather is warmer and filled with positivity. Take advantage of this beautiful season by offering spring-related promotional items! If you want to make the most out of the season in terms of your promotional products, choose the ones that fulfills season-specific needs. You could also opt to choose an item that goes well with the season’s themes: spring break and spring cleaning. The important thing when it comes to spring advertising is you have to get with the spring spirit of zest and color!

7 June Favorites to Liven Up Your Spring Promotions

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Spring, the Season

Spring is the season of the year between winter and summer, during which temperatures gradually rise. In many cultures, spring has been marked by rites and festivals that celebrate its importance in food production. The concept of spring is often associated with the sowing of crops. All plants begin to grow again after being dormant during the winter. Even animals: they are dormant during the winter, and spring is when they restart their nesting and reproducing.

The season is reminiscent of rebirth, rejuvenation, regrowth, and resurrection. It’s a transition, too, so one of the most common themes of spring is transition and change, and looking forward to the promise of an oncoming brighter and sunnier season.

Spring Activities, Spring Promotions

For a lot of people, spring means a new beginning. What better way to celebrate a new beginning than to clear It is a thorough cleaning up of a house or living quarters. The practice of spring cleaning is prevalent in climates with a cold winter, and takes place in the first warm days of the year, typically in spring. The concept of spring cleaning started as a Persian new-year ritual known as “shaking the house, which is an annual thorough scouring of the nooks and to prepare for the coming year. Nineteenth-century Americans practiced this custom to ensure that every nook and cranny of the house, spaces that are often left untouched during normal cleaning. The spring cleaning is held at spring so that it’d be warm enough to throw open the windows and doors so that the resulting dust could be carried away on the breeze. But not only individual homes could benefit from a thorough spring cleaning. Even offices could take the time to clean and redecorate their workspaces on this season!

Individual desks, offices, and workstations tend to accumulate clutter over the year. Organize a spring cleaning day at the office to get ready for the cold and flu season. Ask them to clean every nook and cranny of their work station, including phone receivers and keypads, and hand out promotional items to commemorate the event! Spring is a season of beginnings, and surely, everyone would appreciate something new to add to their newly-organized desks!

Another important spring event that you could take advantage of is the Spring Break! It’s an exciting part of the year. Everybody’s out there to have fun and enjoy the colors and the life the season brings. Let your promotional products get with the season! Enliven your promotions with colorful and useful products that get with the Spring theme! You could give away colorful sunglasses, for people to use in their various spring activities. Tumblers and other drink ware are excellent giveaways too–something people can carry around to keep them hydrated! If you’re thinking of using office items in your next promotional campaign, you could opt to get summer themed giveaways as well; items that are colorful as they are useful.

Spring themed promotions are the perfect opportunity to showcase your company’s fun side! In your next tradeshow event, make sure that your promotional items are both practical and fun, to get with the groove of the season! Since spring is a season packed with events and other fun activities it would be a good idea to launch a Spring-themed promotional event for your company! Couple this event with a relevant promotional item!

If you need ideas on which items would be perfect for the season, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! If you’re launching a promotional campaign this season, check out our June favorites:


1. Ceramic and Stainless Mug (40262)

Ceramic and Stainless MugIf you’re looking for an elegant executive gift, consider this ceramic and stainless mug. This durable mug is made of both elegant ceramic and durable stainless steel. The stainless steel bottom provides better insulation than any other material. The ceramic mug is the quintessential coffee mug: it looks elegant, and it’s easy to clean, too! Combine the merits of both these materials and you have yourself an elegant, yet durable mug.

This ceramic and stainless mug comes with its own lid, making it easier to clean than mugs with sliding covers. They would last for years; and in advertising, as long as your logo is clearly visible, the promotional item serves its purpose. These elegant mugs are the perfect addition to any desk! Give them away as gifts to potential clients or investors to leave the perfect impression.

Planning to conduct a spring cleaning event for your office? These mugs would make for an excellent desk item to newly-cleared desks! Give them out to your employees and spread some spring cheer!

2. Retractable Sporty Pens with Rubber Accents (240987)

Retractable Sporty Pens with Rubber AccentsDuring spring, everything is colorful and lively. Make sure that your giveaways match the theme of the season! Choose colorful, yet practical giveaway items! This retractable sporty pen with rubber accent is made of high-quality aluminum. It has a metallic colored body with silver and black accents. The black side grips are there for extra comfort. Our retractable sporty pens with rubber accents are made to last–made of nothing but the highest-quality materials; however, they are cheaply manufactured and imprinted, so you could get them in bulk to give to larger groups. They are light as well, so they would work for a promotional campaign that requires easy product dissemination.

This item would be the perfect spring giveaway. The lively colors in which these items come matches the season, and it’s up to you to choose the one that you think would most suit your purpose. These vibrant pens would catch the attention of anyone. Put them in a jar in the middle of your tradeshow booth, and offer them to everyone who passes by your booth! Nobody says no to a free pen!

These pens are perfect office giveaways as well. Make sure to give your employees more than one pen, so they have extra to give to their friends and family members! Imprint these pens with your contact details, so your future clients could easily contact you the moment they need the particular product or services that you offer!

3. Six-pack Insulated Lunch Bags (137193)

Six-pack Insulated Lunch BagsBringing packed lunch to work would save you a lot when it comes to food budget. Lunch bags are perfect for those who want to watch their diet and want to prepare their own healthy and home made meals. Aside from helping you save up on money, packed lunches are awesome for picnics and outdoor get-togethers. Outdoor activities such as these are popular during the spring season! Take advantage of it by choosing an item that people could use in an outdoor activity.

If you ever decide on using a bag as a promotional item, make sure that you make the most out of them by choosing one that would easily catch an onlooker’s eye! Since bags are meant to be used outside, bags that come in striking colors and has intricate or interesting designs have an edge over those that look normal and bland.

Imprint your logo on these handy, durable lunch bags and increase your brand visibility: they’ll be used outdoors and seen by a lot of people. Items such as this do wonders for brand recall! Give them away as incentives to loyal customers, for them to take at their next outdoor picnic; or to your employees, as an awesome spring gift!

4. Premium Pint Glasses (140778)

Premium Pint GlassesAnother popular springtime activity? Outdoor picnics and get-togethers! And what is an outdoor BBQ party without beer?

Pint glasses are the perfect promotional item for all seasons. Get them in all sorts of fun colors to match your company logo and theme, and give them away as incentives to employees, to thank them for their dedication! If the past year has rewarded you with loyal patrons, take the chance to say thanks to them through a special gift! These colorful pint glasses would certainly be appreciated giveaways!

This particular pint glass holds up to 15.3 oz. of liquid. It features a sleek and simple tall body design. It’s the ideal tradeshow, company event, supply store, café, restaurant, and novelty shop giveaway!

5. Malibu Sunglasses (121000)

Malibu SunglassesWhen people use colorful sunglasses, we can’t help but picture better days ahead: clear days filled with fun activities. Let your company sunglasses be the ones that people first look at when they look at your recipient, and let them associate your brand to positive memories! Offer these colorful Malibu as a gift to your employees or as a tradeshow giveaway. Rest assured people will accept your freebie, and use it!

Since the season marks the beginning of a fun activity: the spring break! Colored shades are welcome giveaways for the Spring Break. The beach is a popular destination among spring breakers, and you could take the chance to cater to the demand for this beach essential!

6. Acrylic Ice Tumbler with Straw (100006)

Acrylic Ice Tumbler with StrawWhen you’re outside and having fun, it’s important to stay hydrated. Tumblers are especially designed for this: easy drinking wherever you are; even when you’re on the move.

And some people want to re-hydrate with a cold drink. Always be ready to freshen up with this dual-wall tumbler! It’s made of premium acrylic plastic, features a double wall body design with matching lid and straw. This particular personalized tumbler comes in a variety of stylish colors that accentuates the design of your choice.

This acrylic ice tumbler with straw will keep your beverage cold while you’re doing all of the fun activities you’ve got lined up for the season. Want to get fit and take the season to work out and get that body you’ve always dreamed of, this is the perfect work-out buddy. It’s reliable and handy, and its vibrant colors match the life of the season! This is the perfect promotional giveaway for those who aim to make a difference in terms of brand visibility and recognition!

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7. Spiral Eco Book with Sticky Notes and Flags (137229)

Spiral Eco Book with Sticky Notes and FlagsNotebooks are one of the most common choices when it comes to promotional products. Everybody could use a notebook, and it’s an item that has ample space for your brand name and logo. Spring is the season for adventures. Let your giveaway be the space where they log their spring break memories in. But aside from that, these eco notebooks and colorful sticky notes and flags would make for an excellent office giveaway! They would liven up any desk, and remind your employees of the wonderful season out there!

This particular notebook features high-quality recycled and premium paper. It features durable spring binding, color accent hard cover, and it comes filled with a selection of sticky note pads and flags. These notebooks are available in navy blue, natural, red, white, and black. These notebooks would make for excellent trade fair, company event, supply store, and school giveaway! Include these eco books in your official school merchandise!

When choosing the perfect company promotional product, it’s important to get an item that goes well with the season. The spring season is one that is loaded with positive associations. You can even opt to take advantage of the lively spirit of the season and launch your own spring-themed company event! The possibilities are endless. Get your own spring-themed promotional product now and reap the benefits!

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