BrassRing Systems

“It’s About Time”

“It’s About Time” is the slogan of BrassRing Systems, a service leader in hiring management solutions for Human Resource departments. And, according to BrassRing Systems Marketing Associate Dave Brennan, the slogan could apply just as well to buying Promotional Products. Brennan describes brainstorming for items to use at trade shows and on other occasions as the “really fun” part of his job. But the time involved in finding, choosing and ordering products can sometimes be a challenge. For Brennan, might just offer the help he needs in dealing with some of the more time-consuming aspects of the process.

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Time was certainly a factor when Brennan last looked to purchase custom t-shirts and pens for BrassRing Systems. His experience wasn’t entirely painless. “First, I went to the Net,” he recounts. As BrassRing Systems’ webmaster, Brennan certainly knows how to conduct an Internet search. “But, I gave up after half an hour because it wasn’t working for me,” he says. “The sites I was visiting were like the sites of two and three years ago — slow and unproductive. It was more work than it was worth. The content was poorly organized and hard to find. If I get lost in a site because of its poor navigability, I leave. I certainly won’t buy anything.”

Next, Brennan turned to some of the many catalogs directed to him as a marketer. “There were way too many in the first place, and I had no immediate way of judging quality or how good a company’s service would be,” he says. “I don’t want to have to look at too many things or deal with an 800 number that’s busy when I need an answer.” Brennan ended up working with a representative who was recommended by a trusted coworker; a route that seemed more direct and less time-consuming than when he first started his search.

“Trust is huge,” Brennan remarked when talking about whom he will deal with. “With, you get both timeliness and reliable service, both of which are important to me. You know up front that service is top of the line, you know 24-7 exactly where your order is. utilizes technology to help me with my purchase on the spot. It’s well beyond what a personal rep can do.”

Brennan’s take on the site is positive. “Right off, there’s a better feel,” he says. “The home page is simple, uncluttered, and clear. The layout is efficient-I’m only ever two or three clicks from what I entered the site to see.” He also thinks that the archive is a great personalization feature. “It will save me time because I won’t have to look up our prior choices myself,” he says. “With, everything is all there in one place. And, after I’ve decided what I want, offers a price quote, delivery dates, continuous order status and tracking. I have found no other site that offers a comparative user experience. Everything about this site is reassuring.”

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“We’re talking about a different magnitude of quality service,” Brennan continues. “ is user-friendly, service-oriented, reliable, and fast — all things that make my job easier. No other website I looked at came close to delivering’s kind of service.”

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