American Kidney Fund

Promotional products have played a major role in spreading the advocacy of Trina Frazier and her team. Giving away promotional items carrying the logo of American Kidney Fund contributed to the growth of the company. Last year, her company reached 14 million people with 2 million generated through health literature and provided financial help to 101,000 dialysis patients.

As Director of Outreach Programs of the American Kidney Fund, Trina’s job is to develop and implement programs to boost awareness for kidney diseases. American Kidney Fund is a nonprofit organization that addresses kidney diseases using health education and prevention and provides financial assistance to its needy patients.

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Trina got acquainted with Branders through a colleague who bought reusable grocery bags and hand sanitizers from the company. “We used some of the products at some of our events and got an overwhelming response from the participants,” narrated Trina. Eventually she started reordering these items and sought new products to expand her company’s range of custom giveaways.

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Trina considers promotional items as a “wonderful way to attract new customers in a non-invasive way.” Through the promotional giveaways that they found from Branders, the American Kidney Fund had been able to boost kidney disease awareness and got new donors.

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