Check Point Software Technologies

“Seeing is Believing”

Jodi Lazar has a lot on her plate.

As marketing manager for the OPSEC (Open Platform for Security) Alliance, she’s in charge of creating awareness of platform integration initiatives undertaken by Check Point Software Technologies, the worldwide leader in Internet security. One of Lazar’s responsibilities, among many, is the purchase of promotional items and business gifts targeted to Check Point’s customer base and the Alliance’s more than 200 industry partners. “Choosing promotional items, while important, is just one part of my job,” says Lazar. “But, the process of finding and ordering items can be really time-consuming, which is frustrating when I’ve got a lot of other stuff on my task list.” She thinks that could certainly be a time-saver.

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“When it comes to buying promotional items, searching out new and different products is often my biggest challenge,” says Lazar. “I’m always looking for something that hasn’t been done before.” She likes that – with its comprehensive selection and flexible search engine – offers a vehicle for quick idea generation. “It would be so helpful to search for items online, at any time, without having to go through the back and forth cycle of multiple phone calls and meetings with brokers,” says Lazar. “ really shortens the brainstorming end of the process.”

Lazar is also impressed that will allow users to customize their search based on multiple parameters like price, deadline dates, or themes. “It is key that provides a tool that will show only those items that meet my budget,” she says. “If a product costs more than my budget per item, I may not be able to use it. will make it easy to find products appropriate to the job at hand.”

But what does Lazar like best about She says the site’s standout feature is the proprietary on-line visualization tool, PhotoSample™. With PhotoSample, buyers will be able to see a ‘virtual’ mock-up of how various promotional items will look with their company’s logo. “The visualization tool is amazing,” Lazar says. “Not only can I view our logo on an item I’m considering, but I can actually manipulate the ‘sample’ to see how items and logos will look in different sizes, colors and positions. Getting approvals will be much easier if I’m able to pull up a picture of a proposed item right at my computer.”

“In addition, users can store and archive all the variations that they’re looking at,” continues Lazar. “This will come in handy if I’m thinking of ordering an item, but haven’t decided on the color, for example. With, I can save a PhotoSample in black and yellow and then show it to my boss when it comes time to make a decision. It’s a great tool.”

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Lazar concludes by adding that Customer Service an important consideration when she’s choosing companies to do business with. “For a web site to be successful, it has to be backed by quality Customer Service,” she says. “ is user-friendly, it’s very intuitive and easy to navigate. I’ve looked at other sites, and is more professional than anything else I’ve seen. As long as they remember to stay in close touch with their customers, they’ll be on the right path.”

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