Cambridge University Press

Susan Soule is the Marketing Manager of the Journals group of the Cambridge University Press. Her position involves promoting 240 academic publications, such as the Canadian Journal of Political Science, Journal of Plasma Physics, and Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.

Susan has been a Branders customer for the last six years. Based in New York, promotional items is a big part of her job as she organizes conferences, exhibits, and journal promotions all over the US and Canada. Her first Branders experience came when she went online to search for promotional products.

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Over the years, she had been constantly ordering nonwoven jotter pads, mints, decals, mugs, and sticky pads from Branders. She relies on her account manager to ensure the on time delivery and safe handling of the corporate giveaways she orders.

According to Susan, “The people at Branders are wonderful! They always respond quickly. Their work is terrific! They are caring and helpful and very willing to work with me to meet whatever needs my company has.”

Recently, Susan handed out promotional chopsticks during an exhibit she organized for the Journal of Asian Studies in Hawaii. These items were well received by her Asian participants. She narrated “The chopsticks were a big hit to them because it was made from bamboo and took them back at home.”

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As a customer for life, Susan believes that what makes Branders stand out from the competition is not only the excellent customer service and corporate giveaways but the value for money that she gets from them. She said that “The price and flexibility of the items can’t be beat!”

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