8 Branders Items That Won’t Break Your Bank

Do you need promotional items but can’t afford the required minimum order? Nowadays, there’s a growing need for customized products because they are used either as freebies for trade shows or marketing events or as gifts for special occasions. The problem is that most of the items require a high minimum order which poses at least two major concerns for customers: either they don’t have the budget or they don’t need too many pieces. So now there is a clamor for cheap customizable products that come in low minimum orders. Which items are these?

Minimum Order Quantity Defined

Before we enumerate eight affordable and low minimum order promotional items, it’s important to know first what low minimums mean. Minimum Order Quantity or MOQ is the smallest amount of a specific item that a supplier is agreeable to sell. Suppliers rarely agree to produce an item if their clients can’t reach the MOQ. Low cost manufacturing countries, like China, usually have high minimum order quantities and for a number of fairly good reasons too:

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1. Suppliers usually have low profit margins
The common profit margin of a supplier ranges from 2-3% so they have to produce big numbers of products. This helps them reach the break even point.

2. Suppliers order materials from subcontractors who also have their own set of MOQ
In order to produce a certain commodity, suppliers need to buy raw materials from subcontractors and they require a specific minimum order too. This is another factor that affects the MOQ that suppliers then pass on to their clients.

3. Suppliers need to use and operate on different types of machinery and equipment to produce an item.
It’s not worth the time, money, and effort if clients order minimal quantities for a certain product because a lot of work is involved in the production. Equipment and machinery setup costs need to be considered. Therefore, MOQ should be commensurate to the expenses that are allotted for production.

4. Suppliers have to think about their storage fees.
If you think that suppliers keep a stock of “ready to order” items, you’re quite mistaken. Suppliers start producing an item only after an order is placed for it. That’s because they need to think about things like storage fees which increases when products stay long in the shelves.

After the products are made by suppliers they now have to go through customization processes like silkscreen, pad print, engraving, and others. At least one plate or screen is needed to prepare artwork for the logo or message that you want to place in promotional or customized items. Thus, setting a fair or appropriate MOQ is needed in order for the customization process to be cost effective for both the suppliers and customers.

8 Branders items with Low Minimum Order Quantity

Branders has over 15,000 promotional items which are customizable with your business name, logo, or personal message. We have a huge selection of apparel, drinkware, bags, writing tools, office supplies, sports and even holiday-themed products. Our minimum order quantity varies from one item to another but we have lots of promotional products with low MOQs. Here are the eight most recommendable ones:

1. Gildan Men’s Heavy Cotton T-shirt
Item Number: 132461
Minimum Quantity: 36
Base Order Value: $279 (without imprint and shipping)
Decoration Method: Silkscreen
Why it’s a must-have: Aside from having a really low required minimum order, our Gildan Men’s Heavy Cotton T-shirt is made of 5.3 oz 100% preshrunk cotton and has double-needle sleeves and hem. This shirt also has taped neck and shoulders so the overall design makes for a very comfortable fit. It comes in 30 colors and you can be sure to have at least one color suitable for any event theme. It’s simple yet universal design makes it ideal for use in electoral campaigns, conferences, and recreation events.

2. Original Stress Ball
Item Number: 121009
Minimum Quantity: 50
Base Order Value: $115 (without imprint and shipping)
Decoration Method: Pad Print
Why it’s a must-have: This all-time favorite stress reliever comes in ten colors so they are ideal to be used as freebies or gifts in most trade shows, conference, community events, and even holidays. Made of soft and easy-to-squeeze foam, these stress balls is guaranteed safe for everyone’s use.

3. Nonwoven Slim personalized tote bags
Item Number: 52202
Minimum Quantity: 50
Base Order Value: $60 (without imprint and shipping)
Decoration Method: Silkscreen
Why it’s a must-have: Ideal for use in trade fairs, company events, conferences, and other occasions, this light but durable slim tote bag is a great product to put your logo in. It’s made of premium 80GSM nonwoven polypropylene and has easy grip, self-fabric handles. It also features reinforced stitching and hemmed opening so you can be sure that it will last for a long time. This tote bag comes in 13 colors. It also makes for an eco-friendly shopping bag option.

4. Rectangular Photo Keychains
Item Number: 06785
Minimum Quantity: 25
Base Order Value: $138 (without imprint and shipping)
Decoration Method: 4 Color Process
Why it’s a must-have: Apart from a really low, 25-piece required minimum order, this photo keychain is great to use either as promotional tool or a special event souvenir. You can offer it as a giveaway during your company events or as a special souvenir during weddings or family reunions. It has a clear rectangular frame with a full-color artwork insert. Made of durable acrylic, it has safe edges and comes with a convenient key ring.

5. Sporty Six-panel Brushed Cotton Constructed Caps
Item Number: 90297
Minimum Quantity: 50
Base Order Value: $318 (without imprint and shipping)
Decoration Method: Embroidery
Why it’s a must-have: Our sporty constructed cap is made of premium brushed cotton and has wide curved visor plus durable seams. You only need to place a minimum order of 50 pieces for this six-panel cap with sewn eyelets. Available in four stylish colors, this cap is ideal for most sports-themed events.

6. The Journal Portfolio
Item Number: 242725
Minimum Quantity: 12
Base Order Value: $181 (without imprint and shipping)
Decoration Method: Silkscreen
Why it’s a must-have: Yes, you only need to buy at least 12 pieces for this versatile and practical portfolio! It’s made of premium polyurethane leather so you can be sure of its lasting quality. You can see the following features inside: black elastic strap, inside file pocket, USB loops, card pockets, pen loop, and 20-page ruled memo pad.

7. Business Card Magnet
Item Number: 50895
Minimum Quantity: 500
Base Order Value: $165 (without imprint and shipping)
Decoration Method: 4 Color Process
Why it’s a must-have: Made of high quality magnet, paper, and plastic, this item has a regular price of only $0.33 each. That’s less than $200 to get your company or corporate information on 500 business card magnets!

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8. Value Stick Pens with Colored Cap
Item Number: 240968
Minimum Quantity: 500
Base Order Value: $150 (without imprint and shipping)
Decoration Method: Pad Print
Why it’s a must-have: With a really low regular price of $0.30 each, this stick pen with colored cap is worth buying for a minimum order quantity of 500. It’s made of premium plastic and has a slim and durable white body. The colored plastic cap has a pocket clip. This pen can hold up to five lines of promotional text so it’s really worth your every cent. Four color process decoration method is also available for this product.

It’s not always about quantity, but overall product quality!

The rule to thumb here is to look out for the overall product value and not just its required minimum order. Make sure that your product choice is tailored to your promotional, marketing, or communication needs. If you’re targeting a large number of recipients, it’s advisable to invest on an item that has a low selling price even if it has a high minimum order quantity. If you’re trying to make do with a meager budget, search for products that have good product quality aside from a low MOQ. In the end you would want to ensure that your target audience or recipients will appreciate your gift and will actually want to use it as often as they can.


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