PTA Global

Being the Business Administrator and Project Manager of PTA Global, Liz Boyd understands the importance of making the right business decisions.

PTA Global was a health and fitness organization that certifies personal trainers. The Denver-based company offers innovative, hands-on programs customized for the needs of students, whether beginners or professionals seeking to improve their skills.

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First Encounter

Her first experience with Branders was in October 2009 when she was setting up training materials for her company. During that time, PTA Global was just a startup company and was working with a tight budget. Liz was looking for a binder to be used by their students. These materials would be customized with the logo of PTA Global. “Students use them for taking notes and can be brought home as souvenirs upon completion of the educational program” Liz said.

The Branders Difference

At first, Liz Boyd had qualms about ordering the binder from Branders. Fortunately for her, what she experienced changed her mind. It was the first time that Liz was ordering online so she knew that it was a huge risk. “I was afraid that the product would not look right and the logo would be a huge mess or of worst quality.” Liz recalled. What she did not know what that she was in for a surprise.

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Unique Features

For Liz Boyd, the huge advantage of Branders over its competitors is the huge price difference. She said that compared to other vendors, “Branders has the best product for the best price.” Aside from that, Boyd said that this option was not available with other online companies.

What made the experience more pleasant is the convenience in finding the product that she needed. She narrated “I simply typed what I was looking for in the keyword section and alas it yielded a great selection of results. “ Boyd continued by saying that “I was able to customize proof and received my order in a timely manner.”

Since then, Liz Boyd has been ordering binders from Branders.

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